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Today, Michael woke up feeling different.

After a while sitting there, Frank suddenly took my legs and spread them apart calling Jeff to come nearer, when he did so, Frank asked him to observe my cunt carefully. All the five of us were looking at my cunt, we saw cum juice oozing out slowly, there was now a wet spot on the locker I was sitting on, juices coming from my cunt and ass hole, Frank had left s huge amount in my ass, and now he was spreading my cunt lips so more juices came out, Jeff couldn't stand it anymore and reached out his hands and was spreading my cunt lips together with Frank and saying that it was already time for him. I guess Earl wanted to tease him some more and came over and grabbed my legs, keeping them apart and said he still had some unfinished business between my legs, Jeff responded by giving a howl of despair!

Earl sat down next to me and held onto my right legs and told me to keep my left apart then he slowly inserted two fingers into my cunt and started to finger fuck me, Jeff sat right in front between my legs and now had his hands on my thighs so that my legs remained spread wide and everything was on show. I was beginning to get aroused again and was responding to Earl by thrusting myself upwards to meet his strokes but he was going very slowly and I came suddenly without any warning, he continued finger fucking me until I had two more orgasms, each one harder and louder than the last. When Earl stopped, Jeff immediately got up but I held him away again saying that I needed some rest after what Earl had done.

Finally I took pity on Jeff and told him to stand in the middle of the deck, his pants and briefs were around his ankles so I told him that he would have to be as naked as I was before I allowed him access to my body, when he was naked, Joe told him he should wash, he jumped overboard and then had to climb back on the yacht, Frank told him to dry off so he used his own t-shirt and was soon dry. Earl now came up and told him to kiss my cunt first, I quickly went over and sat on a locker with my legs spread, I saw Jeff hesitant a little since my cunt was still oozing juice but then he crawled over to me and planted a kiss directly on my cunt, both Frank and Earl grabbed his head and kept it between my legs and then Joe told me to wipe my cunt on his face, it wasn't too difficult since Earl and Frank kept his head still, all I had to do was raise myself a little on my hands and when I felt his face on my cunt, I just moved around, rotating my ass and soon Jeff's face was wet with the juices from my cunt. Frank told me to continue until they were satisfied then they let him off, I told him to stand still in the middle of the deck and he had to ask why.

I told him that I would like to suck his cock first but if he didn't want that, then I was going to jump overboard for a swim, he practically ran to the center and stood there. I walked up to him and held him in my arms, then I had to stand on tip toes to whisper into his ears that I expected a hard and strong fuck from him, then I licked his ear! I licked my way slowly down his body, all over his face, his throat, his chest and belly and finally I saw his cock standing hard and rigid and proud, I knelt down in front of him and held his cock in both of my hands.

With Jeff's cock held tightly in both my hands, I turned to the others and asked them what I should do with it, Joe told me to bite it off, Frank just said bite it hard and Earl suggested I leave it alone.

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