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How my friend Sarah finally seduced her Daddy.

"Okay," she whispered. "I remember my password."

The leader grabbed a handful of hair and jerked her head up. "Lie to me and I'll slice off your already bloodied nipple." He produced a blade and held the flat part against her left nipple. The other man put away his pliers and sat in front of the laptop. He touched the spacebar to reactivate the screen.

"The password is motherfucker88, all small caps."

The leader raised his eyebrows, but spelt out every letter of the word to his associate. The password was correct. A quick phone call to the boss confirmed the correct files were on the hard drive.

"We know you did not act alone. Who is your partner?" The pliers returned to her right nipple. He started to squeeze and she shouted, "Fabian, his name is Fabian."

"What's his address?"

The pliers moved to the soft fold of skin between her legs.

"One twist and you will never feel anything there. Be smart and talk."

There was no more point in resistance. She told him Fabian's address.

When she was cut down, her legs could not support her weight and she collapsed sideways onto the hard cement floor. The leg spreader was removed and her ankles were shackled with leg irons. The shirtless man carried her over his shoulder and moved her to a windowless concrete room, six by four foot. She heard him lock the metal door. Finally alone, she wondered if she had given Fabian enough time to disappear. It was only last night that Fabian had worked so hard to crack the code and transfer the files to her computer.


Last night

Dallas, Texas

Fabian's phone vibrated. The single word "landed" appeared on the screen. Dressed in skinny jeans and a tight black tee, Fabian checked the clock on the phone. Her flight was almost half an hour early, almost unheard of these days.

He pulled the BMW into the unloading zone, scanning the curb to see if there were any officers nearby. Even without luggage, it would take Megan at least fifteen minutes to walk through the huge terminal. He texted back, "Curbside, waiting 4 U."

His phone vibrated again, "Money?"

"Wired. No surprises." As usual, he thought, Megan worried too much. He wished she would trust him to do his job.

His thoughts were interrupted with two firm knocks on the window. He glanced to his left and saw an officer's gloved hand moving in a circular motion. He pressed the button to roll down the window. "Sir, this place is for dropping off departing passengers."

"Oh? Where do I go to pick up my wife? She had just returned from China after a missionary trip." Fabian looked the officer in the eye, practicing the cover story he had often used.

The officer was not moved. "You'll have to park your car in the garage and wait for her inside the luggage claim area in the building."

"But she had already landed and would miss me if I do that. Can I just wait for another minute?"

The officer shook his head. "Move on, sir, before I write you a ticket."

Fabian stepped on the gas and drove half a mile, and then he made an illegal U-turn and headed back to the same terminal. This time, he parked behind the Hertz shuttle bus. He dialed Megan's cell.

"Hey handsome, where the hell are you?"

"Behind the Hertz rental bus. The driver's helping an old lady load her multiple bags. As soon as the bus moves, you'll see me."

"Are you in your usual flamboyant red BMW convertible?"

"Yes, do you not like it?"

"It's too flashy and noticeable for our profession, don't you think?"

The bus moved and she started to fast march to the BMW. Fabian moved the car into the bus zone to meet her halfway. She walked in front of the car to the driver's side.

"Move over so I can drive," she said as she opened the driver's door.

"Don't trust my driving and afraid I'll get us killed?"

She elbowed him and placed one foot inside the car. He realized she was serious. He unbuckled the seat belt and slid out of her way. She would have sat on him if he had not done so.

"See if you can break the password," she tossed the laptop to him when the view of the airport disappeared from the rearvi

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