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Master meets with his submissive and his slave.

"I think that concludes my questions..."

He stepped back, eyes trained on the girls, obviously more terrified than he'd ever been in his life. When he made it back to his booth, he finally found himself able to breath again. He took several long gasps and a drink before announcing the next fight.

The next Pussycat to fight was Natasha, a tall, whorish black girl, with all the stereotypical aspects of a negro. She had fat, black lips and curly black hair, and an incredible arse. She wore jean shorts so tiny they looked more like a thong, and long, curly strands of cunthair were just visible, sticking out the sides. She wore a white crop-top which clung to her tightly, cutting her full tits, the nipples hard indents in the nearly see-through fabric.

Her opponent struck a battle stance, while she simply strolled forwards. The other girl directed a punch to Natasha's side, which the black girl shrugged off seemingly without even noticing it, before grabbing her opponent by the hair and lifting her off the ground. With incredible strength, she flexed her muscles and swung the girl up high, before swinging her back down, face first into the mat. There was an incredible crunching sound, before Natasha giggled and hopped back, content with her work. There was a long pause, before the girl lying on the mat lifted her bruised face slowly, eyes shining with hate, raising a hand to try to get back up.

Natasha raised a hand to her mouth and laughed uproariously, before planting her bare foot squarely in the girl's face, flipping her over and landing her on the back. This time, she was out for the count. Natasha yawned and went back to her stand, big breasts swaying.

And so it went on. Eventually, there were no other competitors left and the day's first true fighting occurred, as the four girls squared off against each other. Nicole just barely beat Natasha, while it was clear the preppy Candy and the fourth girl, a violent looking redhead named Cheshire, were inferior, coming third and fourth respectively.

The other competitors, those were able to watch instead of being tended to in the sick bay, regarded the four girls with eyes shining with hatred as they were awarded their prizes. The crowds departed, talking in hushed, afraid voices of the horrors they had witnessed. The four girls took their combined prize money and left the arena, wandering drunkenly down the street, shining with pleasure, congratulating each other of their wins. They bought some fried chicken and ate it in a public park on the grass, celebrating in style. They gorged themselves, smearing the food all down their clothes, before they turned on each other, kissing and groping each other shamelessly, as if too stupid to suspect someone might see them.

Nicole was just pushing Natasha down to the ground, yanking the black girl's cut-offs off while she moaned longingly, when Candy suddenly squealed, "No, we'd better not!"

"And why not?"

Candy showed Nicole her watch. It took the slut a long time to read the numbers, but her eyes suddenly widened. "We'll be late!" she cried out. She jumped up, helping Natasha to her feet, and the girls ran out of the park, taking long, sprinting strides. Eventually, they reached a small, two-storey house out in the suburbs of the city. They stood there for a bit, gasping, heavy chests rising and falling, before they knocked on the door.

As soon as the door was answered, the harsh, cruel looks disappeared from the girl's eyes, to be replaced with complete and total adoration. The man was Mr. Mills and he was their master. He was a tall guy, with big, rippling muscles and thick, black hair that hung loosely about his shoulders. He had a full beard and dark, simmering eyes. His shoulders were immensely broad, his arms long and powerful, he was an absolute giant of a man. Currently, he was wearing a white bathrobe and slippers over his enormous frame.

"Ah, girls," he said in a rich, deep voice. "Come in."

The four girls squealed with joy and raced in, peeling their clothes off without a care in the world.

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