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Saya takes a strap-on, like a true slut.

Maybe that was what she wanted. He could understand that.

Then he heard rapid footsteps crash past him as she took the lead. Her hair shook with every beat of her shoes on the dirt. She had started late but she gaining the lead. He smiled and picked up the pace to follow behind her. He didn't want to lose, but he didn't want to lose sight of her. She was panting and sweating already. He ran to overtake her and found her already losing strength. He again saw the ring on her finger flash in the morning sun. She fought valiantly, but once again he matched her pace. Their wills were even when they finally hit the fork and split. Again, victory was uncertain. Both had gone even faster and harder than the day before, but neither was superior.

She had chosen to run with him again. And she would probably do that same the next day. They had kindred spirits, and they both knew this despite never exchanging a single word or knowing anything about each other. They were two shooting stars going in the same direction, and they both enjoyed the company.

The third day John woke up and hour early. It was still dark out when he started his run. This wasn't to get a head start on the woman. It was so he could wait for her. So they could make it fair. He wanted them to finally settle things. When he made it to the path he found her already waiting there. Her chest was heaving. She had just arrived. They exchanged no words. John paused to look at her. Then they looked at the road ahead together. Then they both started at the same time at a full sprint.

Neither would be able to keep up the pace, but neither wanted to slow down for anything. John had never been so tired in all his life. Sweat poured from his skin as he fought against the air and ground. He had no idea where the woman was, but she was not winning just yet. He did not dare look back. At any moment she might burst ahead. He felt a wall of agony push against his body, telling him to slow down or pass out. He crashed through it and felt a second wind pull him forward with even more speed. His heart stepped up another gear and his body hardened with power and ferocity. He felt a burning sensation all across his body as the final fork was in view. He couldn't afford to slow down. He sped up. He dashed forward without restraint and once he hit the fork he let the train of his body finally slow and chug down to a heaving, sweating stop. The gasoline in his blood continued to burn through all the wind in his lungs as he turned and saw the woman behind him by several hundred meters. He sighed in relief and laughed at himself. There hadn't been any need to push himself like that. His legs were shaking. He'd be sore all week.

The woman was just as exhausted when she reached him at the fork. They looked into each others eyes without any words exchanged. They panted, jaws wide and eyes searching each other. Neither made a movement other than heaving their chests up and down. He wanted her so badly. The adrenalin in his veins told him to pounce on her now. He could tell she wanted the same. He would have kissed her then if she didn't have that wedding-

His eyes searched the hands on her wide hips and saw no trace of the ring. Before he could register that fact the woman tackled him into the bushes and locked lips with him. Her strong legs wrapped around his and they fell into the twigs and roots. Her body pressed against his and she wormed her mouth around his. Her hips humped his and her kisses were only stopped by her still constant gasps for air.

"So-" It was the first word she had said to him, "What is your name?" She wrenched the words from her desperate lungs and lustful lips. She stripped off her shirt and sports bra without restraint. Her motherly tits hung high with youth, vigor, and health.

"John." He breathed out. He responded as he groped her with his burning muscles. His cock grow against her as she straddled him. "I'm a software analyst. You?"

She leaned over him and let him suck her nipple

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