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A Silky Adventure

Now that I was here, involved in a sexual situation with one of the four women Mandy had been with before she met me, it became much more real. That also made it much sexier. Thinking about it was getting me really turned on, and without realizing it I had started fucking Jessica harder. She in turn was fucking Mandy harder too.

Pretty soon we had all collapsed on the bed Mandy was on her stomach laying prone while Jessica was laying on top of her, and I was laying on top of both of them. With both of us on Mandy, I was focusing on keeping myself propped up so that she wasn't being smothered under both of our weight.

Jessica however was completely lost in what she was doing. She was thrusting hard into my girlfriend, which naturally caused her to arch back on my cock, taking it into her pussy. Her head was leaning down so that she and Mandy would kiss each other in between grunts and moans. Jessica's natural red hair was a sharp contrast with Mandy's completely unnatural blue hair.

I heard Mandy squeak on the bottom of the pile, "I'm going to cum." and Jessica moaned back that she was too. I kept pumping into Jessica until it started.

Jessica was first. She started saying, "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god," over and over in a high pitch squeaky voice.

Mandy tried to talk dirty to her, which in turn set her off. "Oh yeah, cum on my boyfriend's co- ah! Ah! Fuck! I'm cumming!"

Since I had been using a fair bit of energy to prop myself up, I wasn't that close yet. I pulled out of Jessica and she pulled out of Mandy. The purple dildo strapped to her was glistening after having had Mandy cum on it.

"Did you cum Chris?" Mandy asked me.

"Not yet. Was a bit hard to get off while trying to focus on not crushing you."
"I wish you had," Jessica said. "It would have been so hot for all three of us to cum at once." She rolled over and kissed Mandy. "Would you have liked that? Having your boyfriend cream pie my pussy?"

"That would have been pretty hot." Mandy responded.

So far Mandy was the only woman who I had cum inside of. I had fucked Chelsea without a condom, but I had never finished inside of her. Listening to Mandy and Jessica talk about me filling Jessica with seed was really turning me on.

"Do you like getting a cream pie?" I asked her.

"I've never had one." She responded. "I haven't had a boyfriend since I went on the pill, so this is actually the first time I have fucked without a condom."

I was sitting on the foot of the bed while both the women were laying on the bed like normal. Their red and blue hair was spread out over the pillows. Mandy was completely nude, Jessica was naked except for the strap on. She reached down and started to take it off. I helped her slide it down, revealing a small patch of red pubic hair.

I took a minute to admire her body. So far I had only seen her nude from behind, or looking down over her shoulder. She was pale, and the freckles she had on her face were matched by freckles down her shoulders, arms, thighs, and over her breasts. Her breasts were the same size and a similar shape as my girlfriend's. Her areolas were lighter and slightly larger than Mandy's. Her green eyes were just as bright as Mandy's blue ones. She was gorgeous.

"Well I think everyone has been punished enough, time to just have fun." Jessica said making Mandy and I both laugh.

"Well my vagina needs to rest before it has more fun," Mandy said.

"Mine too," Jessica added.

Mandy sat up and patted the pillow she had been laying on. "Come up here Chris."

I moved up to the top of the bed and sat down, leaning against the headboard. It was only a full size bed, so the three of us were pressed up pretty close to each other. All of our threesomes so far had been on my futon, which when pulled out was a bit larger than this bed.

Mandy grabbed my cock and took about half of it into her mouth before closing her lips on it and slowly sucking as she slid her lips up the shaft.

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