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The beginning of a menage a trois.

She was amazing, her beauty even more radiant as she writhed and moaned through the orgasmic bliss she'd brought herself to. There was no way she was still asleep but I continued to watch, to bask in her glow and feel like the luckiest man in all of India.

She was my 8th Wonder of the World, my Taj Mahal and my Bengal Tigress. She was my entire world and I knew that events far beyond my control were in play when fortune shone down upon us the day we met.


I skillfully brought her to the very edge of release, watching as her eyes glazed over and mercilessly removed my finger and hand from her aching body. She whimpered loudly, not caring any longer just who might be watching or listening.

I had her. There was nothing she could say or do to prevent me from taking her all the way. Her body had shown me what she wanted and I intended to give her exactly that, but slowly, methodically and excruciatingly. She had no idea the power I wielded over her, had no idea the time I can take and no idea that the journey was just beginning. When I was through with her, she'd be a sobbing quivering mess, and I wanted her craving...always craving.

I brought my slick fingers to her face, brushing her lips with the tips and coating them in her essence. She needed no coaxing as she opened her mouth and sucked my fingers into the heated cavern. She moaned as her tongue danced and lavished my fingers with expert attention, cleaning them of her musk and setting further into motion my plans.


Past and present collided as I moved from the chair to the slick juncture between her thighs. I glanced up her body and found her lust-clouded eyes upon me. She was awake and still hungry. I smiled as I gripped her thighs and pulled them wider. She plucked her glistening fingers from her hole and offered me her still fluttering cunt.

I watched as she brought her slick fingers to her mouth, pressing them between her lips and sucking. She always did love the taste of her own fuckjuices and I didn't blame her. I struggled to pull my eyes away from the intensely erotic vision of her lips circling her fingers, the sounds of her moans and hungry slurping noises. I knew that soon, I'd be creating my own slurping noises and driving her into a wild frenzy.

I pushed her thighs back toward her heaving breasts. I wanted both of her holes exposed for whatever I decided to do with them. I dipped my head and was instantly greeted with her scent and heat. Her pussy seemed as though it were on fire and I knew no amount of water would put it out. I looked a littler further south and saw her sinful star winking as it still convulsed with her most recent orgasm. I breathed in her unique perfume, my cock throbbed and mouth watered.

My voice was barely a whisper, "Tell me what you want baby."

Even in her most excited and hungry state, she still managed to blush softly. "Fuck me Amit. I want to feel your throbbing cock buried in my aching pussy."

I looked up and over the expanse of her soft flushed body and the most devilish smile settled on my face. She recognized my look and knew that she had to wait. Not just a few minutes, but possibly hours, before she felt my cock splitting her open.

"Such an eager little slut. You're just aching to feel my cock buried balls deep in your twitching cunt." My eyes dancing with wicked delight as my fingers moved to rest against the edges of her hungry hole. "Not yet baby...not yet."

The whimper that exploded from her throat was like the sound of a wounded animal and music to my ears. I loved making her wait, making her suffer and driving her mad with need. She knew what I wanted, she knew that begging might, just might, expedite the process, but she was willful and begging was not one of her strong suits.

I let my fingers playfully brush her quivering hole.

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