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First Jon and then the biker gang.

How about you, how long have you been doing this?"

Kathy took over one of Mary's tits and took one of Pet's in her other hand as she listened to Mary. Mary said, "We've been fucking with John since he turned 18, he's 20 now." She looked over at the three of us and continued, "Mary Jane just turned 18 about six moths ago. JS (John Sr) was her first and JJ (John Jr) had her right after, surprisingly she and I didn't get together until about a month ago."

Kathy was totally floored but very turned on. Pet is an open book waiting to be written on. She just took it in stride, and came twice on JJ's mouth. Pet stood up and pulled Kathy over JJ's face saying, "You have got to try this, he's good."

Kathy sat down on JJ's face and just as his tongue touched her pussy Mary went off. She grabbed Kathy's tits hard and screamed. That send JJ off and his hips came up hard two, three times and he held his mother high in the air as he filled her pussy with his load. Mary sat back pulling her son's cock from her pussy. Pet went right down on Mary. Without even thinking Kathy leaned forward and took JJ's cock in her mouth.

By now I had cum in Mary Jane's mouth and had changed places with her dad. JS was now in his daughter's mouth and I was fucking her from behind. Pet is only 24 now but here was a tight 18 year old pussy fucking my cock. I lasted longer in her mouth than I did in her pussy. I shot off in her pussy as her dad filled her mouth. We all fell apart and Mary Jane turned to me and said, "Hi , I'm Mary Jane." Then she shook my hand. I couldn't believe I had just cum in this girls mouth and pussy and now she is acting like nothing happened shaking my hand. Then she reached down to stroke my cock and said, "You have a real nice cock there. It is almost as good as dad's or JJ's, but family is always better don't you think?"

Now the six of us were sitting around their fire as JS went to get more wood. Pet came over and sat on my lap. She had her pussy right on my not so hard cock and would rock back and forth on it as she told her story. All of which was pure fiction but I got hard enough to slip my cock inside her as she told it.

Pet said, "Well I had been fucking my father for a while when Mom found out. Instead of getting mad she just wanted to join us , I think she and dad were in on it.. The three of us would get together every night when my brother went to bed. I think he knew what I was doing with mom and dad. When he turned 18 I confirmed it for him when I fucked him as a birthday present. Then I asked if he would like to fuck mom. It didn't seem right for dad to have two pussys and mom only one cock. I told him to wait till I went to mom and dad's room. Give me 15 minutes then come walking in stark naked. Well mom took one look at the cock of his and nothing else had to be said. While dad was fucking me mom had my brother come over and fuck her as well."

"Now that is was out in the open we were all fucking anytime anywhere. Mom and dad watched me fuck my brother. We would even have full family orgys. When I was 23 mom said I needed to do something with my life and sent me to live with Uncle Dave and Aunt Kathy. I didn't want to give up all that sex but mom said she thought her brother, Dave, could be seduced very easily. She also said that if she was reading it right Aunt Kathy wouldn't have a problem with it. She said I should start with Aunt Kathy first that way she wouldn't think I was trying to take over."

So that's what I did. Aunt Kathy was easier than I thought she would be. She is the one that got me together with Uncle Dave and it has been the three of us ever since."

I thought her story was very good, so good I was fucking her as she told it.

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