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A Man awakens to discover his destiny awaits him.

If they pull you on their lap and give you a kiss, kiss them back before getting off their lap. When they feel your tits or pussy, reluctantly push their hand away saying you have other tables to serve. The secret to being a good waitress is being a good actress. Make every officer feel he or she is your favorite. Make them think everything they do turns you on and you will get along just fine."

It was a long night. Whoever said, officer and a gentleman, didn't know what they were talking about. She was probed and fondled all night by those animals. It was difficult not to slap them. The other waitress, a blond bimbo called Judy, seemed to enjoy all the attention. Amanda was neither blond nor a bimbo. She had a college degree and the worst frat party she ever attended was tame compared to this.

The next afternoon she was called to attend another meeting with Lt. Collins. Three other women were there. There was Judy who she knew from the night before, and Jane another blond, and Diane a black girl. All of them were army wives who had husbands posted to isolated sites.

Lt. Collins started his lecture by saying, "We have decided to renovate the officers' lounge. To help raise money we are going to sell $25 table dance tickets. At the end of the evening for every ticket you hand in we will pay you $5. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to make some extra money. It does mean a little extra work for the four of you because I want all of you here every night, no days off, so that the officers can have a good selection to choose from.

"Now you probably don't know how to table dance, fortunately Judy does. She used to be a table dancer before she married, so she will be your trainer and manager.

"Judy, as manager I'll give you 20% of their pay meaning you will get one dollar from each dance ticket they hand in. If they don't follow your instructions, you have the right to discipline them."

"Oh goodie, thank you Frank; let me show you my appreciation."

Amanda could not believe it. She went over to Lt. Collins, dropped to her knees in front of him, and took out his cock and started giving him a sloppy blow job. After a few minutes he grabbed her head, held it tight to his groin and from the look on his face, came in her mouth. What a slut she was.

"That ladies is the proper way to give a deep throat blow job. Pay attention to Judy, she can teach the 3 of you a lot. When your husbands get home they will be thrilled at your new sexual skills."

"I have another idea Frank. (Lt. Collins was Frank to her and sir to the rest of them) At the Moonglow Club we had 3 rooms upstairs where we could take customers for intimate encounters. We would give half of the money to the club and keep the other half. I bet the four of us could make a lot of money for your club renovations that way."

"I like the way you think Judy. I will talk it over with Major Harris."

That was too much, Amanda had to speak up. "I don't know about the others, but I am not going to humiliate myself that way."

"Here are the facts Amanda; either we get full co-operation or we leave your husband in the Arctic for another year. That goes for the rest of you as well."

"Sir, sir, I'll do what you want," Diane pleaded. "Just let my husband come home."

Of course that's what they all wanted so they agreed to his demands.

Judy dressed them in shortie nightgowns and had them practice lap dancing. Lt. Collins and two other officers were the "customers." Jane, Diane and Amanda all got fucked that afternoon.

The evening was worse. Those slime balls didn't want to be teased; they had their cocks out and made the girls sit on them. Amanda was mad, sore and embarrassed. Judy seemed to be having fun doing those perverted lap dances, and Amanda noticed Judy took Lt. Collins home with her.

The next afternoon we were called in for the 3rd time.

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