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A supernatural encounter warms a cold and lonely heart.

Pleasure exploded through Sean's body. His slim, athletic body shuddered as Josh worked his cock. He was confused, he was now rock hard and his pecker had elongated to its full seven inches, but he wasn't gay. Or he thought he wasn't gay, he wasn't sure anymore but, the waves of joy careening through his body told him he didn't care either way. Josh slid the shaft out of his mouth and ran his tongue down the side of it and began to lick Sean's sack. Sean's pelvic bone was covered in well groomed fire red pubic hair but, his ball sack was completely hairless. Josh's mouth slurped and slid allover the sack as he gave Sean oral pleasure like he had never known before. He took his left hand away from the cock before him and motioned for Alice to come hither. She oozed off the bed and glided over the floor to her boyfriend. He was still in shock at all that was happening so fast. She looked him in the eye and he gazed into hers. She parted her lips.

"I'm sorry Sean. I still love you." She said, the began to kiss him. He accepted her kiss and pulled her to him. His hands came up and removed her blouse, and made short work of removing her bra. He leaned in and kissed her chest, and she threw her head back in approval. His hands softly kneaded her breasts as his mouth made love to her nipples. Her breasts were ample and supple. Tenderly he began to nibble at them. He had come over that night wanting this but, he glanced down at the man still sucking his cock and thinking that, that was the best surprise he had received in his life. He took on hand off of Alice's succulent globes and ran it threw Josh's raven colored mane. The subtle vibration that raced through his dick let him know Josh was moaning approvingly. Alice looked downward at her lover sucking her boyfriend's cock and a streak of jealousy ran through her. She couldn't tell if she was jealous that Josh was pleasing her man, or that her man was pleasing Josh. She knew one thing though, she wanted that cock in her mouth, now. Alice knelt down next to her lover and gazed at her boyfriends cock.

"I think the girl wants in on this." Josh said, licking pre-cum from his lips. Alice slid her hand up Sean's thigh, letting her fingernails tease the skin. She wrapped her hand around the thick shaft of her boyfriends cock and took it into her mouth. She could feel his heartbeat as she glided her mouth up and down the shaft. She began to feel Josh's hands on her breasts, massaging and teasing them. She felt Sean run his hands through her hair, he let out a soft sigh.

"I still love you too." Alice's tongue was swirling around his prick and Josh's tongue was slurping his ball sack. He was in ecstasy. His cock was buried in the throat of the most beautiful woman he had ever known, and his balls were being sucked by a guy! Alice and Josh began to work his cock in tandem, both of them licking the sides of it up and down, teasing it, and meeting at the tip and exchanging cum soaked kisses. Just as Sean felt he was about to explode, they backed off. Alice stood up and stepped back onto the bed.

"I think its my turn boys.

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