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A guy finds a girl that is a perfect fit.

"This is a fucking outrage! If you weren't paying me triple I'd fucking leave your man high and dry!"

"Like you said ma'am, we're paying, you do what the fuck you're told!"

With that he took his lubed finger and slowly but forcefully forced it into her anus. She screamed quickly and let out a string of profanity at the man the like of which he had not heard in years.

Satisfied that the woman was clean he stood, and asked her to get dressed, which she did quickly and silently. He turned and opened the door while she was still half naked, the other guard was at the door with her hand-bag in his hand. He entered the room and handed it to her.

"I left the condoms, lube, and vibrator in the bag, but the cosmetics, perfume, nail clipper, and wallet must stay out here until he is done with you!"

She snatched the bag from him and stared at him in the eyes. "I know how much was in my wallet, and every shred of paper in there as well. Anything missing, I rip your balls off!"

"Slut!" he spat at her.

Chapter 2

The two men lead her to the double doors and knocked on them thee even times. A green light hidden in the molding of one door turned on and the man on the left, the one who had explored the woman's body, opened the door partly and leaned his head inside. The woman could not make out what was said, but then the man opened the door fully and motioned for her to go inside. As she entered they closed the door behind her.

The woman stood looking at a large man with a round belly and balding head sitting on his bed in his bathrobe. He was smoking a large smelly cigar and had two glasses of some liquor on the night table. The room was huge, more of a medium apartment than a hotel room. The bed was a huge four-poster bed with gold posts and intricately crafted head and footboards.

"Please sit here dear." The man said with a slight southern drawl as he patted the bed next to him. "I want to have a word with you first."

She walked across the room with a big smile on her face looking longingly at the man on the bed. She sat next to him, turned to face him with legs crossed to her side. She reached up and ran a fingernail down his ear as she looked at him. She placed the handbag on the floor next to the bed and smiled silently at him.

"I know it's your job to please dear, and I appreciate that. I just want to know if there is anything that would make you uncomfortable. I don't want to make this unpleasant for you."

She smiled a toothy smile at him, leaned over, and said in a seductive whisper. "The only thing that would make me uncomfortable is leaving without you being so satisfied that you can't stand" and with that she pushed him back on the bed and kissed him long and passionately on the mouth. As she kissed him she ran a hand down his chest, over his large belly, and down to his semi-erect cock. As she felt it grow harder she stopped kissing him and said, "I think I will be quite comfortable Sir."

She stood and slowly pulled her dress down her body. He watched with amazement as this young nubile thing stood before him. His cock grew hard and poked out of the folds in his bathrobe. She reached down to the belt of his robe and untied it, pulling the robe aside and looking down at his now rigid member.

"They do make everything bigger in Texas, don't they?" She asked coyly. "Just relax Sir, I'll handle this."

With that, she kissed her way down his neck, over his chest, belly, and down to his pubic hair letting her breasts slide over his rigid manhood.

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