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Sarah picks up a stranger in a bar.

Not that the thought had ever bothered me but I could feel myself being turned on just by the thought of it. I tried to step back to compose myself but he held me firm by the shoulder. "I.......I.....I mean we...." I tried to say,

"Technically I'm your boss and give you orders and instructions as I see fit, if however you do not meet those instructions I can fire you and have you evicted from your comfy flat at the end of my garden!" He said holding my eye contact. "I'm sure we can come to an arrangement which suits us both?"

I knew I had no choice but for some reason this didn't bother me in the slightest, somewhere deep down I'd been hoping for something like this to happen I just didn't think it would be with Mr. Gold. I looked at him and smiled, his hand still gripping my shoulder he pushed me down to my knees. My eyes where level with the button on his trousers, instinctively and hurriedly I un-fastened the belt, threaded the button through the loop and slowly pulled down the zipper, the trousers flared open, I lifted his shirt up and kissed his firm stomach, my hands running up to his pecks. I kissed his navel, the smell and warmth of his skin filling my senses. I felt the bulge in his trousers pushing against me, my hands came back down, I looped a finger into the waistband of his trousers, and with a slight tug, and they fell to the floor. His tight white boxers hiding a massive secret, my eyes went wide, my pussy started to tingle, how long had it been since I played with a cock. Too long. He stepped out of his trousers and I pulled at his boxers and was greeted by a sight I'd never seen before, a thick black cock hanging gently down. My heart rate quickened at the sight of it, the tingling in my pussy getting more intense, I took a deep breath, moved my head under his cock, opened my mouth, and slowly moved up. My lips gently brushed against his fat helmet, they slid up his warm shaft as my tongue pushed against his helmet deep in my mouth now.

He took his shirt off and leant back against a chest of drawers, his cock felt so meaty and warm in my mouth, I sucked him gently and tentively at first, my confidence slowly growing, as did his cock. I looked up at him, his head was tilted back, his mouth slightly open. I started eagerly sucking on his cock, my head bobbing; I slid a hand inside my jogging bottoms and rubbed my pussy through my knickers. The dampness instantly surprising me, I was so wet already. Mr. Gold moved a hand down to the back of my head and started to thrust in time to my sucking, slurping sounds escaping the corners of my mouth at times, his fully-grown 10" cock glistening from my spit. One hand balanced me against his leg as I moved the other to fondle with his balls. He pulled away from me a string of spit dangling from his cock to my mouth, I caught my breath and leant forward and sucked on one big ball in turn, a low moan coming from Mr. Gold, he took hold of his cock and slapped it against my face and again before pushing it back into my mouth. My hand went back to my knickers and pulled them to one side and I slid a finger into my shaven pussy, then pushing hard against my clit before sliding into my sticky pussy.


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