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Jenny gets birthday treat from daddy.

The effect was nearly electric as she jerked involuntarily at the touch as she sucked air in through her teeth.

I slid my handss out from under her ass and moved them around to her abdomen, just above and beside her cunt. I ran my fingers tips along the sides of her pubic hair, gently raking her with my finger nails, causing her stomach to flutter. My tongue found her right thigh, maybe three or four inches from her increasingly wet cunt. I licked gently up to edge of labia, and then repeated the process on her left thigh as well. My licks were painstakingly slow, intended to raise her level of desire, making her more wanton. She squirmed under my ministrations, and it was easy to tell that she was hot for her first oral orgasm.

I licked all around her cunt, letting my tongue come enticingly close to her now nearly sopping wet pussy. She was squirming, and trying to push her cunt closer to my mouth. I finally moved back to her cunt, letting my tongue rest at the very bottom where the labia come back together. I licked slowly upward until my tongue reached the inviting entrance to her cunt. Another shiver went through her body as my tongue forced its way into the opening and began to work increasingly quickly in and out of her cunt. I gently kissed and worked my way up her labia, and quickly ran my tongue across her clit. She jerked so hard I thought she might cum immediately, so I backed off before she went over the edge.

Her clit was now fully engorged, and the pinkness of her labia seemed to be darkening as more blood rushed to her sensitive snatch. I slipped my hands back under her ass, and moved my tongue back to the bottom of her cunt and began to work my way in the opposite direction, toward her ass. As I approached her tight hole, her body began to tremble, and the first touch by my tongue caused the sharpest spasm she had experienced so far. I rimmed her ass with my tongue, and she continued to writhe. I forced the top of my tongue into her, and she nearly convulsed from the sensation. It was obvious this was something she had never before experienced. I worked my way back to her cunt, again sucking its now soaking wet entrance before once again heading for her clit. I gently kissed her clit, and then began flicking my tongue back and forth across it, gradually increasing both the tempo and pressure with my tongue. She came in less than one minute, a noisy orgasm that had her head thrashing back and forth while lusty screams emanated from her lips.

I wrapped my mouth more tightly around the upper part of her cunt, enclosing her clit, sucking hard to create a near vacuum that helped extend her clit farther into my mouth. Simultaneously, I began to massage her clit with circular sweeps of my tongue until she once again screamed as her back arched and she lifted her cunt more firmly into my mouth. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in tighter.

"Eat me. Eat me. Suck my cunt"

Her cum was pouring out of her cunt and down to her ass. As I continued to strum her clit with my tongue, I began making circular motions on her ass with my thumb, her self-lubrication more than ample to keep her "greased up." As I continued to massage, I began working my thumb harder past her tight rosebud, until with one final push I got my thumb into her ass. This immediately caused another orgasm, and even more cum gushed from her cunt, down my chin and onto her ass. My thumb flew in and out of her ass with increasing speed as my tongue continued its dance with her hard, throbbing clit. She came three more times, and then I heard another orgasm, this one from Nikki. My eyes darted over to where she sat nearby, a vibrator firmly imbedded between her legs, and a second orgasm soon swept over her as well.

Ellie's grip on my head began to relax, and it was obvious that she was completely spent.

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