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The second time, she had changed to first shift and woke me up and got me out of bed. I was stricken for the second time. Her eyes were like cats eyes. You could look into them now for hours and hours. Even her, she changed every time I saw her. Then, one day I took sick, sicker than usual, and she would come throughout the day to see me and talk to me. Then suddenly, her hand tracked down my stomach and into the brief that I wore. Not to my surprise I was as growing hard. She grabbed me and began to stroke slowly. I began to rise even more. I began to roll my eyes and that feeling welled up in my stomach. I looked up and Jade was smiling and so was I. After a few minutes, I had my head back, and I was surprised to realize she had her mouth on me. And I thought that it was a roll playing game. Where she played the nurse and I played the patient, but it wasn't. She was really going down on me. My door was closed and at any minute a nurse might walk in. But they didn't, and we went on for a few minutes, and then stopped. Since then we had been very close friends, obviously, and eventually we had a date.

And she's walking down the beach ahead of me. I'm rolling behind looking at her, and I can't wait till I'm besides her to touch her. Come to think of it, I can't wait until I'm inside her.

My world changes every day and every day I learn something new. Jade has taught me a great deal of how to accept people as they are, with all of their faults and all of their promise. In the end, they show you both. Luckily I was still showing promise. We veered off course and she pushed me up into the dunes. Once there, she turned to me and climbed up into my lap and placed her lips on mine. I think we had the biggest the best kiss I had ever known. Her lips were larger than mine and more firm.

We collected drift wood to build a fire as it got dark outside. Watching her bend over, turned me on. She turned around and caught me looking at her ass, and smiled. She likes it when I look at her ass. The sun was setting and she reached over in the cooler to hand me a drink, when I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me. She sat on my lap and took my face in her hands and slowly and tenderly kissed me sweetly. Passion rose, and the kissing turned into a heavy panting. I was able to entice the shirt over her head. I peeled her bra away from her skin. I'd begin to kiss her breast and bite her nipple gently. She opened her eyes and saw me looking at her and pulled away, biting my lower lip as she went. Feeling the intensity rise in me, I reached her and pulled her to me, bent her over as I leaned forward and stuck my tongue out and licked her ass and pussy. And there I stayed for a while. In that crease, that special place between her legs, where her pussy lips met and formed the point where the clit privately live ns. Oh, that place, where her breath quickens and she begins to moan. I both kiss and lick in that special place where she will yell out "YES" if I am there long enough. With one final kiss I move on and my tongue furtively darts in and out of the asshole. Her moans increase and become near screams.

I progress to the top of your crack back down to you pussy. There your screams intensify even more. I am becoming even more excited and harder than I already was. My tongue goes deeper still and continues to dart in and out. "OH fuck," you yell out. You are bent over leaning forward on your hands, forming a triangle off the ground, and my own hands squeeze your hips as you yell out. I can feel the heat in my own dick and I will give anything to be able to stroke it. I listen to you until you scream out and your body begins to shutter and as I squeeze your hips I know that you are coming. You yell out one last time, "oh yes, fuck!" And I know I've done it.

You stand up slowly, straight up, brushing your hands off and breathing heavy.

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