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Roman History X.

I told him to sit in lobby. I went to reception to take room key. I was shocked that my husband already take it. I came back to Peter and ask him to wait for me.

I was thinking my husband is winner, because he came earlier then me with another girl. I was confused what to do.

I quickly went to my room and with heavy heart knock on the door. Daud open the door. I step in the room and start searching, no one was there. Daud told me, lady was interested, but she wasn't free this evening.

Daud saw me with black boy, so he rushed to hotel. He ask me that what happened, you are fail to bring him. I told him he is sitting in lobby. He said let's go and talk with him.

In lobby i introduce Peter with my husband. We order the dinner. After dinner Peter went to wash room. Daud said Sadaf you are winner, I will respect your decision.

I start thinking and told Daud, i will make your wish true and we will do threesome. Daud wasn't expecting that and said seriously. I said yes. We saw Peter is coming back.

Daud ask Peter to come to hotel room. We went to hotel room. My husband without wasting time ask Peter, if he agrees, I can share my wife with you. Peter without hesitation accepted the offer.

I went to bathroom to change. I rushed to cabinet and take the razor and quickly shaving my Cunt. I didn't shaved from last three days. I wear short silk sleeping gown and came out of the bathroom.

Peter saw me and unintentionally stand up and said beautiful. I feel shy and he turn to Daud and said sorry. Daud said it is ok, she is very beautiful anyone can loss his senses.

I went and sit next to bed and I heard my husband voice (Sadaf come here). I went and stand next to him. He stand up and open my gown and slip it from my shoulders. Now i was in Red Bra and thong. He un hook my Bra and throw it on floor. I quickly cover my Breast with my hands. He came behind me and quickly pull down my thong and in rush i put my hand down to cover my Cunt. My breast were exposed in front of Peter, his eyes were wide open and looking my naked boobs. Then he grab my hand and pull them back, now I was totally naked facing Peter.

I felt a wave of lust inside my entire body. I stare towards Peter, as he started to praise my body. He said; Sadaf your body is very beautiful and sexy. I liked those words and I forgot that what was the relation between me and him.

Peter got up and started to undress himself. My husband ask him to stop, and said Sadaf, you undress him. I walked towards Peter, and slowly open his shirt buttons and removed it. I was shocked to see his six pack muscular body.

I sit in front of him and unbuckle his trouser and pull them down. He was now in his underwear and I could see his large bulge. He was surely in a naughty mood. The slightly cool air was awakening my lusty feelings. I slowly pull down his underwear, and my heart jumped to my mouth, his Penis was at least 11 inches as compare to my husband 6 inches Penis. As i was removing his underwear, his Penis came out like a cobra and hit me under my cheek.

Suddenly, he grabbed my hand and started rubbing it. He expressed his love and I hesitated like a traditional Pakistani woman. He kissed my hand. I couldn't resist more. I started feeling those beautiful moments of my life as he kissed my lips in taxi. This brave act awoke all my devil senses and I forgot the bounds.

He took my hand and walked to bed. He kissed me wildly and my pussy started getting wet. Then he came from behind and grabbed my breasts. He started fondling them. I should have stopped him but I didn't. Then after kissing for a few minutes his large tool was placed between my ass crack. As it brushed my butts, I felt a strange feeling in my entire body. I started to enjoy. Then I realise Daud came in front of me and locked his lips with my lips.

It was around 12am and a perfect time to get a memorable bang session. Suddenly Peter made me bent and rubbing my wet pussy from behind, while my husband get undress.

Peter inserted his one finger inside my C

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