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I rolled them between my thumb and the index finger. They got hard and long in no time. Jennifer had closed her eyes and moaning softly as was enjoying the first feeling of a male touch on her intimate parts.

It was great to fondle her tits, but I needed more. I needed to worship her body. I bent my head and kissed her each tit with so much love. I kissed her areolas and then took a nipple between my lips. "Ooohhh Michael," She moaned.

I sucked a nipple while fondling the other breast. She was rubbing my hair slowly as I alternated between her breasts giving them equal attention. Then we cuddled together and engaged in another sensual kiss. This time I pushed my tongue towards her mouth and I found the resistance at her lips. She parted her lips as soon as my tongue touched her lips letting it enter into her mouth. My tongue went in and roamed around her mouth searching each and every corner of it.

I could taste her saliva and she could taste mine. It didn't feel any disgust about it, but instead all I thought was that I'd do anything for this girl. We kissed for some more and then she broke the kiss. Then she pushed me onto my back and crawled down the bed. She stopped at my pubic region and pulled down my shorts along with my pair of boxers. I lifted my hip to make things easy for her. She pulled them down and dropped on the ground.

My 6 and half inch cock was standing erect, ready for some action. Jennifer looked at it greedily and then looked at my face. I smiled, "It's OK honey. That is all yours. You can do anything you want."

She touched the cock and kissed the pre-cum oozing cock head. Then she wide opened her lips and took the head in her mouth. "Ooohhh..." I moaned feeling the velvety warmth in her mouth. I thought that I'd cum right there. But I contained myself somehow. She slowly took about three quarters of my cock and waited for some time. Then pulled her head back slowly.

She may have been an amateur in giving head. But I was sure that her mouth was made for it. She started to slowly bob her head up and down on my cock. Jennifer was looking at me through her specs and she too moaned on my cock. I rubbed her soft hair so lovingly, looking at her giving me head.

I felt a familiar sensation in my balls, readying to erupt in her mouth. But I wanted to last long and satisfy her for a longer time. So I held her face in my hands and pulled her up. "Come here baby."

She let out a sound of disappointment and came to me. I held her tight to me and kissed her full lips. They tasted pre-cum, but I didn't care. All I wanted was to kiss those luscious lips. Her pretty tits were crushed against my chest giving me a feeling of their softness.

It was time for me to go south. I laid her on her back and proceeded to go down on her. I kissed her neck making her moan and then I moved towards her firm breasts. I held each of them in my hands and kissed the nipples. I went farther passing her tits to her soft belly. Oh my god! I almost went out of control as I laid my head on her belly and then licked her belly button. I tongued it and rubbed her belly so slowly making her shudder with anticipation.

I moved further until my face was right in front of Jennifer's crotch. I unbuttoned her skirt at her waist and pulled it down. Jennifer lifted her hips letting me do my job. I threw the skirt away and looked at my ultimate prize. She was wearing a white thong and it was drenched with her juices. I could feel the heat emitting from her pussy even when I was kneeling above her. Jennifer parted her legs letting me to position between them.

I guessed that her pussy was clean shaven from what I could see. I bent down and kissed her mound over her thong and my god, it was hot like an oven. She squirmed under me and moaned, "Baby, please don't tease me."

But I kissed her pussy over her thong for sometime.

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