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Jason is shared more widely, humiliation continues.

Apparently, Caitlynn had seen to that. The only piece of equipment in the room was a spanking bench. The bench was padded and had two extensions that protruded from the front of the bench on which the subject would kneel. The two kneeling projections were movable, as I would soon see. The torso of the "spankee" would lie across the top flat part, but that too was collapsible so that the upper part of the body would be forced down and would thus raise the victim's ass into an even more prominent position.

Annie and Susan led Pat to the bench as people begin to move toward the open area to watch. Little did they know that they would soon be participating. The two ladies had Pat kneeling on the bench and attached her ankles to cuffs on the leg protrusion. They also buckled her thighs to the protrusion. Ron took Pat's hands and cuffed them to chains at the bottom front and lowered the top portion of the bench. The effect of this caused the people watching to utter a collective "wow." Pat's ass was now the highest point of her body. Legs spread, ass and pussy visible, her arms pulled out and stretched, but as she told me later, not terribly uncomfortable. Her tits were hanging down and were available if anyone wanted to play with them. I walked up to her and ran my hand over her ass. I leaned down and said "I hope you're ready for this because you are spread open and I suspect that your going to be wide open before to long."

Caitlynn had various implements in her hand and was placing them next to the bench. The crop, a tawse, flexible paddle, a small whip made of horse hair, and a wooden fraternity paddle. Caitlynn moved away from Pat and walked over toward Ron who handed her their toy bag. Lube and three different butt plugs were removed and Ron began to lube the smallest of the plugs, about four or five inches long, but narrow.

Taking the lube, Ron squeezed some on to Pat's well exposed ass and massaged it into her asshole. He had mo trouble pushing the plug into her. I slapped Pat's ass as Caitlyn picked up the tawse and said,"Feel free to come up and use these devices on her. If she loses the plug, she will be caned. No more than five strokes with the implement you like but, only women may touch...for now." Caitlynn then picked up the tawse and give her five strokes across her ass. Pushing on the plug to make sure it was in all the way, Caitlynn slid her finger down and in to Pat's pussy. The moan that came from Pat's mouth must have meant that Caitlynn was rubbing her clit.

"This is too easy, for you. Let's see what we can do," said Caitlynn.

Slapping Pat's ass twice she reached for the small butt plug that was in Pat's ass and easily slid it out. She then picked up a larger plug, easily six inches from tip to base but at the bottom phalange a good 2 inches wide. She lubed it up and handed it to me and I couldn't wait to put that in my wife's asshole. After some maneuvering, I had the plug up Pat's ass and well seated. Pat was breathing very rapidly and Caitlynn said out loud, "Same rules but men can play with her pussy or tits. Sorry, but her asshole is occupied." That brought a laugh from the 25 or so spectators.

A line quickly formed. I started by using the crop on Pat's pussy. This was followed by a male and female couple who stood on each side of her and alternated spanking her to the limit of 5 times. Each then put three fingers in her Pat's pussy and brought her to orgasm.

As the play continued, more people were playing with Pat's pussy. It seemed the women, although there were less of them, were more interested in putting their fingers in Pat's pussy or rubbing her clit than they were in using the paddle, crop or whip. The men were the opposite. Quite a few preferred spanking Pat's ass than using an implement. One or two wiggled the butt plug.

Annie went to Pat's front and begin to play with her nipples while another women took the fraternity paddle to Pat's ass.

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