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You get ready for a night out together.

"Yes, my Lord." Yuria was calm, until she emerged into the chamber, and that which lay sprawled upon its circular stair. "What is this?!"

"A task of mine that merits your aid, Yuria of Londor."

The Keeper sensed discomfort, unease.

"Honourable Lord of Hollows" Yuria began, cutting off abruptly as with a rustle of cloth the Ashen leaned toward her. What was the Ashen's name? Whatever he said was far too hushed even for her keen ears, yet it swayed Yuria completely. "As you wish."

As he wishes? The Keeper blushed, realizing what he meant.

"That is not necessary!" She cried, her voice weak and legs trembling, unable to life much less hold her. "You've done more than enough, Ashen One."

"Not nearly so." She felt his bare fingertip trace the underside of her half wilted shaft, running from base to tip and igniting passion's unquenchable fire as it went. Unbidden, a groan wrenched itself from her lips, and she fell back once more, strength fleeing. "When first I woke, I was stricken with terror, confused, uncertain of who I was, of this world and my place within it. Then, I stumbled here, through a storm of steel and blood, the fire of Gundyr seething in my veins, his soul squirming within me. I was lost, alone in this world, already feeling the leaden mantle of despair, knowing well that this world held naught but pain.

"Then I descended these stairs, and looked upon you." His palm was warm against the underside of her cock, whose width easily filled his hand with more than enough remaining to spill over. "And the smile with which you greeted me," His voice broke. "Made the world a brighter place," His breath was hot against the tip of her cock. "Gave me hope again."

She was only half aware of his words, passion wrapping her in its enthralling warmth; yet what she heard, stirred her cold and forgotten heart.

"I will thank you in any way I can," His soft lips brushed against the marbled head, his touch tender and gentle, prompting a shiver of pleasure. "Until I am no longer capable." The Keeper stiffened as he slid the near fist sized summit into the intoxicating warmth of his jaws. She moaned softly, brought almost at once to the precipice of orgasm, yet he quickly retreated, leaving her throbbing shaft aching for release, beseeching her with its silent cry.

I have disgusted him she thought. Even kind as he is, he can no longer suffer my deformity. Then, she felt a presence looming over her, arms on either side, a body pressed against hers. Yuria. A pressure on her cock, firm, unyielding, almost painful. This weight nearly cast her over the edge, yet she was again left unsatisfied as it relented.

"Honourable Lord," Yuria spoke without inflection, perhaps embarrassed by his presence, request, or both. "She will tear me apart from within, like a mace crammed where least my body can accommodate it."

The Keeper flushed bright red, realizing precisely what that pressure was.

"You are undead, are you not? What consequence is there?"

"A fair argument my lord." Her fingers -- soft yet firm and indomitable as stone -- wrapped around the midpoint of the Keeper's throbbing shaft, her grip alone flooding the prone woman with pleasure, nearly stripping away her sanity.

Pain shot through her as the stairs beneath pressed against her back, a crushing weight settling upon her cock like a furious avalanche, forcing a grunt of agony between her gritted teeth.

"Wait!" The searing, grinding pain at once relented, and Yuria's presence vanished.

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