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She steals... Now she must pay!

Then the last of the spliff disappeared into Carly's mouth. She chewed it and swallowed, but didn't break the kiss. I could see that her tongue was in Big Daddy's mouth as she kissed him more and more passionately. His right hand was now entirely under the front of the G-string and he rubbed two fingers over her pussy. She opened her thighs to give him easier access, and he ripped the G-string away. I could see that her pussy lips were glistening with her lubrication, and her clitoris was starting to appear from beneath its protective hood.

Despite her slender figure, Carly had been blessed with a prominent clitoris, and once she was aroused it would engorge and enlarge. She loved having it rubbed and sucked, which usually brought her to an intense orgasm in very little time. Once she started going, she could climax over and over, frequently soaking the sheets with her juices. We used to laugh after making love, because we both got the wet spot - there wasn't much of the sheet that was dry.

By now, Big Daddy had two large fingers inside Carly, finger fucking the entrance to her pussy. "My, my, little princess, you sure don't seem to be hating this," Big Daddy chuckled. Carly placed her small hand over Big Daddy's huge mitt and pressed him against herself. Her hips were making insistent circles on his lap.

"Junior, get over here!" Big Daddy said, and Junior walked over and stood in front of Carly. He pulled off his tee shirt and slipped out of his shorts. His thick black cocked dangled in Carly's face like a snake.

"Best be using your mouth on him, little princess," Big Daddy said.

Carly seemed mesmerized by Junior's cock. She gently took him in her right hand and started stroking the shaft. Junior's cock stiffened under her caresses, and she leaned forward and licked the tip, swirling her tongue around the head. Then she started taking him in her mouth, head bobbing up and down as she lubricated him with her saliva. With each movement, she took more and more in.

"Your husband as big as Junior?" Big Daddy demanded.

"Mmm-mmm," came the mumbled reply. She pulled her head up and held onto Junior's cock. "Junior's just a little longer, but a whole lot thicker," she said and then took Junior back in her mouth.

Big Daddy laughed. "His nickname's Junior because his cock's the runt of the litter. Pops is bigger. They call him Pops because he has a huge pop shot when he cums. And I ain't called Big Daddy for nothing," he smirked. Then he looked at Junior and said, "Time to open her up."

Junior slid Carly out of his lap and got between her legs, rubbing the head of his erection against her wet slit. Then he shifted his weight forward and the head disappeared between her labia. He drew back and I could see that his cock was already wet with her pussy juice. Then he pressed forward again and in one motion slid the entire length of his cock into my wife's pussy.

Carly moaned and then whimpered. "Please, please, my husband . . ." but Junior drew his cock back and slid it in again.

"Don't be worrying about your husband, little princess," Big Daddy said. "He's enjoying the show, ain't you young squire." My erection was tenting my shorts. I couldn't help it.

"I asked you a question," Big Daddy said, "and I want you to answer it. Does it get you hard seeing your pretty little white wife with a big black Jamaican dick in her pussy?"

I nodded, hung my head in shame, and said "Yes."

"Yes, what? Tell your wife." Big Daddy demanded.

"Yes, damn it, it gets me hard seeing my wife fucking a big black Jamaican cock. She's hot as hell," I said grudgingly.

At that, Junior started fucking Carly vigorously. "Girl's tight, but she's loosening up," he said. I could see his thick black cock pumping in and out of Carly's pussy. He was glistening from tip to balls with her juice.

"Oh, God, yes!" Carly moaned.

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