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A big empty house is more full when Kelly arrives home.

She rocked gently over the water jet moaning her way toward and orgasm as she stroked Mark's cock. She drew him closer and slipped him into her mouth. She immediately climaxed with a low grunting as she had a sharp and protracted climax. It was quite spectacular.

Beth expected her to suck him off or have him fuck her. But Karen, instead, slipped off the seat and settled back to catch her breath. "Your turn, Beth. Try it. It is spectacular." Part of Beth cried out no way would she put on a spectacle like that in front of these people. But another part realized she was to do whatever Karen directed her to do, as she as totally seduced by Karen's over powering sexual command right now. Beth obediently knelt over the jet and was immediately brought under its spell. Bubbles pummeled her clitoris. As she drifted toward orgasm she felt Bill's hands stroking her back, sensually pulled her hair off the back of her neck where he kissed her lightly. In front of her still sat Mark with his towering erection. He smiled at her when she looked up and began to sensuously stroke his cock and moan. He was putting on a deliberate show for her. Bill, meanwhile reached around her and cupped her breasts in his hands as she slid into a powerful orgasm.

Her climax was not the end of this encounter; rather, it was the beginning. There was no way she wanted to break away from this incredible encounter. She was a woman who enjoyed multiple orgasms and this was perfect for a seemingly endless cascade of climaxes. Bill held on and Mark stroked her hair as she allowed the jets to continue their cascade to her pussy. She was, of course, perfectly positioned for Bill to ease his cock into her. He slid in deeply. At first she felt a bit of panic over fucking in front of these people, but that hesitation disappeared when she felt Bill completely fill her. He began a slow but forceful and very deep fucking. Her orgasm was sharp and immediate. She cried out, louder than she wanted, making her feel rather self-conscious but able to help herself. Bill kept fucking her, harder and deeper. Mark slid forward and began rubbing his cock against Beth's cheek. It was incredible erotic, especially as he rubbed it through her hair and down her other cheek. His erection was impressive and she marveled at it, wondering what it would feel like inside her.

As her mind wandered through all this lust, she kept cumming, each orgasm more powerful that the previous. The boys were fascinated by this. Finally, Bill moaned he was going to cum. Beth loved is climaxes because he would ejaculate very hard, spurting forcefully, splashing and flowing until it poured out of her from around his cock. He did not fail her this time. Despite the bubbles and other distractions, she could feel him like a hose in her. As he pumped her full, she recalled watching and marveling at his ejaculation one day months ago when she gave him a handjob on an almost-deserted beach. She had never seen so much semen, him spurting all over both of them. She loved it.

Bill's climax went on for some time, another characteristic sex with boys this age. As he finally began to fade, she was reminded of Mark's anxious erections towering over her face. She was confused and very over-sexed by this point. Mark slid back into the tub in front of her, gathering her into his arm. He lifted her just a bit to bring her breasts to his face, where he began to suck and tongue her nipples, just forcefully enough to make her pussy contract. He eased her down, sliding his legs between hers. She was suddenly breathless realizing he was about to push his cock into her. It was overwhelming. She felt his cock head push against her. She was slick with Bill's load of semen, allowing Mark's cock to slide in easily, despite stretching her so completely as he pushed in all the way. She was tiny and he was big. This almost immediately gave her one of those very rare but oh-so-powerful vaginal-pelvic orgasms. Karen worried distant neighbors would hear her. But that made it all the more erotic for everyone.

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