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Server at the diner turns up more heat than expected.

It was so cold that I had goose bumps. I noticed that my hair had been cut short. I was in a basement, dangling from the ceiling in a netted leather harness. Looking down, I was about thirty feet up and hung almost ten feet from the ceiling. The room was a cube; forty feet at each angle. The only illuminations were thick blue neon lights that lined every corner.

I was in his dungeon of depravity, and I was not imprisoned alone.There were others hanging from the ceiling too, one man and two women. They were also naked and more or less bound the same way as I. They were all attractive people by the looks of it. One of the women was a blond, the other had brown hair. The guy was a blond and very well toned.

The others saw that I was awake and shook a little in their bonds. I took it as a kind of greeting. I shook myself to signal back. We stared at each other for a while; I saw that they had red marks and scars on their bodies.

When I looked below, I saw some furniture and one door. There were cameras on all the walls in the room, pointing up and down. Ten foot long movie posters; like military banners were hung all around the room. Amongst them was a porno poster called 'Blood and Leather.' I also recognized 'Silence of the Lambs' and 'Natural Born Killers.'

I heard the door unlock and a white man entered. He was wearing a black leather outfit; his penis sticking out of the crotchless pants. He seemed to be of the same build as the man who grabbed me and was holding a remote in one hand, a whip in the other.
His hair was short and brunette.

I started to come down when he pointed the remote up at me. He undid my bonds when I got to him and I pulled the gag out of my mouth, coughing. He watched me as I unplugged the dildos out of myself; the texture was mercifully moist as they came out. It felt like they had been lubricated. My limbs were like concrete, getting them flat on the ground felt like my tendons were going to tear. I looked up at him with fear and wonder at what nightmare I had been taken to. I asked him where I was.

"This is your new home, Bitch. Now turn around," he said.

"No!" I screamed. I started to stand up and tried to punch at his exposed groin.

He easily fended off my attack; He twisted my wrist and backhanded me hard across the face. I was weak and fell to the ground.

"Bitch, do not disobey. Now you must be punished to show the others what not to do. I'm gonna hurt you now Bitch because you've forced me to." He was yelling at me, but he didn't seem angry, just... authoritative.

His dick was getting hard; it was big. He smashed me in the face again, puffing up my eye. Then he jumped on me and pushed me onto my stomach. He bound my hands in front with thick handcuffs that had little blinking lights on them and then he pulled me up.

"Please, no!" I yelled, flailing with all my strength, mad with fear.

He carried me over to the wall where he clipped my cuffs to the attachments on the wall, placing me with my back to it. My voice was shaking, " No, no. This isn't happening. please don't do this please! I make a lot of money, you can have it all. I'll give it to you! I'll give you anything you want." I couldn't control my sobs, tears flowed freely down my face.

He smirked, and laughed at me, " I don't care about money. I have more than I could ever spend, and I've already taken what I want from you, ... almost everything. I'll get to the rest before long. "

He took the whip off his belt and snapped it in the air, making a loud cracking sound; like a firework next to my ear. A big red welt stood up in a line across my chest as he lashed me with it. It was like he had cut a hole through my chest. I writhed in my bonds. He smiled evilly and rubbed his hard penis, pumping it. He slapped his thigh and cut another line into my stomach. I yelled bloody murder.

I was covered in sweat, and it ran into the raw marks, stinging. I screamed out, "Please, I'll do what you want, please!"

Ignoring my pleas, he continued to whip me.

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