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Steve joins Penny and Mary at the camp.

After I'd soaped down your upper body, and removed most of my sticky load from your perfect flesh, I bade you turn around so I could do a proper job on your hair. Once you'd wet your mane, you complied, with a quick kiss and gentle bite to my neck, which went a long way towards reviving my recently used cock. We stepped back from the running water, easily done in this shower, and I made sure your eyes were closed. Now, you have to understand, I had you bare to me here. Your eyes were shut, and I could have done anything I wanted to you. I'd prayed you would allow me this opportunity.

Picking up your shampoo bottle, I hesitated a moment. It isn't like you didn't know I would explore you a bit while I had your eyes closed. Your wet skin glistened in the low lights of the bathroom... it tempted me so. With as much tenderness as I could muster, I bent down and kissed your right shoulder, near your neck. When you gasped, I knew I had it just right. Instead of kissing down your front, as I would have liked to (and believe me, I was going to before the night was over), I made my way down your back with my lips, arriving at the base of your spine before I stopped. Faced with your perfect ass, I decided to give it a slight brush with my lips. Your breathing was getting heavy at this point. While my face was level with your ass and pussy, I could very clearly smell your arousal. Rather than gratify both of our wishes then, I let my tongue ride your spine all the way up to your neckline before breaking all physical contact for a moment. The most gratifying scene to my eyes during that shower was you, tensed up for the next contact... waiting... still waiting...

I counted a full 10, then snapped open the shampoo cap and poured a generous amount into my hands. Standing back to avoid all non-manual contact, I began kneading the shampoo into your scalp and hair, watching the tension melt from you as I did. Your relaxation made me feel like a man... made me feel like you trusted me, and were happy with my performance thus far.

I decided to see how happy you were going to be.

I do not have an enormous cock. It's about 6 inches long, and you can get your hand around it. I'm told it's a perfect shape, and that it feels wonderful going in, and based on previous activity and enthusiasm, I have to believe what I've been told. My thought was that perhaps you wouldn't want a gargantuan piece of meat for the first time. So what I did, while massaging the shampoo into your hair, was sidle up behind you and press my body against yours, making sure that you felt my already re-hardening cock between your ass cheeks. You did just what I hoped you would. You moaned again, this time from the feel of my stiffening meat against your ass, and pushed your body against me, tilting your head back to rest on my shoulder as I washed your hair.

Now, by this point, your hair was clean. We had only to wash out the shampoo. But I wasn't finished taking advantage of your temporary blindness. I led you carefully closer to the water so that I could wash off my right hand, then used my left arm to encircle you and cup your soft, smooth tits, garnering a sigh of appreciation from you. One thing I knew about you; your breasts were large, exquisite, and sexually crucial- they were sensitive as hell. Your right shoulder was clean of any soap, so I kissed it, just lips at first, but, gradually putting my tongue on your cinnamon flesh. My right hand, which was now washed off, I put on your belly. Then, for the sole purpose of building anticipation inside you, I began a painfully slow journey down your stomach to your sweet, shaved slit. Keeping you busy with my lips on your shoulder and my hand on your breasts was crucial... I knew you could be impatient at times, and I wanted you to have this anticipation. While I was working you over, I prayed over and again you would react as I hoped you would.

When I felt your knees buckle at the touch of my finger sliding between your pussy lips, I knew I had you.

While my fingers explored you

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