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A mother's continuing exploits.

"Asshole, you just never learn." I yell, not caring that Travis and Ron can hear. "You say you are wanting kids, you beg me to get off the pill and I do it for you. Now you show me yet again that you are still a kid. Just pay Ron dumb fuck. I am fully done with trying to help you with this gambling thing." I slur out, as I head over and make another drink, then sway and strut my way to my bedroom.

I turn on my television and sip my drink, feeling betrayed once again. Its just a little money, I battle myself to pick a side. It has been a little money over one hundred times, I remind myself.

After the third quarter kick off took place I found myself still on the bed and trying to watch the game but dozing a little. David comes tromping in looking disgusting, drunk and just not the man I had thought I was settling down with.

"Baby I can't pay Ron." He blabs and slurs. "I did as you asked and didn't bet money, not a penny. He won a blow job Cindy, I know I'm fucked up for doing such a bet but I was going to win three hundred bucks honey. That fucking Bill Obrien sucks, the whole team sucks." He draws closer to me and I wait until its perfect, then kick him square in the face with my right heeled foot.

"Fuck off you loser, just go stay somewhere else. Get out of my house." I cry and bark back to him.

"Baby don't be that way, look, I will be right here with you when you suck him. I know we have heard the rumors about his 10 inch dick. I won't let him force you or..

"Get out dammit!" I cut him off. "You go home with him. You go suck his big black cock, bastard! I hate you David!" I feel really happy for about two whole minutes, having been able to hurt his face and his feelings.

Now, After 30 minutes pass, I rise from my bed, strutting into the hallway and down to the living room. "Ron can you come talk to me please?" I ask, getting looked at by all three men. "Please. I wont bite."

"Yes I will Cindy, let me hit the restroom real fast."

"Use mine Ron." I purr. "No David, you stay. I need Ron by himself. You just watch the game dear. You are so good at that."

I head back to my room, swaying and wiggling, giving it to Ron as he follows. "Go ahead and pee big boy." I laugh as I climb on the bed, then remembering to go back and lock the door.

After he finishes his business, he comes out looking concerned. "Cindy, this is all on David. Believe me, I told him four times during the first half, the bet is off. He just would not take no for the answer."

"To be honest, I am very flattered Ron." I reveal, with a smile. "As far as I know, whores only get forty to fifty bucks, seventy five at the very most, for a blow job!" I bark at him. "You make me feel very special risking three hundred. I hope I don't disappoint, I'm not use to big ten inch cocks." I confess, slurring a little.

"Fuck Cindy, I told you. David pushed it!" He says, with angst.

"Don't fret, Ronnie baby. I plan to do it just how you like it. Big boy! I enthuse. "Sit right here on my bed please. I just have to see this whopper you keep hidden away."

"It's not a whopper, rumors just get crazy. I'm average really. He tells me, as he sits at the end of my bed. "It's sure growing though, you look so hot in that outfit woman! I was going out of my mind watching you wiggle about today. Your tits constantly jiggle Cindy!"

"Like this?" I tease, as I sway around slowly and drop to my knees, inches from his crotch. "Hey mister, want a date? This bitch be needing some company, I'm good mister, really good." I laugh hard after saying it, causing Ron to relax and laugh.

"lets see what we got here." I beam, as I start undoing his jeans, reaching in, then pulling it out nervously. "Average my ass you fucking liar!" I hiss, feeling both my sets of lips thicken in arousal. Wrapping my left hand around it, my tongue licks my lips twice without my even thinking it. "Oh Ron, I never knew, its so fucking fat. I like it! I like it a lot!

"MMMMMM fuck Cindy, I'm glad you do.

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