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Paul learns how to please women with his step-mother's help.

He was definitely intimidating.

Jerome smiled tauntingly at me as he walked over to where Jess hung and stepped up behind her. With his large hand on her waist she looked tiny and even more helpless than before. Jerome caressed her body with his hands and Jess seemed to come back to life. She began to wiggle and writhe as if trying to get away from the touch of his callused hands. Both Julia and Jerome laughed.

While he continued to rub his hand all over Jess's naked body, Julia disappeared from sight. A few short seconds later she returned with a couple of vibrators and asked which one she should let Jerome use on my "sweet little wife."

I was unable able to answer in any understandable fashion as she held the two up for me to choose from. The one in her right hand was silver and what I would consider average size for a vibrator. The one in her left hand was dark purple and over twice the size.

Julia continued to repeatedly ask me to answer the question, and even pretended to be frustrated with me that she could not understand me. Needless to say she never did understand me as I begged her to use the smaller one.

"Fine, I'll decide," she shrugged, and handed the large purple one to Jerome. As she turned back around I was shaking my head furiously to let her know that was not the one I picked.

"Oh, don't worry," she giggled. "I've got another one for you." And with that, she tossed the silver one aside and went to retrieve another purple monster.

Over the next several minutes I watched as Jerome teased my wife with the vibrator. At first she was pulling away from him, but after rubbing across her pussy lips while gently tugging the chain on her nipples she really began to warm up. Now she was spreading her legs for him inviting him to put it in. He obliged and she came hard and fast.

Before she had time to recover he was teasing her with it again. She loved it and it was now obvious that she wanted it.

Just then Julia walked back into the room. "I couldn't find the spare nor any lube," she announced, "so I guess I'm just going to have to improvise." With that she walked over and took the vibrator from Jerome and shoved it into my wife's exposed pussy once again, twisting it and thoroughly plundering her. Jess gasped in delight, but only for a short second as Julia pulled it out again. Now it was soaked with my wife's juices just as she planned.

As she held it out in front of her she took a whiff and closed her eyes in delight. Even from where I stood I could smell the familiar scent of my wife's arousal and longed to taste it.

After reveling in the situation for a moment Julia opened her eyes once again and stepped towards me. Taking her place behind me once again she held the now-lubricated vibrator teasingly at the entrance to my anus. With her left hand she reached around to caress my raging erection and full balls.

"Gracious," she remarked, "it seems as though you are about to explode."

I nodded in agreement, hoping she would grant me mercy and allow me to do so.

"You have done so well up to this point," she continued, as she ran her finger tip along the underside of my erection. "You aren't going to disappoint me now, are you?"

I slowly shook my head 'no' in response and frustration, then bit down hard into the ball gag.

"Very good," Julia responded happily, and then began to slowly push the large vibrator into my ass. At the same time she took her hand and grasped my cock firmly as if she were using it for leverage. It felt sensational and I could hardly stand it. I needed to come so badly.

In the meantime Jerome had let Jess down from her bondage and she was now kneeling on the floor in front of him. With her hands unbound she held his firm buttocks in his hands as he fed his enormous tool to her. She was obviously struggling to take more than half of it in her mouth, but she seemed determined to take even more. It was as if she were starving for it.

Jerome was obviously enjoying himself as he ran his fingers through her hair and pushed his member

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