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Young fast food worker seduced by dream girl, robot coworker.

I couldn't believe how fast the afternoon had sped by. I heard her voice in the hall, sweet and sugary, cooing over her dog. Then her tone sharpened as she noticed I was home.

'Megan, where are you and why is your trunk in the car?'

'Hallo Mother. Did you have a good day at work?'

'Oh you're upstairs. You still haven't answered my question, why is your car all packed up?'

There wasn't anyway she was going to let me away without an answer right there and then, so I took a deep breath and said,

'I'm moving out again. Clive's asked me to move in with him.'

'Clive? Who is this Clive chap? And why haven't I heard anything about him?'

'You have heard about him, I told you I was going to meet him yesterday. He's the chap I've been speaking to most nights. He asked me to move in with him this morning and I said yes. I'll be leaving in the morning.'

'Oh so you think you can just leave me like your stupid father did? After everything I've done for you, you can't even be bothered to stick around. Where does he live anyway?'

'Liverpool.' I muttered with my head down.

'Liverpool? Right next to your father then. You're running off with some guy who will probably dump you as soon as you sleep with him and why? Just so you can be close to that man?'

'That man happens to be my father, and he loves me a hell of a lot more then you do.' I lifted my eyes to her face and snapped back at her.

I was slightly shocked at myself, I'd never had a go at her before but I was sick and tired of her bad mouthing him all the time. The look on her face, as she stood there, getting redder and redder at her quiet little daughter shouting at her was priceless though and I just thought, 'Fuck it, I'm leaving anyway.' And I let rip at her.

'And as for Clive dumping me as soon as he sleeps with me, it's a bit late for that. He's had me in every position your prudish mind can conceive and more. He is the nicest man I have ever met, he doesn't think I'm a fuck up, he doesn't think I'm a disappointment. He actually thinks I'm worth something and he has done more for me in the last three months I've known him that you ever had in the twenty-one years I've had the misfortune to spend as your daughter.'

Slap! Her hand caught me round the face and knocked me into the banisters. I felt an explosion of pain in my head as my cheek split open and hot blood dripped down my face. She didn't even apologise, she just stood there glaring at me.

'Look at you, snivelling on the floor, dripping blood all over my new cream carpet. I suppose you'll want me to clean it up.'

I stared at her. It wasn't the first time she'd hit me. I lost a baby tooth to her fists one time when Dad was away on business. He came home the next day and when he asked me what had happened I had to lie and say I fell off a friends trampoline, otherwise Mother would have given me another smacking. He took me to the dentist and bought me ice cream for being a brave girl. She was a little more careful after that, switching to insults and sneers that cut away at my self-confidence just as brutally as her hands used to. This time though, I was determined that it would be the last time she laid a finger on me. I pulled myself up using the banisters and walked up the stairs. I didn't look back at her as she shouted her usual insults, telling me I was useless and that she was glad she was finally rid of me.

'Don't expect you can come crawling back here once this Clive bloke has finished with you, which he will once he meets the real you. How pathetic do you have to be to jump into bed with the first man that looks twice at you? Mind I suppose you must have been getting fairly desperate to hook up with some looser like him, you know only saddos go on these chat rooms.'

I shut the bathroom door on her voice.

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