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A deal is struck to ravish the women.

My puss was screaming. "Fuck me!"

"Not yet baby." And he whacked my ass harder and laughed.

This time the feather was searching my legs. I began to tremble. Cum dripped down the inside of my thighs. His hot tongue licked at my puss ever so slightly. Keeping it wet on his lips he smeared it over my face and buried his tongue into my mouth; this time pulling it in and out like a cock. I sucked hungrily. He grabbed my hair hard and yanked it back. Teeth bit at the hollows of my neck. I groaned. He bit down viciously and smacked my ass hard again. This time it stung.

As his lips found my nipples I could feel the showers slowly being turned on. The water came in warm jets over my body. He forced my legs apart and gentle sprays hit my swollen cunt and moaned. And came again. He was just watching now. I squirmed to get away from the tantalizing spray and free my hands. I screamed and heard my voice reverberate within the walls but my body was gone in a fit of trembling passion. Sardonic laughter escaped from his throat.

As if in a dream I could hear the door open again. Was he gone? No, someone else had entered the room. My God, suddenly I felt naked and trapped. My heart was racing. I could hear a voice different from his. There were subtler melodious qualities to the sound. Huskily feminine and decidedly French, I turned to see a beautiful boyishly shaped woman with a mask reminiscent of a silver fawn.

"Hello Cherie. What have you here, a mermaid perhaps?" She purred to my tormentor. "Might I play? She is so delicious, no?"

Frantically I tried to escape. But as she stepped into the shower her clothes were torn off in one swoop. Long silver hair cascaded down her hairless body. Her breasts and hips were like a young boys and barely developed. Her legs were long and strong. She came to me softly. Her lips were wet and soft as she lingered on my mouth and I felt my shivers calm. She cupped my tits delicately in her hands and licked until they were hard. It was luscious. And then she led them to my mouth and we both sucked. She leaned forward and I tasted her mouth again like mango wine. I could feel her move downward along my belly. Her tongue flicked in and out of my belly button. I waited in anticipation for that tongue to move lower. I was trembling and I moaned. Her voice met mine and sounded deeply back. She was ravenous. Her mouth met my puss and devoured it with tiny electric kisses. "Christ I'd never felt anything like this before!" Her tongue was inside me hard and stiff like a little cock. But she explored me like never before. It found my sweet spot and electricity just tore through me. Still tied to the shower I hung limp unable to remain standing.

Slowly the waves stopped. The water slowed. And I was left dripping and exhausted.

"The little mermaid can sing pretty, no? You should set her free my Cherie." And she chuckled. "You can't catch a pretty mermaid and keep her hanging."

With that the door reopened. Was she leaving? I couldn't stand it.

Oh my god! Another deeper voice disembodied and golden toned buzzed above me. I turned my head and saw an enormous brown man. Dressed in gold or rather painted golden along his arms and legs. His massive chest was still bronze black. The mask was of a lion. His hair splayed wild and brown and free. He smelled like spice.

As I moved my dripping hair out of my face I looked down. His dick was huge. It was sheathed in a golden thong. I was wet and naked except for remnants of a red costume and my feather mask. As he devoured me with his eyes he grew larger and hard. From behind his lion mask I could hear a soft growl and I shivered.

"Don't hurt me." But even I didn't believe it. I was hungry again and unafraid. I wanted this man. He came over to me and gently bit my neck and ears. Rushes of electric tingles tore through me. He untied the ropes that bound my hands and I fell forward onto my knees. My ass was high and I felt his knees press into my thighs.

It began slowly.

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