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Another night of spouse swapping with new friends.

Julie quietly strapped on the dildo, gasping as the smaller penis entered her starving pussy. Tightening the belt around her waist, she slipped back onto the bed and knelt between Sarah's legs. Moving forward slightly, she kissed Sarah's belly, eliciting a moan from the other woman. Kissing her way up Sarah's belly, across her breasts to her neck, and finally to her chin, Julie moved the dildo just short of touching Sarah's pussy. Julie placed her mouth just millimeters from Sarah's and breathed.

"Sarah, I'm going to enter you now. Are you ready?"

Sarah raised her arms to encircle Julie's neck, opened her lips to answer, and Julie lunged forward. Her tongue entered Sarah's mouth at the same time as the head of the dildo entered Sarah's pussy. Sarah screamed into Julie's mouth and grabbed Julie with her arms and her legs, just as Julie expected she would. In one swift move, Sarah was firmly impaled on the first half of Julie's dildo and Julie's tongue was like fire in her mouth. The timing was perfect! Sarah's hips lashed out to reject and then impale herself on the wonderful tool that was attached to her mother. Julie rested her hips on her daughters' and calmed the younger woman.

"I've just put a cock in your pussy, sweetheart, just relax and enjoy it." Julie crooned.

"It's too big, Mom, it's splitting me in half." Sarah whimpered.

"Try to relax, darling, you'll get used to it. I promise I'll take it out whenever you want, OK?"

"OH OK" Julie began to move her hips backwards, moving the dildo out of Sarah's pussy.

"On no", protested Sarah, "Don't take it out. I want it, please."

Julie pulled the dildo half way out, then pushed it back in again, without going any deeper.

"Like that, lover?"

"Oh yes, please, like that. Don't ever stop, please, push it all the way in." Sarah begged. "Fuck me Julie, please."

Julie slid her hips back slightly, then pressed forward until the dildo was completely inside Sarah's quivering pussy. Sarah moaned loudly.

"Oh God Yes, Fuck me with that thing."

Over and over again, the two women rammed their hips into each other, each of them being bored by a cock-shaped dildo with each thrust. In a few moments, they found a common rhythm and began to rock back and forth. As their clits rubbed together and the artificial cocks penetrated their pussies, their mouths met and their hands groped at each other.

"Fuck me, Julie, fuck me hard."

"Yes, Yes, Yes", was all Julie could say as she applied all of her energy to satisfying Sarah.

"Faster, harder, fuck me, fuck me, now, now, fuck me now."

Who was saying these things, Julie wondered? Was she saying these things? Was Sarah saying these things? Did she say these things to Nick? It didn't matter. Julie was getting fucked, hard and fast, and was about to come.

"Yes, Yes, Now, Now, Fuck Me Now." Julie called out.

And Sarah responded, firing her hips upwards at Julie with all of her remaining strength. A few moments later, both women screamed in ecstacy as their efforts brought both of them their sought after rewards.

They lay there, breathing heavily, with Julie on top of Sarah, the dildo still installed in Sarah's pussy, and Sarah's legs still wrapped around Julie's waist, locking them in this position. When Julie recovered her breath, she began kissing Sarah's face, just as Nick had done to her earlier this same night. Sarah rolled slightly left and right, moving Julie with her, and held her tightly. Finally, she spoke.

"My God, Mom, where did you learn to do that!"

"Did you enjoy it, sweetheart?", asked Julie.

"You know I did, once I got over the shock of it. That thing you're wearing really feels great. Can I see it?"

"In a moment, sweetheart, but that means I'll have to take it out."

"Ohhhhhh nooooo", whimpered Sarah, "not yet, please."

After resting for a few long moments, Julie braced herself on her hands and knees and began to extract the attached dildo from Sarah's pussy.

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