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A bad day made better.


Kylie shook her head as she dangled upside-down. "No. Please don't put that in my ass. Please Sir!"

The 'serial killer' leaned down and yanked on the chain attached to Kylie's breasts. Kylie screamed. "Call me 'Master' you stupid cunt." Now the man poured a vial of melon-scented oil into the crack of Kylie's ass. She groaned as the cold liquid slipped into her anal crevice, then sighed as it warmed up the longer it stayed in contact with her skin. The feeling wasn't unpleasant. She stifled the urge to moan. Next, with deliberate care, the Master inserted the butt plug-vibrator into Kylie's ass. With the help of gravity he had no trouble pushing it in deep and making sure it stayed embedded in her shapely bottom despite the oily lubricant. He looked down at her, studying her fearful and expectant face.

"Are you ready for me to switch it on, little slut? Would you like me to start the setting on 'Low' or 'High'?" Kylie whimpered, squirming helplessly in her bonds.

"Don't do this...please!" was all she could breathe as he flipped on the vibrator in her ass. The sudden whirring startled her. The fullness of it inside her tightest hole made her writhe and groan with newfound agony. Her ass had never felt so full, not ever. Her nipples beaded up as the fullness of the buzzing vibrator against the walls of her anus began to create sensations she'd never even dreamed about. Sensations that morphed into something shockingly reminiscent of pleasure.

"AAaahhhh!" she groaned. Brayden was intently stroking her clit with his fingers while watching the little blue vibe just purr away inside her wrinkled hole. He turned back towards Shauna, who was gaping as if none of this could be even remotely real.

"Look at the little slut, her pussy's already creaming up again just because I plugged up her sexy ass with a vibe. Now let's see what happens if we up the pleasure dosage."

Pleasure dosage? What was he talking about? Kylie felt a spike of fear as Brayden rummaged around in the duffel bag for yet another of his twisted 'toys.' He drew out a long, red shaft with ribbings along the side. It had a bulbous head shaped like the perfect replica of a massive penis. He switched the vibrator to 'Low' and proceeded to insert it slowly into Kylie's snatch. The slender girl squirmed frantically.

"No. Stop! What are you doing? I can't take two at once," Kylie wailed. But she could. Her pussy was getting wet just anticipating the huge, awful shaft about to be shoved deep inside her. The gorgeous girl bit her lip and felt her pussy clamp onto the buzzing artificial penis the moment her Master inexorably began thrusting it downward... until it filled her young cunt completely. Until she could feel the twin sources of friction, the buzzing anal vibe and the more softly purring cunt-stuffing vibe, drilling away inside her most sensitive, intimate holes - sending ricochets of pleasure along the membranes of her cunt and anal walls. 'Oh god...I can't hold out for long. I can't believe he's raping my ass and my pussy at once,' Kylie thought. She squeezed her eyes shut. She was panting now. Sweat had broken out on her forehead as she felt her heart slamming into the sides of her chest faster and harder than ever.

She couldn't believe it. She was naked in some dungeon-like basement, being held captive by her boyfriend as he tortured and abused her. And worst of all - or best of all - part of her loved it. 'Shauna...she's seeing all this. Oh god. I'll never be able to look at her the same,' Kylie realized. But she had no time to dwell on her shame as Brayden leaned down, the head of his rigid manhood prodding at her lips.

"Open up, slut.

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