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Colin's mother gets naughty when her friend visits them.

And now here they were - Steve kneeled between Deanna's invitingly open legs as the sides of her robe dropped off her upper thighs to her sides. Steve's hands gently rested on her thighs just above her knees as his fingers gently kneaded her bare flesh. They stared into each other's eyes as the moments ticked away. They could feel the other's breath on their cheeks. His trembling hands slowly snaked up from her thighs to her arms and then to cradle her face as he planted a very sensual and lingering kiss on her face. Half expecting her to slap him and then pleasantly surprised at not being slapped, Steve reluctantly broke the kiss to talk to her.

As he opened his mouth to speak Deanna immediately placed a finger on his lips and moved her head gently left to right - there was nothing to be said. Steve was too consumed in his own passion to notice Deanna's body tense up as his hands traversed from her thighs to her face or how she had melted when he kissed her - were they standing she would have collapsed in his arms.

A smile started forming across her blushing face as her eyes welled up with joy knowing inside that the man she was looking for had always been right there with her. They momentarily rested their foreheads against each other and then Steve placed his right hand under her chin to tilt up her beautiful face. As he did Deanna opened her lips and her arms went around his head as they exchanged that very precious kiss - that first intense kiss that lovers exchange when they acknowledge the desire they have for each other.

The fire burning inside the two of them finally came to the fore as they kissed with passion so intense, it would have burnt anyone looking at them then. He gently scooped her up in his arms without breaking the kiss and walked down to his room. He gently laid Deanna on his bed - the same bed on which Deanna had spied her mom in orgasmic rapture so many times and her dad with fire in his eyes...and after so long she saw that fire in his eyes once again.

Steve could not restrain himself any longer. He turned her around on the bed, grabbing her robe and stripped it off of her in one fell swoop. He promptly flung it to the side and stood dumbfounded reveling in a sight that had tortured him so much in his dreams recently - Deanna's beautiful naked young body sprawled on his bed. For him she glowed as the sun beams streaming though the partially open blinds bounced of her body. Deanna's eyes were wide open staring at him in excited, fearful anticipation. Her flowing thick locks framed her beautiful innocent face - just like a blushing bride on her first night.

He then quickly tore the clothes off of himself and Deanna blushed - they were both naked. Yes, she had made out with a few guys and let herself be groped as they made out, but no one had ever seen her naked and she had never seen a man for real in his full glory either. Seeing his penis like that had a hypnotic effect over her. It was as beautiful as it was threatening.

Deanna was going red all over and tried to cover her breasts and vagina with her hands but he moved them and tied her hands over her head to the bed using the undershirt he just tore off of himself. The sight of her squirming dainty feet was maddening for him. He started kissing and nibbling and licking her all over starting from her toes and slowly inching his way up her feet, thighs, tummy, breasts, neck and face.

He was lustfully desperate as he tried to make his tongue, lips and fingers become familiar with every inch of her body, deliberately exploring every nook and cranny while getting intoxicated by the scent of her freshly bathed nubile young body. Her breasts were so perfectly formed for him as he squeezed them, licking and sucking on her perky erect nipples.

He finally went down on Deanna determined to give his pumpkin her very first orgasm.

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