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Hot wife entertains husband's friends.

I'm a deputy sheriff in Suffolk County, Massachusetts. It's a very tough and demanding job but it's what I do. I've got to keep my special interest hushed because co-workers and friends might not understand. Appearances count for a lot in the world we live in. I wish we lived in a more tolerant world.

I went to great lengths to meet someone who shared my interests. I had been chatting with this black bitch online for some time now. Finally, we agreed to meet at a public location. I met her at this restaurant and she was something, alright! The bitch was nothing like I expected. She was around six feet tall, chunky, with big everything. Everything about this bitch was large. Her breasts were huge but firm-looking, her hips were wide, and her butt was simply huge. You could probably sit your drink on it or something. This large beauty went by the name Victoria.

I looked at her. To some, her appearance might seem ungainly. From her broad shoulders to her round belly, thick legs and thighs and huge butt. Her face was rather plain but her eyes were shiny and deep. She was not most people's ideal of beauty. Her height and size might deter others from considering her as a potential mate. Yeah, many men and bitches would have a problem with her. But to me, she was glorious. A magnificent creature, right out of my deepest desires. I sat down with her and made conversation. That's all it all began.

Victoria told me about herself, and I soon discovered a great deal about her. Most unusual but rather endearing was her fantasy of being completely dominated. Oh, well. We went back to a hotel, where we made things happen for each other. Once we got to the hotel, we grabbed plenty of lube and condoms, then we got started. Victoria undressed before me, and I watched as this large black bitch got naked. She turned around, showing me her plump ass. Yeah, I got hard immediately. I so wanted to stick it in. But I had to be patient.

I told Victoria to get on all fours, then I applied oil all over her body, starting with her butt. Finally, I licked her plump behind and spread the butt cheeks wide open. I saw her brown little hole. I held my cock in hand. I pressed it against her back door, and slowly began working it inside her tight hole. Victoria winced when my cock slid into her asshole. I placed my hands on Victoria's hips and thrust into her. Her hole felt wonderfully tight and I was going to enjoy stretching it to the limit with my hard dick.

Victoria screamed as I slammed my cock up her butt. I loved the feel of her tight ass around my cock. Something about ramming my dick between the butt cheeks of a large black bitch had always appealed to me. They tend to have the tightest assholes in the world. Almost like virgin anuses. I put my dick where the sun didn't shine and shoved it through the dark tunnel of her anal cavity like a general leading an army through enemy territory. Victoria moaned and fingered her pussy as I plunged deep into her asshole. This felt so good that I laid a good smack on her ass. She yelped but didn't seem to give a damn.

Victoria's tight asshole worked like a vise around my cock. I could only hold back so much. In the end, I came, I saw and I conquered. I drilled into Victoria's asshole like there was no tomorrow. Then, I pulled out of her and spat into her now gaping asshole. When she turned around, I saw that she had tears in her eyes but those were tears of joy. She told me that she had always wanted to get fucked in the ass but never found someone man enough to do it. Well, I had given her what she wanted. We parted ways and never saw each other again.

This wasn't the end of my chubby chasing adventures, I assure you.

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