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Revelations and intrigue in Antyor.

I intentionally dropped a fork and noticed June's left hand was firmly pressing her pussy. Soon June announced that they had to leave also.

What had I learned? I had a device that made women uncomfortable and want to go home. True, but maybe, I also had a wonderful toy that could lead to a lot of fun and a gold mine.

I needed an extreme test. I wanted to take a resistive woman all the way through orgasm. I knew just the woman. The "Beautiful Ice Bitch" was one of the genius math reviewers of the old project. She dressed in tailored skirted suits, put everyone down, never had a date that I knew of and was totally arrogant. I would take the chance she was microwave sensitive. It would be sort of a blind test. The next day I called the university, "Ms. Lois Anders, please."

"Hello, this is Ms. Anders."

"Ms. Anders, this is Jim Clark, from the old microwave project. I would like to hire you for two or three hours of math review work. I need your expert help to double-check my starting calculations on a potential new project. I'll pay you $500. If I start with any mistakes, I could be beginning another disaster like the microwave project."

She responded, "I'm very busy right now. I could fit you in this coming Tuesday morning. Other than that, I don't know when I could help you." I agreed to Tuesday.

At exactly 9 a.m. Tuesday, she flowed into my house like Loretta Young. "Where are your calculations and where do you want me to work? I'm on your clock." I grinned at her and said, "OK, no coffee then." She glared at my attempt at humor and followed me into my study. She seemed impressed at the house and study but could not give me the satisfaction of a compliment. I had everything perfectly set up for her, including my secret chair and desk modifications. "I'll check back with you in about 45 minutes so you can give me your first impressions." I closed the door and went to the living room to watch her on the closed circuit TV I had installed."

The "Beautiful Ice Bitch" condescended to my statistics. If microwaves didn't break her concentration, I would have to hear her, "This is shit!" speech again. I gave her ten minutes to get into the packet. She was good. She was well into the task when I pressed my remote and started a greatly improved program.

At eight and a half minutes, she rubbed across her ovaries and moved around in her seat. At ten minutes, she wiped her forehead and continued to fidget around in her seat. At twelve minutes, she was a microwave convert. She looked around the room, put her pencil down, closed her eyes and began rubbing her breasts. Another minute and her right hand snaked down under her skirt and she pushed back from the desk. She wasn't happy with her progress. Lois Anders did not look arrogant now. She looked like a woman wanting relief and wanting it now. Her panty hose were in the way. I was glad I put two cameras under the desk. Lois worked her panty hose and panties down to her knees. My hard on and I watched as she pushed two very experienced fingers into her shinny, demanding cunt. She was possessed, violently searching for release.

She still felt too confined. Off came the shoes, panty hose and panties. Three fingers of her right hand went back into her slippery hole. Her other hand absentmindedly ran through her well coiffed hair and then went directly to her clit. There was nothing subtle about her approach. It was rough. I really did not need the video. The regular slapping and squishing noises gave away exactly what she was doing. Her orgasm hit. She was beautiful to watch. She tried hard, but unsuccessfully, to be quiet. One high followed another. Lois was wetting my desk's chair. After keeping her ridding high for almost six minutes, I turned off the microwaves and watched her slowly recover. I was surprised she had not passed out. She was obviously exhausted and was struggling to breathe normally again. When I saw her check her watch, I knocked and went in.

Lois looked like she was rolling out of bed after a satisfying all-nighter.

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