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Sara reluctantly settles into her new life.

She opened her mouth and put her lips over the head of his cock. She lowered her mouth down over his cock as far as it would go until it reached the back of her throat and wouldn't go any deeper. She began to suck his cock in long slow gentle sucks.

Her mother on hearing this story was now imagining herself in Debby's position, slowing sucking on her sons 11" cock as it filled her mouth to the brim. Against her best intentions she felt her cunt starting to get a little wet. Her body was beginning to betray her.

Debby continued sucking on his cock for a few minutes feeling it twitch and expand in her mouth as he became more aroused. Before she knew it her oral skills were bringing him close to climax. Just as his cock was about to cum in her mouth his body stirred and before she knew it he was looking down at her sucking his cock. Unable to stop what she was doing she continued until his cock flooded her mouth with his cum. She commented on how there was too much of his cum for her to swallow, so some of it poured from her mouth and onto his abdomen and onto his boxers and finally dripped off his body and onto the bed sheet. She swallowed as much of his cum as she could. She couldn't believe how much he had just cum. She had never seen so much cum before. She kept his cock in her mouth until it started to soften.

Nathan meanwhile, at that moment was, naturally, in a state of shock at having his sister just suck him off, but even so he didn't try to pull his cock from out of his sisters mouth, the reason being like all men and teenagers especially, the sensation of someone sucking you off and making you cum, out ways everything else at that moment. Any male, in the situation Nathan now found himself in, would have done exactly the same thing - let the woman carry on until he had shot a load down her throat. Debby, with her numerous one night stands, new the situation perfectly - she knew that most men's cocks control their brains when it comes to the subject of sex. A situation she had used to her advantage on numerous occasions. She was hoping to use it to her advantage in the situation she now found herself in with her brother, but unknown to her, her brother had other ideas.

Her mother couldn't believe her daughter had sucked off her own brother. Her mind was now imagining her daughter sucking on her brother's cock and drinking down his cum. She now knew as well where the spunk stains she had found on his bed sheet and his boxers earlier that day had come from. They were the result of Debby being unable to swallow down all the cum that had been fired into her mouth from his cock when she had sucked him off. She was now wondering how Debby's knickers had ended up in his bed, but she was sure she would find out soon. Her cunt was starting to get wetter. Unknown to her mother Debby's cunt was also starting to get wet as she was getting more and more turned on as she told her story.

"Then what happened?" enquired her mother breaking Debby's concentration for a moment, but she soon continued with her story.

Debby felt immense shame at what she had just done and apologised to him for what she had done.

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