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Husband drafted to be life model for wife's art class.

Randy's friends were smart enough to have a designated driver so they had no trouble getting back to their hotel. Lena clamped onto her dancing partner and literally dragged the boy back to one of the guest rooms to try to give away her "cherry". I really felt sorry for that kid.

Marsha, as usual, had more than she could handle, so I poured her into my bed. Barbara got hooked up with one of my co-workers and they went off somewhere for a night-cap. Everybody was with somebody so I was very happy.

I was putting dishes into the kitchen sink, when Randy snuck up in behind me and gave me a big bear hug. He's already 6'1", and still growing, and was able to pick me up off of the floor so that my feet dangled.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, Aunt Becky," he said as he swung me around, "It was a great party! Everyone had a wonderful time! You are the greatest lady in the world!"

"You're very welcome!" I said, catching my breath as he put me down, "You know I'll do anything to make you happy."

"Anything, huh?!" he said with a dirty grin that could only mean one thing, "Now that could really be interesting!"

I faked a shocked look and gave him a soft whack on that adorable ass. We often played this game of sexual innuendo, and I love it.

"Don't get fresh!" I said. "You know, you're still not too old for me to throw over my knee and give a good spanking."

He only gave me the dirty grin again. We talked for a while as he helped me clean up. The conversation got pretty hot at times and I could see a massive hard-on growing in his jeans. I must admit that I was feeling a little wet and hot in the pants as well.

We heard a lot of gasping and hard breathing coming from the downstairs guest room, so we tip-toed over to sneak a peek in on Lena. We slowly parted the door about an inch to look in.

Lena and Randy's friend didn't even make it to the bed. The kid was on his back in the middle of the floor, half-naked, his jeans around his ankles. Lena was completely naked and wildly riding the young man's face. I don't think I'd ever seen her with such a broad smile before. I was actually very happy for her, maybe now she'd loose some of the bitchiness!

As we were standing there, I could feel Randy pressing his cock against my ass. Without saying a word, I reached back and pulled him in closer, and we slowly grinded against each other for several minutes. I felt like I was gonna explode at any second!

Before I knew what was happening, Randy turned me around to face him and planted the sexiest, wettest, hottest kiss on me that I've ever had. Our tongues felt like they were creating static as they played and probed each other. When we parted I didn't know what to say, which is highly unusual for me, because normally I can never shut up. He looked at me with this really intense, hungry stare and that same dirty grin.

"You know, Aunt Becky," he said softly, "every year, we share a slice of my birthday cake, and we haven't done that yet. I hope you don't want to break our tradition now."

I was still at a loss for words. The way he was looking at me, and that incredible kiss made my knees go weak for a second.

"Don't make me wait too long." he added. Randy gave me another quick peck before turning to go up to his room.

I stood there in a daze for a few minutes more, when I heard Lena getting even louder. I turn and peeked in just in time to see my step-sister having what was probably her very first ever orgasm. Her entire body went rigid and tears rolled down her cheeks, before she finally collapsed into the young man's arms. After a few minutes, they started all over again.

I softly shut the door to give them back their privacy. Then I went straight to the refrigerator for a nice, big slice of Randy's birthday cake. That boy was gonna get one birthday present he'd never forget!

I went up to his room and went straight in.

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