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A young man spies on his beautiful milf mom taking a bath.

It was just as usual, stroking your clit till you came, lost in the moment. You were unaware of the fact that a couple of doctors had come into the room and were watching you from the corner.

As you came, they moved in and put their hands on you, blindfold you and you suddenly felt very vulnerable in this situation. You weren't able to see their faces, but in the struggle before you were blindfolded you could see the bulges in their pants... obviously they had been listening for a while to be so horny.... coming up with a plan on how to take you.

They cut off your panties, your blouse and bra, and flip you onto your back on the cold table.... A third guy comes into the room, you hearing the door open and close, and unknown to you, he's carrying a bag of gear.

The third man pulls out some straps, and ties your wrists and ankles down to the table.... Ankles into stirrups so your sex and ass are fully accessible...

You feel the coldness on your asshole... and realize it's being lubed up. A finger gently pushes inside, making sure to get your brown hole good and loosened up. The finger is removed and you feel a large plug being inserted inside, it slides in easily right to the hilt. Feeling your ass full is suddenly getting you hot again.

It feels like its expanding inside of you... and can hear the hiss of air as the plug is being inflated and the feeling of fullness is starting to overcome you. Next thing you know, you feel a warm tongue on your clit, as the final growth of the invading plug in your ass pushes you to the brink.

The coldness of the table against your skin, and the heat rushing to your sex is making your feel so turned on, in the dark from blindfolded. You have no idea who these men are, and the thought of three strangers ravaging your hot body is exciting you.

"Come on guys, I want a cock in my mouth.... one in my wet cunt too... I want your cum!" you shock yourself with the vulgarity of your words, but the situation has overcome you. Knowing what's to come, and as turned on as you are, you figured you may as well enjoy what's to come next.

And the guys go into action. You feel a large cock slap you in the face... You turn your face and find it at your lips and open up taking it into your mouth. A large cock, 8 inches and thick you wonder how you can take it all. You can feel another cock, position itself at your fiery cunt.... Dripping wet and burning hot in anticipation... It drives deep inside of you, a loud moan escaping your cock-filled mouth.

You're pounded mercilessly by the cock in your pussy, several minutes go by and your head is floating in the clouds.... Seeing you writhing in ecstasy, the first guy pulls his cock out and blows his seed all over your belly and tits, covering you in his sticky cum.

You can feel his heat splash all over you body, as your body hits another climax. Feeling light-headed from the blood rushing to your sex, you start to hallucinate from the mind-blowing moment of goodness, the feelings of purse adrenaline rushes from your brain to the tips of your toes.

The cock you had been sucking on is suddenly removed, and replaced by the guy who was in your pussy.... You can taste his cum mixed with your hot juices, you've always enjoy the taste of yourself on your boyfriend's cock, and the moment makes you think of him. How he'd enjoy the though of seeing you being ravaged by these three men.

The large cock from your mouth is now slammed back into your pussy, and you start wondering if you can handle all this, as another wave of orgasm hammers you back into the clouds... You feel like you're having an out of body experience as the second guy pulls out and cums all over your chest again... You can feel every drop of his hot seed burning onto your skin, and running down your sides. Another wave of ecstasy hits you, and you drift off to sleep, exhausted and fully satisfied.

You awaken to darkness, unsure how long you had been in the room.

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