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A racist rant leads a wife to having to pay off the loan.

Stacy had not sank her quarter at all and was starting to really feel the repercussions. Kelli and Kim hit their glasses occasionally so they were not horribly drunk yet.

The game continued until the beer was gone. Stacy had just downed another glass but this time Jerry refilled her glass with the Jack Daniels.

"Time to get serious now." Jerry announced.

Stacy tried to protest but all that came out of her mouth was a slur of words. She picked up her quarter and missed her glass miserably. She picked up her glass and downed the whiskey. It burned going down her throat and then seemed to explode in her stomach. She coughed and put down her glass. Jerry filled it again.

Billy looked around the room. Stacy seemed to be very drunk, her head was never still, lolling from side to side. Kelli and Kim were giggling and seeming to be talking a lot more than when they first got there. He and Jerry were very sober as they had drank very little. His little brain was reeling with the possibilities. He was getting very excited and found it hard to relax. He took a deep breath and tried to stay calm.

The game continued for another three rounds. Jerry hit her quarter again and went to hand her glass to Stacy. Stacy, however, was unable to take the glass. Her head had fallen back on the bed and she looked to be out cold. Jerry pushed her shoulder with no response. She grabbed Stacy's right breast and shook it.

"Wake up freshman." Jerry said as she continued to shake Stacy's breast.

Billy was not believing his eyes. Jerry had Stacy's breast and was moving it around. Billy watched it jiggle under Jerry's hand. His dick was now hard as a rock.

"Well, I guess she can't drink anymore." Jerry said.

"But she has to pay up somehow. I know, every time she should drink we can just loosen up some things." Jerry said as she put down her glass.

Jerry reached over and popped open the top button on Stacy's shirt. Billy almost came in his pants. Jerry took the quarter, put it in Stacy's hand and limply bounced it on the table.

"Oops, she missed again." Jerry said and popped open another button.

Billy could now see the top of Stacy's white bra. His hand was shaking as he hit his quarter on the table. He missed miserably and downed his whiskey. Kelli and Kim both missed and downed theirs. Jerry hit her quarter and another button popped open. Stacy "missed" again and paid the price. Billy could now see her whole bra as her shirt hung open, two buttons short of being completely open. He concentrated hard through his fuzzy head and hit his quarter.

"Well, goober, who you gonna have drink? She's kinda out so she can't very well get mad at you now, can she?" Jerry snickered.

Billy reached over and slowly popped open the next button. Stacy's stomach and bra were pretty much on full display. Kim then hit her quarter. Billy saw her smile wide and lean completely over the table. She reached out and released the last button on Stacy's shirt. The shirt fell open completely, exposing Stacy's chest and stomach. Her bra was plain white but her full breasts were heaving out of the top. Billy wondered if the bra was too small or if that was just how they were supposed to fit.

Billy was still staring at Stacy's chest when he heard another splash and looked over to see Jerry smiling. Jerry reached over and touched the clasp at the front of Stacy's bra. Billy's eyes got wide.

"Well, gang, what do you think? She does owe us a drink." Jerry said as she looked at the three.

Billy was silent but Kelli and Kim both yelled "Do it!"

Jerry slowly released the clasp and the bra popped open violently, Stacy's breasts bursting free and settling back high on her chest. Billy stared at her, he had seen many breasts in magazines and such but these were the most beautiful ones he had ever seen. They sat up with absolutely no sag, with perfect nipples sitting in the center. Billy gasped as he watched Jerry grab the right breast and roll the nipple between her fingers. Billy watched it harden and then stick up like a large eraser.

"You like these goober?

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