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Julie becomes a powerful Alpha the old fashioned way.

I knew it must hurt but all she did was moan and show me that she wanted me to do more.

As I suckled her nipples one and then the other I let my hand slip down between her legs. One touch and she spread her legs to allow me to access her very wet charms. Her clitoris was swollen and fat. I fingered her clitoris slowly till she was molten lava under my touch. She erupted and out of her came a warm wet flow of creamy juice. Quickly I moved my mouth from her nipple to her sweet juicy cunt. I sucked and licker her fluid till she screamed and erupted for a second time. I had lifted her hips up off the lounge and had her firmly by the cheeks as I forced my tongue into her quivering pussy. My thumbs were together pressing her bottom hole. Rolling my hands a little I pulled her bottom hole open. She screamed in ecstasy. My thoughts at that moment were of a very sexy and selfish nature. I had only fucked a girl in the ass a few times but to me that simple act was one of rapture and delight.

Dropping her hips back down on the lounge I raised above her and my outrageous cock found her pussy wet, warm and slimy. Mother or not that cock of mine was not to be denied. As I ripped into her she again screamed and lifted her legs high in the air. She clawed and pulled at me she wanted more. I was banging hard into her. The head of my cock was deep and it was hitting something in there that was making us both get on with our task at hand. My balls were full but not for long. Mother was reliving some moment in time from the past and together we crashed, clashed and full filled a long held in check dream of incestuous lust.

I rolled off her after we both collapsed in exhaustion. Mother was crying and I was in a state of shock from what I had done. I started to cry also. We held one another in our arms for a long time. At some point during that crying and holding we with out words came to a meeting of the minds that this was something we wanted to happen and that this was only the first time but far from the last. We showered together and dressed with few words. We went out to dinner and had a few drinks before we started to talk about what we had done.

We each admitted we had long held feeling of desire for one another and had not acted on these feeling because of Dad. But even though it was an act of incest we were not the least bit concerned about it. We were lovers and knew we would remain so for a long time.

I drove up the front of the real estate office and mom stepped out. She was dressed in a tan suite, tailored to show she has a figure of a goddess. Her long golden locks were falling down across her shoulders. She has long slim legs and high heels set her off as a real class act.

I drove around back and parked the car and entered through the back. By the time I got a cup of coffee and came out front Mom already had a tall squared shouldered man standing in her office doorway. He reeked of money and I knew mom had a live one in her clutches.

After nearly thirty minute they emerged from her office. She approached me and said "Steven would bring the car around I want to show Mr. Kelly the Markworth property." I stood and said "Yes right away." There were no introductions so I took it I was not to be her son for the duration of this gentleman's visit. They climbed into the back seat as I held the door for the two of them.

The Markworth property was out on the edge of the city and with traffic it took thirty minute to get to the long gated driveway. I got out and unlocked the gates. As I got back into the car I noticed he was sitting very close and it appeared Mom may have had her hand in his lap. I thought damn she is going all out to sell this estate. I open the front door and stood back so they could enter. I got an eye from Mom that said, stay here till I call you.

After twenty minutes I made my way around the three car garage so I could see the pool, the individual cabanas, there were four of them and a f

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