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Cherise Aimes & her cousin explore their sexuality.

. ." She can't think of how a good, sweet girl should say no to my suggestion, and she stands up to walk away.

I can't help it. As soon as I see that ass of hers, I swat it.

She yelps and looks back at me.

I swat it again.

"Ellie, what are you . . . "

Now I caress it, adoringly. "It's a thing of beauty. I hate to make it suffer because you have a dirty, filthy mind." I swat it again. "But I have no choice."

She turns around so that I can't have access to her ass anymore, but as she does she's staring right into my cleavage. She steps backwards.

I spread my legs enough that I know she can see my lacy black thong.

She turns and starts to go. "I need to leave."

I reach and and grab her wrist. I gently tug her back toward me, pulling her onto my lap. She's startled, but she doesn't immediately get up.

She's taller than me and a little older, but her face is young and she's sweet. I caress the small of her back and look up at her face, gazing at her from behind my glasses. "Don't go."

"Ellie . . ." She still can't figure out what to say to me. When her eyes drift from my eyes to my cleavage, like a teenage boy's, I pull her face down to mine, and press my lips against hers. She's started and backs up, just a little. I do it again.

"Have you ever kissed a girl before?" I ask, our mouths all but touching.

"No. Not before, I mean."

"Did you like it?"

She pauses. "Yes."

My hand draws circles on her back, reassuring and comforting but very sensual. "Would you like to kiss me again?"

"I . . ."

I take it as a hesitant yes and I kiss her once more, this time, parting my lips slightly and offering her the tip of my tongue. She makes a strange noise in her throat, and I slide my tongue into her mouth, immediately increasing the passion of the kiss.

She's finally lost in the moment, and by the time I have sucked her tongue into my own mouth, she is kissing me back. My hand drifts down her back to cup her ass as she sits on my lip. Her hand rests on my chest. Not groping. Not squeezing. Not even caressing. Just resting there, but definitely feeling.

When I finally break the kiss, saliva is strung between our lips. I stare into her eyes. "Did you like that?"

"Yes." Shy and quiet still, but not hesitant.

"Naughty girl," I tease.

She giggles a little. "Yes."

"Come with me," I say, lowering her to her feet.

"Ellie . . . " She's back to hesitating.

I grip her ass passionately and kiss her, then trail my mouth down her throat, kissing her where her neck flows into her shoulder, sucking so hard I give her a hickey. "Come with me."

She does.

I lead her to my bedroom, where I give her no choice. I sit on the edge of my bed, and pull her over my lap, presenting her ass to me. Gorgeous. I caress it through her jeans. "Sweet little virgins aren't supposed to like tongue-kissing other girls."

Jamie giggles again, perhaps enjoying the role of bad girl a little.

I spank her again. She gasps and looks back at me. I spank her a second time. I've never felt anything like her ass. Soft enough to yield to every stroke. Firm enough to spring back to shape instantly without more than a tight jiggle.

I bend down and kiss the small of her back. She shivers. My hand caresses the shape of her ass and then slides down between her legs. She gasps and squirms, but I can feel her warmth through the jeans.

"Sweet little virgins aren't supposed to get hot over a girl their own age spanking them."

"Ellie . . . Please . . . "

"Please what?" I ask, moving both hands underneath her to fiddle with her pants.

"Please . . ."

"Please stop?" I ask, sliding her pants and panties down as one, exposing her glorious ass.

"Ellie . . ."

"Or please don't stop?" I ask, running my tongue all over her perfectly shaped, smooth, tanned buttocks.

"Oh my... my god."

"Did that feel good?"


I smack her bare ass. "Bad girl." I bend down to kiss the red mark my hand left. "Delicious girl, but bad girl."

She groans again.

"Bad girl," I say again, spanking her naked rear.

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