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Sabrina is kidnapped.


'I'll call in tomorrow,' Edward said.

Dora's late husband, George, had had a small collection of VHS tapes. George's preference was for what he called 'real people, real fucking -- not a bunch of actors pretending'. Dora thought that it was an interesting distinction. After all, actors were real people. And you couldn't be sure that the people who purported to be 'real people' weren't actually actors anyway.

When George had died, Dora had thrown the tapes out. She didn't feel comfortable watching them on her own. And now she didn't even own a VHS player.

'So ... what do you think?' Edward said when he called by the following day. 'Do we have a deal?'

What did Dora think? It was all a bit unexpected for a woman of her age. 'If you are happy to let me watch,' Dora said, 'why don't you think about offering your ... umm ... services to one of those adult film outfits?'

'No money in it these days,' Edward said. 'Too many Charlies and Brendas happy to do it free of charge. Film it on their smartphone. Post it to their tumblr blog. Job done. All over the internet before you can say Long John Silver.'

'So how would it work?' Dora said. 'What would we do?'

'Well, Diana and I would do it,' Edward said. 'And you would watch. But, of course, there would be nothing to stop you giving yourself a bit of a tickle. You know ... if you wanted to. What the audience does is what the audience does.'

Dora nodded. 'OK,' she said. 'I suppose that we could give it a try. Nothing ventured.'

'Thank you,' Edward said. 'I'll give Diana a couple of shandies first. Get her in the mood. She can be a bit subdued. But she gets a bit more lively with a couple under her belt.'

Dora had already agreed, rather reluctantly, to go to some women's community thing with Betty that night, so they agreed on the following evening.

'Shall we say about 8:30?' Edward said.

'Eight-thirty. Yes. I'll be there,' Dora said.

'We've had some wine,' Edward said, when Dora arrived for the private show. 'Would you like some?'

'Umm ... yes. Thank you. That might be a good idea.'

Edward poured Dora a glass of some supermarket own-label white wine and took her through to the bedroom where he had set up a chair in one corner. 'Here we are, madam: Row A, seat Number One. Please ... enjoy the show.' And then, as he left again, he turned out the main light, leaving the room with just the light from the small bedside lamp.

Dora took a sip of her wine. It was unexpectedly good. Her own experience with supermarket own-label wine had been mixed to say the least. She made a mental note to try to get a look at the label before she went back to her own place.

And then there were 'noises off' and, a second or two later, the show was underway. Edward almost bounced onstage, switching on the light, and towing Diana behind him. And then he swung her around like a ballet dancer and completed the move by taking her in his arms and kissing her.

It wasn't at all what Dora had been expecting. Edward -- or possibly both of them -- had clearly put a lot of thought into it. 'Being drama students, I suppose,' Dora told herself.

The kissing scene was really rather erotic -- as were the 'scenes' that followed.

Dora was particularly impressed by the way in which Edward seemed completely oblivious to her presence. Diana, on the other hand, did glance at her a few times. Dora thought that it would have been better if she had not done so. It was somehow more exciting being treated as though she was invisible.

Dora's first glimpse of Edward's erect penis was, itself, worth the price of admission -- or at least that's what Dora thought. But after that, it all got a bit dull. Edward was clearly doing his best, but dull Diana just wasn't up to it. It seemed that Dora's initial thoughts about the girl had been right.

The show continued on for another 15 or 20 minutes, and then Edward withdrew his impressive cock from Diana's apparently passive vagina and spunked over her equally passive breasts.

'Bravo,' Dora said.

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