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Romantic dream while away from home.

"I would absolutely love to."

She smiled again. "Good," she said. Then she raised her voice louder so that Lily and Sandra could hear her clearly. "But first, I think Jason should lick our pussies and make all three of us cum."

"Yes, definitely," Sandra said. She and Lily had moved closer to where Emma and I still embraced.

"Lily?" Emma looked at the blushing redhead. "Do you want Jason to eat your pussy?"

Lily bit her lip. "Someone else go first," she said after a lengthy silence. "I want to see how you guys like it."

"Okay," I said. "You can be last, or not at all. I'll start with Emma and Sandra and if you want I'll do you too."

"Okay," she said.

"Why don't you three sit up on the edge there where I was sitting?" I pointed over to the edge of the patio.

Emma and Sandra hopped out of the water immediately, both of them leaning back on their hands with their legs spread like mine had been, giving me my first look at their beautiful pussies. Emma's tan was uninterrupted by tan lines, but between her legs was much lighter than the rest of her body, naturally. She had a tuft of black hair trimmed short above her pussy, and the rest was shaved. Her pussy lips parted slightly and I could see the tantalizing pink of her opening and my mouth watered. Sandra's dark brown skin was shaved completely bare around her pussy. Her lips were a bit fuller than Emma's and her opening showed a bit darker pink, but no less arousing to gaze at in the afternoon sunlight.

I turned to Lily, who was still standing beside me in the water, my eyebrow raised.

"I'll just watch from down here for now," she said.

I turned and moved toward Emma. I stood in the water between her legs, now having to look up slightly to meet her eyes. Her huge round tits were right there now, just below my chin. I grabbed them both and kissed her, deeply but briefly. I kissed my way down her neck and chest, then buried my face between her soft round melons.

"Oh my god," I said when I finally pulled back to breathe. "Emma, you have absolutely incredible tits."

And now that I had them in my hands and I could lick and suck them as much as I wanted, I knew for sure that they were somehow even bigger and fuller than Tina's.

"I think Jason is a tits man more than an ass man," Sandra said beside us. My agreement was muffled because I was trying to fit as much of Emma's right breast in my mouth as I could. I held her tits together and licked them both up and down, flicking my tongue over her hard nipples and praying to God that I would get a chance to slide my cock up and down between those two perfect round flesh pillows.

"You're supposed to be sucking her pussy, not inhaling her tits," Sandra said.

Oh right. Emma's pussy. It was right there just waiting for me, but it was still with some difficulty I was able to will myself away from her tits and work my way down her stomach. I kissed the tuft of hair above her pussy, then I kissed her pussy itself, and Emma gasped and threw back her head. I kissed again a little lower, and now I could feel the wetness of her arousal quite distinctly from the wetness of the pool water. Her taste spread gently over my lips, and I pulled back to run my tongue out and taste the wetness she'd left on me.

That briefest of hints of her pussy juice was all I needed to taste to decide that I wanted more. Much much more. I licked Emma's pussy from bottom to top, dragging my tongue up between her slightly parted pussy lips and over the opening of her channel and then up further still over the hooded clit, hard and persistent against my tongue.

"Oh my god!" Emma cried out. "Do that again!"

I happily obliged, but took it much slower this time. Rather than just slide my tongue up over her pussy again, I probed it inside her and let her freely flowing juices wash into my mouth. Emma bucked her hips up, moaning as she did and forced my tongue just a little deeper into her cunt.

"Oh my god, yes! Suck my pussy!"

I slid my hands under Emma's legs and lifted her ass clear off of the patio, while she held the weight of her torso

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