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He pulled his lips reluctantly off her toes and paid homage to her calves, licking the sensitive skin behind her knees up to that gorgeous ass that always tempted him. He placed his hands gently on her ass, getting harder at the sight of his pale fingers against her dark skin in the most sensuous of ways.

He licked his lips seeing her pouty pussy glistening with moisture. He climbed onto the bed between her legs and slid his hands down from her ass to her hips, gently lifting them upwards.

He leaned down to his heaven and took a deep inhale. He always loved the smell of her pussy; almost as much as the taste of her sweetness. Her head was turned sideways onto a pillow with her ass pointed up at him. He resumed his actions by flattening his tongue and licked her from clit to asshole.

Much to his delight, her dark brown back bowed erotically as he raised up to survey his handiwork. Little breathy sounds of protest from her foretold her desire. He was all too happy to oblige. Spreading her thighs while raising her hips farther in the air, he turned over and slid his face under her pussy.

His mouth watered at her aroused lips and the scent of her body. He pulled her down to his waiting mouth and flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue. He smiled when her hips jerked up at the contact into his waiting hands. Seizing on this, he grasped two handfuls of ass and pulled her back down to his wicked tongue.

"Ooohhhh.......sssshhh.......mmmm.....oh God." she moaned as his tongue devastated her lips and clit.

He moved to wrap his hands around her waist and slid them up to her large breasts, tweaking and pulling her sensitive nipples while assaulting her clit with fast firm flicks. Her ass began to shake as she gallantly tried to fight her impending orgasm. He smiled once again and in anticipation for her cream he sucked hard on her clit while tweaking her nipples. She let out a deep, shaky breath and her engorged lips issued forth her girl cum.

Bringing his hands back down to her hips, he gently guided them up so he could view her chocolate ass properly. He smacked her left cheek, bringing a desperate moan from her lips and spread her cheeks apart. He loved the sight of her pulsating wet pussy and her cute rosebud. While neither knew of the pleasures of anal sex, they both enjoyed a little ass play.

He ran a finger down her crack before he placed a soft kiss on her lower back. She could feel his hard length on the back of her thighs and gave another moan as he brought the sensation of his finger and lips on her body. He spread her ass cheeks and sunk his tongue into her asshole. He paid the same amount of attention to her ass as he did to her pussy. He rubbed her clit while eating her ass. She was ready for him.

He trailed kisses up her back as he lined himself up with her wet warmth. He prodded her opening with his cockhead. He loved the sight of her brown lips spreading and suctioning around his thick pale girth. He pushed slowly into her body, dragging out the moan deep in her throat. Once he was completely buried inside her, he pulled back to see her glistening arousal cover him. Spreading her legs further, he bent her down which allowed her to arch her ass up more for his pleasure. Drawing back in slowly he began to fuck her, holding steadily onto her hips so she couldn't run away from the pounding she was about to receive.

As he stroked inside her he gained in momentum. Her moans were slightly muffled by the pillow cradling her face. Wanting to hear her cries he gripped a handful of her locks and pulled her head up.

She was prone on all fours getting the pounding of a lifetime and loved every second of it. She moaned and whimpered at the onslaught of pleasure he gave her body. He slapped her ass repeatedly as while he rode his black beauty into oblivion.

Her pussy clenched as he fucked her good and hard.

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