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A woman declares her sexual liberation.

I come in and talk?"

She sounded upset, and as I opened the door she began crying softly. All she had on was a tube top and bikini bottoms. Her puffy nipples and thick pussy lips were clearly visible through the thin material.

"It's Mike. We had a fight and he stormed out. I'm afraid to be alone."

I led her to the porch swing and sat her down next to me. Suddenly she began to cry harder and put her arms around my neck and hugged me. I stroked her hair and reassured her everything would be alright, but meanwhile my stifening prick began to poke out of my robe. In the moonlight I could see pre-cum rolling down the shaft, as it twitched and throbbed against Sandy's unaware leg.

The rocking of the swing caused Sandy to fall asleep against my chest. I silently pulled down her tube top and gently tugged at her distended nipples. Her breathing became heavier, and I began to slowly trace the puffy ridge of her pussy through the bikini bottom. It wasn't long before she was soaked through, and in my horny state I pulled the shorts right off her.

I slipped one finger into her and she moaned softly. I shifted her head from my chest to my lap, and my pulsing exposed prick rested right on her cheek. Her ragged breath made it grow even more.

Sandy began to stir. "Doug.I--I can't do this. I better leave."

I stuck another finger in her sopping pussy and she began to snort and lap at my prick.

"Please don't make me be a whore tonight." she whispered, but it was too late for that. I guided my aching cock deep in her mouth.

Now I had three fingers inside her and I pulled her tube top down around her waist. She looked beautiful in the moonlight, obscenely sucking an old man's prick into her 22 year old mouth.

Sandy seemed to be in a trance. "Don't make me eat cum tonight, Doug. I don't like the taste."

As I rubbed her clit, she groaned and rubbed my turgid member all over her face. Pre-cum was glistening on both cheeks.

"You are a dirty cum swallower, Sandy." I whispered. "You will come over and eat my cum every day from now on. Is that clear?"

Sandy panted and slurped harder. As she pulled off she gasped,"No--Doug. Please. My Uncle made me swallow cum at a family picnic when I was 18. It's-it's dirty."

"Suck my dirty prick like I'm your Uncle, Sandy. You've got quite a load coming." I gasped.

She began to orgasm around my fingers and started sucking furiously at my cock.

"Here it comes!"I groaned, and unloaded a pint of hot choad down her gulping throat. She never took her mouth off it and obscenely tried to wiggle a finger into my ass.

"You dirty bitch."I wheezed, and flipped her over.

She was arching her tits toward me as I rubbed my wet cock against her sopping wet pussy.

"Not that." she hissed in fear. "Please don't get me pregnant. Mike doesn't want kids." Her pussy involuntarily spasmed and sucked me all the way in. Jesus, she was tight.

She groaned loudly and began to buck up against me."Please don't make me fuck you, Uncle." She bucked harder.

"Sandy, I own you now. I don't care if your husband's home tomorrow. You come over for a cup of sugar and suck my cock like the whore you are."

Her nails clawed my back and the swing rocked wildly. "Huuh-Huuh-No-No- I'm gonna cum again!" she squealed wildly.

I spurted two jets deep into her to claim her womb as my own, and then pulled out and painted her heaving torso from face to belly button in hot, salty, pungent seed.

She lay quietly in the moonlight, sobbing softly.

But she reached up and began nursing on my still throbbing prick. "Oh, Uncle." she whispered dreamily."It's too salty. Don't make me swallow it.Don't make me be a cum whore."

I started to stiffen again and began to fuck her tiny mouth aggressively. "Oh, you fucking little cunt." I hissed. "Here comes another load."

This time, laying on her back, she choked and coughed as cum spit out the sides of her mouth. I came like a fire hose, and my legs shook as I roared and spurted jet after jet of pungent choad.

I reached back and began fingering her again."What are you, Sandy?" I demanded.

She gasp

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