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Colin's mother gets naughty when her friend visits them.

It looked about forty eight inches long and twenty four in diameter and the gagged man had his wrists secured to small centric rings over his head, his ankles similarly to the floor. His head dangled back and was just clear of the floor and his groin was thrust upwards in an obscene manner that exposed his private parts in a most vulnerable pose.

"What are you doing to him?" Ana felt her stomach curdle in horror.

Kirk groaned at the familiar sound of Ana's soft voice. His white muscled bulk trembled and flexed and his chest and pectorals jutted out as he inhaled deeply. His flaccid penis hung between his upper thighs above his large scrotum and Ana now had proof of all the gossip she had heard about him being hung like a stallion. Every muscle and tendon in his torso and legs tensed and Ana thought the man to be in superb physical condition.

"Let the experiments commence." Said one of the humanoids.

He looked at Ana who stood in trepidation at the others. His eyes lingered on her exotic figure in mini dress, black tights and calf length boots. One arm raised at her and in a split second her uniform vanished and left her stark naked.

"Heavens!" She exclaimed at her sudden nudity and blushed hotly.

The ebony skinned young woman was a vision of beauty, flawless skin, tight figure and an ass like a ripe plum. Her C cup gravity defying breasts were perky and firm with pointing nipples that were erect and hard surrounded by mocha coloured areolas. Between her closed thighs sat her prominent pussy mound that rose out from a visible V that ran from her narrow hipbones to the bottom of her trimmed pubic area. Her lush rounded bottom had dimpled clefts above both cheeks which lifted up and out.

"Raise his head."

Kirk grunted as the subjugated man felt his tired head lifted up and pointed to the naked Ana. She saw his fair hair had darkened by his sweat as her eyes met his. He was stunned to see her naked before him and her smoking hot body gave him an instant erection. It poked up on his lower belly, the top angry and red as the blood swelled his organ to its full thickness.

'See the female Captain Kirk. See how her vagina is hot and juicy just for you."

Kirk felt his manhood bob slightly as he became seriously aroused at the attractive black girl, despite his nakedness and hopeless situation. The sight of her splendid tits and pussy, her round satin smooth ass made every pore in his body leak. His huge cock throbbed with every pulse and his restrained position did nothing to soften his ardour.

"Now we have full erection we may proceed. Bring the device."

A long probe lowered from above attached to which was a form of codpiece pouch that clamped to Kirk's rigid penis with a sucking sound. Kirk's erection was sustained in the phallic tube as he experienced an unusual friction on his glans as the pouch inflated with his engorged cock. Then he roared as he felt variable electric shocks sent through the pouch. He jerked and squirmed and the gag on his mouth forced him to flare his nostrils in order to breath.

"You monsters!" Cried Ana.

As quickly as it started it stopped and Kirk relaxed. Then a continuous series of stinging shocks rushed through the device and the pouch began to masturbate his boner as he arched his back on the barrel. The Vians were careful not to overdo it as intense shocks would knock out most men. Minor doses were preferred as the pain mixed with ecstasy as his penile blood flow kept him extremely erect. Indeed every nerve in Kirk's penis was stimulated to the limit as sweat leaked out of every pore in his body.

"Oh Captain."

As she looked on at the heroic frame of the chiselled man she herself felt a tingling in her exposed loins, and her hand moved to her pussy.

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