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Girlfriend watches as her boyfriend is seduced by his twin.

He breathed a sigh of relief when He saw Zora sitting at his table drinking tea. Sheathing the rapier he scowled and advanced on her. "What do you mean by it, scaring me like that?" He couldn't be mad at her, though. She was far too lovely. She lowered her own hood as Grim shut the door behind him. "Grim, I'm sorry! I got sloppy and you deserve to know why."

Grim was suspicious. Everything about tonight had been out of character for Zora and he wanted to know what was really going on. Sure, he had feelings for her, but the job had to come first. People were counting on the coin this job would bring in. They were the sort of thieves who stole for the benefit of others, not to enrich themselves. Zora removed her own cowl fully, letting her thick black hair fall to the small of her back. How many times had Grim wanted to run his hands through that beautiful hair? "Focus," he thought.

When Zora spoke, her voice was shaky. "I-I've not been entirely honest with you. When you asked me how I felt about marriage, my answer was true enough. I don't want to be tied down into domesticity. But when I said I'd never even entertained the idea of a carnal relationship, I lied."

I was flabbergasted for a moment. "What are you saying? Wait a minute! You're telling me you almost got us killed tonight because you were thinking about being in bed with someone? Who!?" "Whoever it is, I'll kill him," Grim thought with bitter rage.

Zora paused for a moment, then stepped forward. She undid the front of her corset and let it fall. She wore only an undershirt and black leggings. Grim was thoroughly confused, but also incredibly aroused now. "Wait a minute. You were distracted because you were thinking about me that way?"

Zora nodded and continued to step forward, this time sliding out of her undershirt, letting her pale, ivory skin taste the fresh air in the house. Her breasts were not heaving, but her chest rose and fell steadily, and it was obvious she was nervous. Grim dropped his pack not even caring if he damaged the rapier. When Zora was close enough, she drew Grim face close to hers and whispered three words that would change Grim's life forever. "I love you."

Then she kissed him, her tongue and mouth soft and warm. Grim felt electricity spreading through his whole body. He'd kissed a few elven girls before, but never had he felt like this. They kissed for a long while, Grim had no idea how long. Eventually Zora broke the kiss and took his hands. She pulled him along toward his bed, turning him to have his back towards the bed. She drew him close again and kissed his body while she slipped his short and cowl over his head. She then laid him down on the bed, kissing his chest and gently nibbling on his nipples. He groaned at that and reveled in the sensation of it. Zora kissed him again and guided his hands to her warm breasts, guiding his hands as they caressed and squeezed. She moaned at his touch and ground against him. She soon tired of just grinding and got down to business.

She peeled off his leather leggings and boots and gazed at his hard cock. It was bigger than she was expecting and she grew slightly tense at its touch. Grim relaxed her by guiding her hand to it. She had heard from other women about what to do during sex, and found herself instinctively knowing what to do. She made long strokes and laughed quietly at Grim's reaction. He groaned and writhed in pleasure, wanting more than just her hands on his member. "More," He begged. She soon obliged him by stripping off her own boots and leggings and climbing on top of him. Her wide, curvy hips and hourglass figure gave Grim a rush. He had also heard stories from elf men and boys of their sexual exploits, and found himself mimicking what he had heard.

His hands found her sex and she gasped as he plunged his fingers into her.

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