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Joy finds that watching makes her very horny.


"Where are we going?"

"The track here leads down the side of the field. I usually stay dressed until I'm halfway down the side of the field and then I strip off and put my clothes in my rucksack. Does that sound OK?"

"Why don't you strip here and leave your clothes in the car?"

"Well, for two reasons really. One is that if I meet someone on the walk I can quickly slip something on and secondly if I walk back to the car naked and someone is here then its easier to see a car and get dressed before getting back here."

"OK, sounds good to me."

We set off we me in the lead and Chrissie walking behind me as the track was narrow at the start. Nearing the spot where I usually got undressed I stopped. I looked round and saw Chrissie behind me.

"OK, well here we go."

I slipped off my shirt and then pulled my shorts down. I stuffed both items into my rucksack.

I could see Chrissie looking at me in the light cast by a rising moon.

"You have a nice body Pete."


Chrissie looked round then pulled her dress up and over her head. I could now see her. She was a little plump, but I liked that and she was clean shaven around her vagina. Her boobs were quite big, I reckoned a D cup but before I could say anything she spoke.

"36DD before you ask."

"Cheeky, who said I was going to ask."

"I'm just guessing you would."

"Well I would have at some point I guess and anyway, you have a great body."

"Flattery will get you everywhere Pete."

Now that we were naked we started to walk again and the track was now wide enough that we could walk side by side.

We chatted about almost everything and every now and again I swear I caught Chrissie looking at my cock as it swung from side to side as we walked. Mind you, I'd been looking at her gorgeous boobs swinging as we walked so I wasn't innocent on that count.

It was great to finally be able to walk nude with someone else and although it was night there was still the excitement of being nude and outdoors.

We had walked along the first field and had then come to a second field which we reached after I had opened the field gate. Chrissie walked past me and I told her that I needed to pee.

"Well, why don't you go then?"

"OK. There's a bench there you can sit on that while I go."

I stood and faced the hedge and started to pee, a warm jet of pee splashing onto the grass and leaves that had started to drop from the trees. I finished and was just shaking the drops off of my cock when I turned round. Chrissie was sat on the bench with her legs bent up and slightly open as she played with her pussy.

"Don't mind me."

"I won't but the sight of you peeing turned me on so I thought I'd have a play."

Her pussy was wet as I could hear it squelching as she teased it with her fingers. I walked over to her and she stared at my cock which had now started to swell and grow.

"Blimey, I knew your cock was nice when I've been looking at it as we were walking but its gorgeous now."

I stood by her and she stopped playing with herself and she touched my now erect cock. Running her fingers up and down my shaft she felt all of its length and then cupped my balls. She caressed them, gently squeezing each one and rolling them between her thumb and index finger.

My cock twitched as she did this and she then pulled my foreskin back. She licked her lips and gently pulled me closer. I moved towards her, looking at her as she caressed my thick cock. She leant forward and then started to flick her tongue round the tip of my cock.

She moaned and then moved round so that she was facing me, her legs spread as she took the length of my throbbing cock in her mouth.

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