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Joanna, the ruthless maid, was my first mistress.

Sat there with her gorgeous tits on display, a wine bottle in her cunt and working her clit while two blokes wanked off over her and she was in heaven again. It was about three minutes before she came and ten seconds after that that me and waiter also came. He didn't charge us for the wine but he did take the empty bottle away.

"So now what?" I said sitting in a pair of spunked up pants.

She reached for her phone and sent a text.

"You'd better get cleaned up."

We got up to her room and I pulled my kit off and headed into the shower. When I looked back I could see that she had my soiled boxers and was licking the spunk out of them. I laughed at her and told her what a fucking slut she was. I showered for ten minutes and tried to think what my surprise could be. We'd talked about a lot and a little bit of watersports was pretty tame compared to some of the other stuff.

I patted myself down and walked back through into the bedroom with a semi on. What I saw was Lorna in a school uniform, a hackneyed idea but fucking effective. She was laying on the bed in a little blouse, tied at the waist so her tits were on show, a little grey skirt barely covering her pure white panties and a pair of long white socks. That was enough to turn my semi into a fully fledged boner but it got better; she wasn't on her own.

"Fucking hell," I thought.

"Chris, this is Nicky, you know each other don't you?"

Nicky was Mark's sister, Lorna's daughter and she was in exactly the same get up as her mum. I stood there with my dick pointing at the ceiling, taking in the sight but unable to say a word. I grunted. She was 18, just a bit younger than me; we'd got off once years ago and I'd tried to slip her a finger but she wasn't having any of it, now she was stretched out on a bed with her tits out and her knickers on show.

Lorna pointed to a chair behind me and I slumped in it mesmerised. Bollock naked with a hard on, I started wanking slowly, very slowly because I felt like I was going to explode. Nicky obviously liked what she saw as she drank in the sight.

Lorna pointed the remote at the TV and R&B music started playing. The both got to their feet and started moving about to the music. Lorna was a lot more confident that Nicky; I didn't know where to look. They both started pulling off their tops and I started tugging my dick more firmly; Nicky danced over to me and put her lips on mine, I wanted to pin her down ad fuck her right there but she backed away. Turning away from she started to undo her bra.

"Fucking. Hell," I thought.

This was probably the best day of my life. The bra fell to the floor and she turned back round covering her tits with her hands. She danced back over to me and kissed me again. When she moved her hands up to stroke my face I saw her naked tits for the first time. I felt like my cock grew an extra inch; her tits were beautiful in a completely different way to her mum's. Smaller but very perky, her nipples were big like her mum but pinker and puffier, I wanted to suck on them. I moved my head down but she pulled away again.

Now it was Lorna's turn. I'd seen her tits a few times and wanked over photos of them plenty but they were always a sight to behold. She's snapped her bra off and was stood there dancing, holding one tit in each hand, her nipples showing between her fingers. She bounced them up and down for a few seconds, driving me crazy before she lifted a tit to her mouth and started licking her own nipple. Licking at first, then full on sucking; first one nipple then the other. I wanted to get my hands on both pairs as soon as possible but they hadn't finished yet.

They stood next to each other still dancing to the music, both bare-titted, their boobs moving in rhythm; both of them had moved their hands to their thighs.

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