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Will supplements teacher's salary by mowing lawns.

Stacey looked directly at Danny, who had instinctively moved his hand down to his crotch and was pressing himself through the denim of his pants. Stacey reached out a hand and left it extended. Danny waited for only one brief moment, not hesitating but savoring, then moved to Stacey. He leaned down and caressed Stacey's mouth with his own, leaning over her from a standing position, moving his hands across her torso and shoulders. Stacey fondled Danny's cock through the denim.

Stacey pulled Danny down and whispered in his ear, "Turn the light back off." Danny almost didn't hear her through the sound of Janet moaning, but after a second he got the gist. He went over and turned off the light. Because the room was his, he returned to the group without hitting the coffee table. He ran into Stacey's outstretched hand, which grabbed him by the belt and pulled him close. In a haze of confusing flesh-pressing and caresses, Stacey unlatched Danny's pants and pushed them to the floor, taking his penis in her hand as she did. Then Stacey turned his standing body to the left, and when he felt a woman's mouth pressing against his cock, he sensed it belonged to Samantha.

Danny groaned. Stacey grabbed his ass and said, "Suck it, Samantha." This was the first speech any of them had heard aloud in about eight minutes, and it had an magnificent effect on the group.

"Yeah, suck it Samantha," Janet called out, then took in a deep breath as she felt Trevor's index finger slip further inside her pussy. Janet felt her wetness dampening her shorts and Trevor's so she pulled away from the cunt fondling to slip out of her pants. Once she was disengaged and undressing, Fiona took the opportunity to do the same, kicking off her shoes and dropping her pants to her ankles, then kicking them across the room. Then Fiona attacked Trevor's pants, pulling them down to his shoes, then ripping the shoes off and tossing the piles of clothes against a wall. Trevor took off his own shirt.

When Janet, Trevor, and Fiona re-engaged each other in the dark, all they felt was burning flesh. They began by leaning in to kiss each other, first Janet and Trevor, then Trevor and Fiona, then Fiona and Janet, then over and over in a cycle, sometimes all three tongues entangling at once. Both girls held Trevor's erect cock in their hands, and the stroking was relentless. Trevor bucked against the caressing.
Fiona leaned down to suck Trevor's cock, and on a whim, she reached out to her right. Finding Samantha there, she unhooked her shorts and pulled them down to her kneeling knees. Fiona then fingered Samantha immediately, furiously, sucking Trevor and pounding Samantha in tandem. Danny felt Samantha's mouth clamp softly and stop moving as she moaned for reasons he could only guess in the dark, and he used the moment to lift off his own shirt. Then he reached down and helped Stacey slip out of her pants. Moving his hand to her crotch, he found it perfectly smooth and drenched in warm cream, the puffy lips of the labia moist, literally dripping beads of moisture. He began fingering the interior of Stacey's vagina with intense determination, and he felt Stacey lean into his body.

Janet's breast was in Trevor's mouth, and she quickly came as he tenderly nibbled on her hard nipple with his teeth. She cried out, "I'm coming! Oh my god!" Then, shivering as she recovered, she pushed Fiona's hand away from Trevor's cock, lifted her leg over his body, aimed the penis at her completely smooth hole and inserted it swiftly and deeply. Average in length but very thick, Trevor filled Janet completely from side to side, stretching her a bit.

"Oh fuck," she whimpered, then began to move.

"Danny, man," Trevor said forcefully, trying to control his voice and stay coherent, "tell me you have condoms."

"You're going for it?" Danny asked, not to be crude but simply to confirm what everyone needed to hear, that the orgy was going to its logical extreme and would not be an exercise in show-and-tell.


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