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Bad judgement can be fatal.

We can all get our own back on parents through her." Libby told them. They nodded thoughtfully though the guys were thinking of something completely different form the girls. They would like to take it out on her all right.

Paul sat in shock quietly contemplating what he had just done, then spoke up. "It looks as though you've found her a name. Slut." He explained, to their blank looks.

Dawn had silently encouraged them but now she broke in. "Did you notice how excited she was? Slut seems appropriate." Libby looked at her a moment then it occurred to her too. It was obvious. She hadn't noticed, being distracted by the sheer audacity of what they had done to her. When she returned with a drink they keenly looked over her body only now noticing the hairs between her legs glistening and her nipples pointing hard through the thin fabric. "You're a lewd slut." Libby commented gleefully. "I've decided from now on your name will be Slut. What do you say to that, Slut?"

"Yes mistress." Sophie quavered.

"What is your name, tell me."

"My name is Slut, mistress." Sophie replied with a suppressed sob. So they had guessed at how excited she had become by all this attention to her body. It had been so long since having sex she had unknowingly grown frustrated. Suddenly her mind and body had been bombarded with overwhelming feelings from their teasing and furtive touching so now it was impossible to control her body's natural or maybe unnatural reaction. Woefully she felt it an appropriate name bringing home the state she had been reduced to.

With Libby's mother walking around bare assed the lad's conversation lapsed every time she entered the room so Libby decided to do something about it. She had caught sight of Ricky furtively sliding his hand between her thighs but said nothing wondering what to do about it. Strangely Sophie hadn't flinched from him or indicated anything was amiss. "OK. Lets see if we can find something for this Slut to wear. It will be like playing at dressing our dolls like we used to." Libby said with a snigger. The lads were delighted on realising they were to be included, like teenagers excited at the prospect of a daring illicit game. Off they went upstairs chattering to each other heading for the bedrooms with Sophie in tow and Ricky following keenly watching every movement of her bottom.

At first she had thought there was to be some respite to the assault upon her body having heard she was going to be dressed but the humiliation continued. Standing naked before the young men while the young women argued over how to dress her left her feeling more aroused bringing with it a deeper shame. The way the lads were looking at her body it was important Libby got this game out of her system as quickly as possible. Their relationship could return to the usual stand off with neither intruding into the others life and she could put this stupid episode behind her. Until then she would have to endure the torment, after all it was her fault she was in this predicament.

Her hair was spiked with gel, the make-up a heavy black with a false safety pin through one nostril to complete a Goth look. A bin bag from the kitchen was serving as a dress tightly revealing every curve of her body. The girls could see it would be a torture for her not to wear underwear leaving her looking as lascivious as before. A pair of black platform shoes left her wobbling with every step to the car. A visit to the mall for a shopping trip with her daughter hadn't been dreamed of especially this nightmare trip. Shoppers were avoiding looking at her though some couldn't help themselves. At least no one would recognise her under the lavish make up, it was as though she could display herself while in disguise. With all responsibility stripped away she felt free to recklessly exhibit her body in this familiar public place.

"Hi, guys.

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