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Ken gets a wonderful surprise.

When I had showered and dried I picked up the pile of clothing, but did not recognise any of it as being mine. My initial thought was that Debbie or Rachel had kindly lent me some of their own clothing, and I was briefly gratified by this kind gesture. But when I looked closer the clothing was more appropriate to an 8 year old. There was a white frilly top, a very short dress with a bib in front, knee high socks, and white cotton panties with panda bears embroidered on them.

Confused, I just stared at the clothing. There must be a mistake. There is absolutely no way I am wearing those baby doll clothes. In protest, I sat down on the side of the bath and sulked. About 10 minutes later my Mother in Law opened the bathroom door, and frowned disapprovingly at my naked form perched on the side of the bath.

"I will be back in 5 minutes, and you had better be fully dressed, or suffer the consequences on those pretty little buttocks of yours."

I tried to protest but my Mother in Law ignored my pleas and exited. I stood up and stomped my feet on the ground in protest. However my resolve was broken and I quickly began to dress. Surprisingly all the clothing fitted. When I looked at myself in the mirror I looked absolutely ridiculous. I looked like an adult woman in children's clothing, which is exactly what I was. I stood in the bathroom, too embarrassed to go out.

Finally my Mother in Law returned, and smiled when she saw my appearance. "You look lovely, dear."

"I do not," I pouted, "I look like a child."

"Exactly, but a lovely child," she smiled

"But why?" I enquired

However my Mother in Law ignored my question, instead lifting up her hand, which I saw was holding the hairbrush. I winced and instinctively put my hand down to protect my buttocks. But instead she ran the brush through my hair, then to my horror she tied my hair with two pink ribbons. I felt like crying as I looked so ridiculous.

Satisfied that I looked pretty, my Mother in Law took my hand and led me out of the bathroom. Everyone turned to stare at me, and I expected them all to laugh at my stupid, young girl clothes. But much too my surprise there were no laughs, not even a sly grin. Instead there were just positive comments about how pretty I looked. It made me feel a little bit better about my ridiculous clothing.

I spent the rest of the afternoon helping to prepare dinner, and gradually became more relaxed in my clothing. I wanted to ask why I was being made to dress in the childish clothing, but felt it would be smarter not to push the matter. I also desperately wanted to know what the special surprise was they had in store for me. I was very apprehensive, yet curious.

We ate early, and the atmosphere was friendly and chatty. I found it difficult to focus on the conversation as I was becoming increasingly nervous. I knew they had something planned for me, and knowing my Parents in Law it would be humiliating and painful. I also knew I had a big wet spot on my white cotton panda panties.

After dinner my Mother in Law glanced at her watch, then looked over at me.

"It is time my dear."

"Time for what?" I responded nervously

My Mother in Law just smiled, got up from the table, fetched the keys to the rental vehicle, then beckoned for me to follow her as she went to the front door.

"Give everyone a wave goodbye."

I turned and gave everyone a nervous wave. Once we were seated in the car my Mother in Law started the engine, then turned to look at me. For a moment I looked back at her with a nervous grin, then it dawned on me what she was waiting for. I lifted my buttocks off the seat and lowered my panties to my knees, carefully concealing the wet spot in the crotch. I then reached into the glove box to grab some tissues, and awkwardly positioned them on my car seat before lowering my buttocks back down on them.

We drove for about fifteen minutes in silence before my Mother in Law pulled over to the side of the road.

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