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The story of a married woman's explosive night w/lover.

"Alright," he replied contently.

"While we're waiting, can you tell me where to get some of those cuffs?" Ty asked him as he squeezed Jasmine close to him.

"Yeah," Deputy Allen said with a smile.

A few minutes later Vinnie arrived, along with his secretary and girlfriend, Kelly. He spoke with Deputy Allen a few minutes, then came back to Ty and Jasmine.

"Nice collar," Vinnie said, glancing at Jasmine.

"Thanks," she answered with a smile, tossing her hair back flirtatiously.

"You're lucky," Vinnie said to Ty. "Deputy Allen is a fan, and he's agreed to keep this quiet. There won't even be a report made."

"Great," Ty replied with a relieved smile. "I'm real sorry coach," he assured him. Then he glanced at Jasmine. Thanks babe," he whispered into her ear as he squeezed her waist against him.

Jasmine frowned slightly. She thought she had helped convince Deputy Allen to let Ty go, but Vinnie made it sound like it was him. Oh well, at least Ty was happy, and not in jail.

"Now, since I understand that Jasmine can't drive a stick, Kelly will drive Ty back to his dorm in his Camaro, while Jasmine and I follow you in my Lexus," Vinnie announced.

"Um, I can't drive a stick either," Kelly replied with an embarrassed smile.

Vinnie chuckled a moment, then said, "Fine, I'll let you drive my Lexus, and I'll drive Ty's Camaro."

A few moments later Jasmine was sitting in the passenger seat of Ty's Camaro, while Kelly and Ty were in Vinnie's Lexus. The Lexus pulled away, followed by Vinnie in Ty's Camaro.

"What is this garbage?" Vinnie asked as he cut off the loud R&B on the radio.

"I'm not sure," Jasmine answered. She really didn't like Ty's music at all. She only listened to it because he insisted. She preferred classical and Asian music. "Ty listens to it."

"Well, see if you can get him to listen to the Stones or Aerosmith or something," Vinnie replied with a derisive smile. "And preferably a little quieter."

"I'll try," Jasmine responded with a weak smile.

"I really want to thank you for what you did for Ty," Vinnie said as they followed Ty and Kelly. "The whole program really appreciates it."

"It's no problem," Jasmine replied cheerfully. "I'm happy to help Ty out, however I can."

"I know you are," Vinnie responded, patting her thigh, and glancing at her. "But risking arrest just to keep Ty out of trouble is above and beyond. We're lucky to have you."

"Thanks," Jasmine said with a smile, briefly locking eyes with him. "I just want to keep Ty happy."

"Well, you're doing great. Keep up the good work," Vinnie told her.

"I will," Jasmine assured him.

Once they arrived on campus, they headed for Ty's dorm building. Jasmine walked him to his room, where he thanked her again for helping him out. Then they shared a very friendly kiss goodnight. She wished she had time for more, but Vinnie and Kelly were waiting for her. She really didn't want to walk all the way home in these heels.

Jasmine hurried back downstairs, and climbed into the backseat of Vinnie's luxurious Lexus.

"Oh, I like your collar," Kelly told her from the front seat as they drove off. "Where'd you get it?"

"Thanks," Jasmine answered with a smile. "At the team store in the mall."

"Hey, why don't you let Kelly try it on for a few minutes," Vinnie suggested from the driver's seat.

"Sure," Jasmine replied cheerfully.

She reached behind her neck, and unbuckled the thick leather collar. Kelly lifted her long brown hair up, and Jasmine reached past the headrest and buckled it around her throat.

"Beautiful," Vinnie said with a broad smile, glancing over at Kelly. "You look gorgeous."

"Thanks," she answered with a smile as she checked herself out in the vanity mirror.

Jasmine felt a little weird without her collar on. She quickly found herself. . . missing the feeling of the cool leather around her neck.

A few minutes later they arrived at Jasmine's off-campus apartment.

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