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Daemon Black.

Then, using just the tips of the fingers of her right hand, she began stroking the head, lightly brushing them over and around it.

When she had gone to freshen up she had re-applied her lip-stick, it was dark red, and even in the relatively low light its high gloss made her lips look as though they were already wet. They were slightly parted allowing the pearly whiteness of her teeth to show, and between them I could see just the tip of her tongue.

From the moment she had said what she was going to do and I felt a sudden surge of excited anticipation, my body began to respond, blood pulsing much more strongly through my veins. Then the combination of the touch of hands and seeing her beautiful mouth poised so close to my cock dramatically increased that flow. But I'm sure we were both equally surprised at just how quickly it responded. As her fingers stroked back and forth it grew, rather like an inflating party balloon, pushing forward along her wrist as it expanded and began to stiffen.

'It seems you like this.' she whispered as she looked up into my eyes. 'I've heard some women say they think this position humiliating, I disagree with that, I find it empowering.' she added before leaning forward and slipping her lips over the tip of the head.

It was bliss, sheer bliss! In fact there are no words to adequately describe either the feelings that coursed through me at that moment, or the increasing intensity of what I experienced during the next few minutes.

At first she took just the head, her lips tightening and her tongue lapping around it as she began sucking. Then, as she felt the length continuing to grow and harden she began to slowly move her head back and forth, gradually pushing her lips further forward, taking more and more of it deep into her mouth. Her hands also played their part in lifting and intensifying my level of excitement, picking up the rhythm of her bobbing head, one squeezing my balls, and the other my arse.

She had said she wanted to do for me what Gerry had done, and I'm sure that if I had let she would have happily taken me right through to orgasm in that position. But although what she was doing was indescribably thrilling I wanted more, wanted us to fully share the joy. So, when I felt the tension inside me rising towards criticality I reached down and gently but firmly pushed her head away.

'That's unbelievably wonderful darling, and there will be plenty of times when I'll be very happy to accept purely selfish pleasures, but tonight I want to share them with you.' I said, pulling her to her feet.

'Spoil sport.' she said with a feigned note of sulkiness, then adding. 'But if you won't let me do that then I get to choose where and how.'

'OK, that's fair. Where?'

'Over there!' she replied, pointing to an oversized, leather arm-chair I had got into the habit of using when I had particularly complex problems to think through. It was next to a section of the floor to ceiling windows, but angled away from them so I wouldn't be distracted by the view. 'It looks more than big enough to take the two of us.' she said as she took my hand and tugged me after her. 'And I can continue looking at the lights while we do it.' she added, grinning cheekily.

That comment gave me the clue as to 'how' she wanted us to do it so I wasn't surprised when she pushed me down on to the seat then got up and straddled my legs with her knees. Then, gripping the back of the chair with one hand she reached down beneath herself.

What she had already done to me had made my cock so hard that she only had to hold it steady to be able to literally slide straight down it. 'Aaah yes!' she sighed as she pushed down, filling herself in one steady move. Then as she squirmed herself lower, adding. 'That's even better than I thought it would be.'

'For me too darling, for me too.

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