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Can someone watching actually make it better?

When Tommy saw Liza's body he surrendered. He wanted to make love to her so badly. He wanted to show her that his average cock was just as good as Lee's big cock. He would make up for his size by the love, tenderness and gentleness of his lovemaking.

As Liza fell back on the bed Tommy moved between her open legs and used his wonderful mouth and tongue to give Liza a great pussy licking. And she quickly moved towards a great orgasm. Her body rocked and her hips pumped her pussy into Tommy's mouth as she held his head between her open legs. She moaned to him to eat her to make her cum. And he did just that.

As the first of three orgasms swept over her she was pulling on Tommy's head trying to push his tongue deeper into her open and wet pussy as she cried out and told him how good it was. Tommy could hardly breath as Liza cried out again and fucked his mouth as he began to hum directly on her clit. Liza arched her back and lifted her hips and ass up off the edge of the bed and Tommy held her up under her ass with both hands and buried his long tongue into her pussy hole She screamed, "Oh God YES! Yes right there on my clit! OH God Tommy! Eat me Tommy! Eat my pussy! OH GOD YES!!!"

Tommy used his thumbs to pull open her swollen fat pussy lips wider now and he pushed his tongue deeper into her and began to fuck her with it. She was humping his face like a dog in heat now and Tom heard her screaming for him to keep doing it as her thighs pressed his ears closed and she elevated her body higher yet.

The oral sex Tommy gave her was the best she had ever had. And the thing that she absolutely loved about him was that Tommy didn't come up out from between her legs after her first orgasm. No, Tommy stayed between her thighs licking and sucking on her pussy until she just couldn't stand it any longer. She finally pulled his head out and said he should fuck her, she had to have his cock inside her. NOW!

Liza reached for and circled his cock with her fingers of her left hand and he saw her wedding band as it was shinning at him. She guided his hard boner towards her open hole now hissing at him to fuck her nasty! She looked at him and saw his face covered with her cum. She smiled up into his eyes and lifted her ass up just a little to accept his dick head. As he pushed the swollen cock head against her openness, it went in with a little resistance, she hissed, "Do it hard Tommy! Fuck me hard baby"

The pressure between her legs made her squeeze her eyes shut for a second with the slightest of pain! Then when the head of his cock was inside her, she smiled and said for him to give her all of his wonderful cock hard and fast.

Tommy moaned as he felt his cock move deeper into his beautiful wife's hole. He was wondering if she would feel any different since she had fucked a black man, but she didn't. Liza's pussy felt the same, if anything it felt a little tighter. He guessed it was because she hadn't had sex in over 7 days. He was glad she was as tight as she was. It showed him that she didn't cheat on him while he was gone. He whispered to her that she felt so good and that she felt exactly the same as before. As he slowly and lovingly began pumped his cock in and out of his wife's pussy, Liza told him how wonderful he was and how good he was making her feel. But she wanted him hard and nasty! She told him that again!

Tom was trying desperately to give her his cock and to make her love his cock like he heard her tell Lee she loved his. But Liza didn't scream for his cock like she had for Lee's. But she did moan and tell him how good he was. Tommy worked harder and faster lifting her legs and bending them over her body now. He loved her so damn much and as he positioned himself and lifted her legs higher, he was now fucking her in his favorite position. It was hers too, so she told him but that was before lee had fucked her from behind. That was he favorite position now only Tommy didn't know it!

Tommy loved to hold her legs up placing them over her head or

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