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He makes arrangements for them to meet.

That's odd since her name isn't Chelsea. It's not even her middle name... but, more on that later. I kept fantasizing about her and I felt a strange feeling in my core... well, a little lower. I felt... wetter, for some reason.

As I shuddered slightly at the cold, wet feeling, I felt the dildo move and I felt the arousal spike. I moaned louder, not even caring if heard (at the time) and I continued to move my hips to make it move more.

I felt a sort of innate pleasure from this, which at the time I didn't understand. But, I kept moving my hips and moaning, my breath hitching as I felt a surge of movement as I lost temporary control of my muscles in what was the first, but certainly not last, orgasm I'd ever have. My juices (never did learn what those were called) flowed from me, getting on the locker floor, the rope, and my legs as they squirted out of me, hindered only slightly by the dildo inside of me.

As I finished, I felt relief, but I then felt horror and disgust at it because I then realized that I'd done something that felt that good while thinking of my sister. While it felt good, I then felt sad and began to cry, thinking I'd become a depraved monster that only felt pleasure from her sister's image. If only I could see me now... oh, what I'd tell my past self...

Fortunately for me, the gag kept me quiet enough that I wouldn't be heard much since it was only quiet sobs. However, I still let them fall. What I didn't know was that almost two hours had passed and the classes had changed already. I had been far too distracted by my orgasming to notice.

The locker then opened after I heard the sound of a lock being fiddled with. Sarah and her group opened the locker, seeing me in my sorry state.

"Crap!" I heard Sarah say in a slight panic, the group making sure no one was around as she pulled me out of the locker. "Karen, you okay?"

I looked up at her, realizing who it was and began to thrash a little.

"Hey, hey, calm down," She then said, her voice showing concern. "You'll be alright. It's okay."

"Think we went too far?" Lenora asked, continuing to look down the halls.

"Maybe," Sarah said. "But, I figured she could handle it a little better. Let's get her to my place and we'll see."

"Right," the other four all said, carrying my sobbing, weakly struggling form to Sarah's car, which was a minivan. It wasn't her normal car, but she'd planned this, so she used her mom's.

"Hey, Karen," Sarah said, lightly smacking my cheek when they'd loaded me into the back, Lenora (who had gotten a ride from Marigold) driving as Sarah sat with me in the back. "You okay?"

I continued to sob as she took off the harness ball gag and pulled my panties from my mouth. She shook me gently, causing me to look at her.

"Why *sob* why do I think *sob* of my sister like that?" I asked through the tears.

"What?" Sarah asked. I spilled the whole story, my reasoning from that point unknown since I really hadn't had the best experience from Sarah from then, but she seemed like she wouldn't tell anyone.

"Well, maybe you like your sister like that," Sarah shrugged, shifting her tone to seductive as she grabbed my breasts. "But, maybe I can take your mind off of her."

"R-Really?" I asked, looking at her.

"Yeah," Sarah smirked sexily. "And, I know just how."

"H-How?" I asked, my nervousness returning at that smirk. "A-And, why am I all wet?"

"That, my dear pet," Sarah whispered seductively in my ear, which caused my arousal to begin again as well as send a shiver down my spine. "Is an orgasm. Surely you've learned about that, right? I mean, you took Anatomy in High School, correct?"

"Th-that was an orgasm?" I asked, looking down at my vagina.

"Yes," Sarah continued whispering. "That means the dildo worked its magic. How was it?"

"I... I didn't like that I was thinking of my sister while it was happening," I said, blushing with embarrassment and shame.

"Well, like I said, I'll fix that." Sarah whispered once more. "Do you trust your mistress?"


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