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Nat shows me just how keen she is on the drive to the gym.

She then said "Are you going to get undressed as well?"

"Erm yes, why should you be the only one comfortable?" i said with a smile, desperately trying to get my dick to calm down.

She laughed and sat on the edge of the bed, as if ready to watch me perform a striptease. I turned my back to her and started to go through my bag on the floor. I wasn't looking for anything other than time. I was pretending to look for something whilst trying to think of anything but her.

"What you looking for?"

Fuck i was busted. "Erm my vest"

"You're wearing it under your shirt aren't you?"

Fuck! Busted again. "Oh yeah, silly me, must be the alcohol"

I stood up, again, back to her and started to unbutton my shirt, very slowly. I tried to make small talk by talking about Shane getting a broken nose and how we should play some sort of prank on him on Monday. We both laughed about it and slowly it seemed to be working; my dick was now semi-erect.

I took my shirt off and put it in my bag. I then slowly unbuckled my belt and let my trousers drop to the floor. My back was still to Michelle. I picked them up and started to fold them.

"Wow, they are tight!" she said.

I nervously laughed when she said "Lucky you have a nice butt, they look good on you"

"Thanks, told you before, i try to keep healthy"

Again, why did i say that? It sounded so corny.

She suddenly stood up and walked towards me. My heart was beating. She walked behind me and playfully gave my butt a pinch and said "yes you do" and then carried on walking towards the bathroom. I couldn't help but watch her arse as she turned in and closed the door.

I quickly made some readjustments in my boxer shorts, trying to tuck my dick down so it didn't look so obvious. Calvin Kleins highlight your package so this was proving to be difficult. I looked at myself in the mirror over the dressing table and admired myself. I was standing there in just a tight vest and tight briefs. I'm about 5"10 and have quite a good physique. I don't have bulging muscles but i am very toned, like a gymnast or a soccer player, it seemed my body was naturally built this way. I have this exotic look that no one really seems to know my origins. Why would a girl like Michelle not find me attractive? My wife is good looking but has nothing on Michelle. Then it hit me, I AM MARRIED. I shouldn't be thinking like this.

Suddenly the door opened, Michelle walked out, and again sat on the edge of the bed. I was still facing the mirror, with my back to her when she said "Lets have another drink before bed" referring to the Jack Daniels on the table just in front of me.

"Sure" i said as i started to pour the drink; i could definitely do with one. I looked in the mirror and noticed her checking me out, looking me up and down. My cock was tingling again but i did my best to keep it from growing. Since i have been married, no female has ever seen me this exposed and i have to admit, it was a thrill and also very flattering. I was starting to get more confident.

I picked up both glasses, took a deep breath and turned to face her. With Michelle sitting on the edge of the bed, her eyes were pretty much in line with the bottom of my stomach. As i stepped towards her and stretched out my arm to hand her the glass, her eyes were glued to my crotch. Her staring at my semi-erect dick tucked into my tight boxer shorts was definitely a turn on. I looked down at my dick and gave her a puzzled look as if to say "what's wrong?"

She had a smile on her face and must have realised she was staring. She took the glass from me, still looking and finally said "Oh sorry, it's just that i thought you stuffed a sock down there for a second" and started to laugh.

I sort of laughed as well and as soon as she took the glass i immediately sat down next to her. She was still laughing so i said "No, they are just tight, that's all; I didn't think anyone would be seeing them tonight!"

"I'm really sorry, didn't mean to stare, I'm just really drunk, ignore me".

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