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We'll set it back and it should take 4 to 5 days to be back to normal. Painkillers will be sufficient. You will however, have mobility challenges at least for 3 days," the doctor explained. Jake looked at me. He was very stressed out.

"Anything I could do to help doctor?" I asked.

"Are you his cellmate?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Well please help your buddy out here. He might have trouble even doing some simple things for the next 24 hours." The doctor advise.

"Doc, please hear me out," Jake spoke in pain, "Look, you know who I am. I can't do much right now and this will be an opportunity for others to beat me even worse. Perhaps put me in a bag." Finally realising the situation, even I got very worried. With Jake in this state, both of us will be in danger.

"Can't you put me in solitary? Or keep our cell locked at all times?", asked Jake.

"You need help Jake. You might not even be able to feed yourself over the next 24 hours." Explained the doctor.

"I'll help," I chipped in.

"Solitary only has one bed,", the doctor replied.

"It's fine, I'll sleep on the floor. Doc, if Jake is in this state, they'll come after both of us." I explained.

After thinking for a moment, he agreed, "Fine, I'll put in the recommendation, but I'm not guaranteeing anything."

The arrangement was granted and we were transferred. "Hmm, this is solitary confinement? This aint so bad!" I reckoned. The room had a single bed, but also its own shower cubicle, which was 5 star by prison standards. "Is this where you were before you came back to our cell?" I asked Jake.

Jake laughed dismissively. "Haha. This is medical solitary genius. Yeah this is 5 star I guess. The solitary for bad behaviour is more like minus 5 star!". Nevertheless, I soon learned that this was quite an uncomfortable arrangement. There was only one single bed, and I didn't want to join Jake. He was in pain and needed to rest comfortably. There wasn't much space to stretch my legs and there was just a single plastic chair to sit on. Jake dozed off for the rest of the afternoon and I just relaxed on the floor with a book.

It was dinner time and food was delivered to us. I had to help Jake sit up on his bed as they brought his tray. Jake soon got frustrated. It's bad enough that we are not allowed forks and knives, but he also realised he couldn't even lift his hand to his mouth. He couldn't feed himself.

"Hey baby, that's what I'm here for," I asserted to make him feel at ease. I cautiously got on the bed with him, and began feeding him with my hands.

"This really sucks," He said. I got visibly deflated and he saw it. "No Daniel, it's not you. It's just, I had to feed my mum like this once after my dad beat her so badly. He used to beat us so much, that fucking asshole."

"I'm so sorry," I replied. I really didn't know what to say. He's been through a lot. I wished things were different.

"Nah, that was a long time ago hey. It all turned out fine in the end, right? I became a criminal and now here we are in a 5 star room. Living it up hey!" he laughed cynically. I smiled sheepishly back at him.

I then leaned towards him, caressing his cheeks. I kissed his lips gently and tenderly, smelling his beard and rubbing my forehead against his cheek.

"You deserve so much better than this," Jake spoke dismissively.

"Don't. Don't do that please. Jake, I love you," I spoke softly as I kept rubbing myself gently on his cheeks. "I'm not stupid. I know what's around us."

"You just need to do your term and get out of here. Don't look back," he said.

"I'll always look back. Wherever you are I'll look," I whispered to him. I fed him another mouthful for him to stop moping. After dinner, I stood him up off the bed and walked to the sink, where I washed his mouth and face. "Did you notice that this room has a toilet in its own separate room, with a door, for a single person?" I changed the topic.

"Yeah, fucking assholes!" Jake and I laughed at the irony, comparing it to our regular cell.

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