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Mommy, Daddy, their twin girls, and more.

"I'm fine, thanks muscles."

She joked like that a lot, which led me to believe she was checking me out. I was so self-conscious about being a male nurse because I was around ladies so much. I was actually becoming shyer over time. I was always shaving better, making sure my hair was fixed right, and never forgetting to do pushups and lift a little bit before work. I had to do what I could to keep up a trim body. It was getting late when I finally sat back in the chair at the nursing station. My legs were aching and tired from running up and down the hall. The sound of footsteps came up behind me.

"Wake-up silly!" Jen exclaimed while shoving the back of my chair.

"Take it easy tough guy, I don't want to take you out before we get a new aid to come in and do your job."

Jen then jumped in to the chair next to me. She was always so full of energy. I don't know how she could keep it up all night like that.

"Listen silly, if you can find a better example of hospital expertise, than go right ahead."

"I'm just yanking your chain, I am actually happy you're here tonight. You make this job a lot easier."

"Thanks I like to think out of all the bitches that work here you would appreciate me the best." She said as her body twisted the chair from left to right with that mischievous smile on her face.

"Yes I have to say when you are here, my job is a lot easier. You should think about going back to school to become an RN. I know you are smart enough."

"I know I just don't think I can go back to school, it was not the place for me."

"I thought the same thing about myself, and I made it through, so I believe you can make it."

Just then a call bell rang. Jen hopped up and bounced away to help someone in need. I sat back and looked at the charting I had to start doing. My head leaned back as I sighed. This was the part of the job I hated. My pen hit the paper at lighting speed. My scribbles in the chart were unreadable, but I did not care. Moments later another call bell went off. I looked up and saw that it was a room on the other end of the hall from where Jen was. I wanted to help her out so I got up and walked down there. Just outside the room it dawned on me that the room was empty.

I opened the door and said, "Can I help you?"

The silhouette on the opposite side of the room was hard to make out in the dark.

"I hope you can, I've wanted your help for some time."

Jens voice came from the dark near the window. I could see her shape against the streetlights down below.

"Close the door." Jen said in a low sexy voice I had heard her use once before when telling a dirty joke to the other nurses.

I closed the door. She approached me and without saying another word latched her lips to mine. We embraced each other for some time before she pulled me around to the bed. Standing next to the bed, her breasts brushed my chest. I could feel her nipples hardening as a grouped her lacy panties over her perfect ass. My cock hardened quickly and she ran her hand down my front. She massaged the outside of my crotch while I worked my hands into her shirt. She sat me on the edge of the bed and dropped to her knees. Looking up to me with those wanting eyes she said, "Now you want to see how I good I am as a nurse aid?"

"Yes, please...show me."

Jen released my cock and slowly lowered her head while never breaking eye contact.

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