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Movie night turns into more.

Finally, an average looking man about 6 ft. tall, late 40's approached her, and said, " come with me. "

The stranger led Mary out of the mall, to his car at one of the entrances; he motioned for her to get in. Mary slid in to the passenger seat, and he closed the door behind her. The man said nothing as he got in starting the car, and pulling out of the lot. Mary looked the man over as he drove the car. He wore jeans, and a western shirt that seemed to fit his personality is once brown hair starting gray around the edges, but his eyes still had a flash of fire in then. The man was the first to break the silence; " open your legs bitch and pull your dress up so that I can see that cunt. "

Mary was nervous, and it was several minutes before she complied with his wishes enough to suit him, " what about my car, how am I going to back to it? "

" Don't worry bitch I will make sure you have an way back there later. First you have to entertain me for a while, and you had better address me properly if you know what's good for you. "

Mary was a flurry of emotions she wanted to tell him where to go, she was embarrassed to be sitting on the see the car with her pussy exposed, and yet she knew she didn't obey, he would ruin her. Finally her common sense over took her and she answered, " yes master sir, I am sorry, I will obey you. " Mary knew that what he was doing was breaking her will, but he held all the cards, so she had no choice.

The man pulled into the driveway next to a large house, and walked to the door without waiting for her to follow. Mary got out of the car and followed the man to the door that was open so she walked on in. The man was sitting in the living room on the couch when she walked in. He said, " strip right there where you're at cunt. Then get over here in front of me. "

Mary shook her head no, " when do I get the pictures and I know you really have? "

The man moved so fast that Mary had no time to react, he stood crossed the area between them and struck her across the face with his open hand. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a folded picture one with her face buried deep and a blond pussy. He took the picture and stuffed it into her mouth saying, " one more word out of you bitch, and you can forget the deal on the pictures. I got half a notion to go ahead and send them out anyway then see how that stuck up ass of yours makes it without an income. Make up your mind right now what you want, you either do what I said, get the fuck out. "The man walked back over and sat back down where he had been sitting.

Mary was broken she took off her blouse and skirt, laying them over a small table; she walked slowly to the man totally nude. When she reached him he made her stand in front of him, as he took his time exploring her body. She felt like a slave at auction must've felt as the man opened her mouth looked inside, examined her ears, felt both were breasts, and entered her pussy with his fingers, as though he was giving a physical examination.

When the examination was finished, the man pushed Mary to her knees in front of him, " OK now cunt, get my cock out and show me how much you love it.

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