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A man finds his confidence at a bachelor party.

where is Sandy?"

Janet chuckled, "She's pulling a train down on the mats by your cabana. She told Dan he had to be there too, so he's getting to watch and participate in her first gangbang. Amazing, huh?" She turned in my arms and kissed me some more, rubbing those tight pointy nips of hers around my chest. "Let's use that chaise right there to fuck. I really need you to do me." Janet stroked my cock with both hands as we kissed.

I kept glancing over at Troy and Cari to see whether we were having any impact on his performance. We were. As I went down and started to munch on his wife's wet pussy, he paused and watched. I wondered if he were evaluating my technique, so I put some extra-special spin on every move I was making. Janet seemed to be over acting a bit too, but not so he'd notice.

She gave me a fabulous blowjob as I fingered her twat with three fingers. She looked at me; I think wondering if I would give her The Experience again. I shook my head and she relaxed a little and made a little whimper of acceptance and regret.

I lay on my back and had Janet mount me, first with her cunt over my face so I could eat her some more, even pulling some of the cum already in her from her hot box, and then helping her move her straddle down my body so she could impale herself on my inflated cock in the reverse cowgirl. Troy could look over a few feet and see how my cock penetrated into her pussy. She made a little exaggerated noise that carried across to Troy and his head jerked up to watch her. I wondered what he thought of this.

I needn't have worried about the small noise because Janet announced to the world, "Oh, FUCK. WHAT A GREAT COCK! I'M SO FILLED! THIS IS SO WONDERFUL."

If Troy missed that, he needed more than hearing aids. I looked over and he was watching his wife as she started to rise and fall on my elongated man meat. The fact was, I think I was filling her up more than many men could, and personally I had always thought it was a great cock, I'd just never shared that thought with the entire world including the husband of the woman I was fucking.

Janet gave Troy a little wave. She talked to him too. "Oh, Troy, baby. Mark is hitting spots inside me that you never reach. He really knows how to use his tool. I bet you didn't know that he can touch my cervix with the end of his dick and it feels so arousing when he does. Sometimes his glans even touches my A-spot. You know I'm going to let him spurt his load of man cum deep inside me -- right up against the deepest part of me." She didn't stop there, but he was getting the idea and the cuckold teasing.

Janet whispered to me, "Join in. Talk to me, but so he can hear. Try to make him appreciate what we're doing and how great fucking me feels." She turned around over me without extracting my cock so we could kiss.

I thought about that request for a minute before I started. I didn't want to start a divorce proceeding, but they seemed to have adjusted to their new lifestyle so I thought I'd try teasing a bit.

"Oh, God, Janet. You're pussy is the best. You are wrapped so nicely around my huge cock. I love how snug you feel. I guess you had a load of cum already in there from someone you fucked earlier. It didn't taste that bad. I hope Troy eats your pussy after there's another guy's cum in you. You taste divine. You fuck even better. You're fucking skills have improved dramatically since we met; I bet you're finding some outside-the-home cock to practice on and you've learned lots of new things. I hope you keep coming back to my cock over and over again to fill your pussy."

Janet was smiling and nodding. She whispered, "Perfect. Keep going."

"Janet, you are such a hot cunt.

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