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Phone calls and dial tones.

She said "Hold your pace steady, and I will do the rest. When you're ready, let yourself go. Give me everything you have." I started moving a little slower than I was just moving; for me, a slightly slower speed heightened the sensation of the physical pleasure of sex. I forced myself to maintain that speed. Just as I reached my point of no return, she pushed herself over the edge, and we both gave in to our orgasms.

Once we both drifted back to reality, Donna and I gazed into each other's eyes for a minute. She said "I love you. I really, truly love you."

"I love you" was my reply, and they were the only words I wanted to say to her. It was one of those times when words couldn't convey what we felt for each other. I rolled off and laid on my back, and she rolled half over and put her head on my shoulder, draping her leg across me.

I have no idea how long we just held each other; we were both so caught up in each other we kinda forgot that we weren't alone. We heard Melanie quietly say "That was beautiful. You might not have set out to share that with us, but we're really glad you did." We looked over and saw Mark with his arm around Melanie, while she had her head on one shoulder and her arm across his chest holding him. Their embrace was emotional, not sexual.

Mark chimed in. "You two are incredible. We were both instantly attracted to you when we met you; after getting to know you a bit, we knew we wanted to ask you over to play. But you just showed us something we hadn't expected. And she's right: it really was beautiful."

Donna realized that we were probably making a mess of their sheets; what Mark and I had given her was starting to leak out. I apologized, but they weren't the least bit worried. Mark said "Don't worry about it. I'd planned on changing the sheets anyway before continuing the evening. Donna, you and I can take a shower in our room; they can take a shower in the other room, and we'll all meet back here later."

Melanie added "Mark, you have to be a good boy in the shower with her. Playing with each other and teasing is fine, but no serious fooling around. She and I have a surprise for him, and we need your help to pull it off. She'll tell you about it in the shower; I promise that it'll be worth it if you help us. See you guys back here in a bit."

Melanie grabbed my hand and led me to the shower in the room Donna and I would be sleeping in tonight. Once we were under the warm water, she put a finger under my chin and tilted my face, making sure we were looking at each other. She leaned forward and gave me the exact same kiss that she gave Donna after Donna tasted her for the first time. It was wonderful; if a guy's knees could buckle from just a kiss, this was that kiss. "We figured you would be a lot of fun, and we were right. But that emotional display was...was...awesome. We didn't expect it, and it blew us away. I think we fell in love with you two a few minutes ago..."

She trailed off, a bit embarrassed by what she'd just said. I grabbed her and pulled her to me, hugging her. I pulled back, looked her in the eyes, and said "Melanie, thank you for that. It means the world to me that you're comfortable enough with us to feel the emotion, and comfortable enough to tell me. And I'm glad the night isn't ending here; but if it did, it would be one of the most wonderful nights of our lives."

Then she went seductress mode, that evil grin I saw at Carrie's showing itself again. "Oh, you're right, mister. The night is far from over. Not only do Donna and I have a surprise for you, but Mark and I have one as well." I did my best impression of Mr. Spock, raising one eyebrow and looking at her. "Oh yeah. We think you're gonna like it. A lot."

We were soaping each other up, rinsing each other off, and enjoying the playfulness of the situation.

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