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My boyfriend and his friend took me to orgasmic heights.

Mom and Dad left early that evening, giving us a warning to get on with each other and behave. "We will," Megan and I answered together and rushed them out of the door.

We turned at the same time to face Julie. She looked expectantly at me and then to Megan, nervous and not sure where to look or what to say.

"Well," Julie finally said looking at Megan.

"OK, OK," Mean replied. "You see, Brian," she said turning to me. "Julie here has a smoking problem. She would like to quit. I told her that you could hypnotize her and help her. You can do that, can't you?"

I smiled at her set up.

"I think I can help," I said to Megan and then turned to Julie. She was 5'8" tall, blond, slim build and a tight body. Especially that ass. No wonder Megan was worried she was going after Tony. Of course Megan was very good looking as well. Not as tall, but more curvy with bigger breasts. "You will have to do exactly what I say".

"OK," Julie replied a little nervous. "But Megan must be in the room with me." I thought it ironic that she should trust Megan who was dying to grill her once she was under.

"Don't worry," I replied. "Megan will be there the entire time. But there really isn't anything to worry about. You can't be made to do anything you don't want to". This wasn't exactly true but this was no time to be telling the truth.

We headed for Megan's bedroom. Julie sat in a chair while Megan sat on the bed so she could look at both of us. I stood in front of Julie with a silver pendant on a chain for her to focus on like the hypnotist last year.

"OK now Julie," I started. "Relax. You must relax." Julie visibly relaxed her body and took a deep sigh. "Focus your eyes on this pendant before you." I started to gently swing the pendant. "Keep your eyes on it and just listen to the sound of my voice and only my voice. There is nothing else, just my voice and this pendant". I ran through the sequence from the hypnotist I had seen and gradually brought Julie to a semi trance with her eyes closed. "You are in a sleep Julie but you can still hear me, and only me. You are getting even more tired and falling further into a deep sleep." I brought her further into a trance just as I had experienced and gave her a trigger word, Nirvana, and a wake up word of Oasis. I was ready to begin.

I turned to Megan to see what she wanted to have Julie do but was stunned to find she had her eyes closed and her head hung low. My god, was she also in a trance? I clicked my fingers in front of her, she did not blink. This was too good to be true. I had to check. "Oasis," I said aloud. Both Julie and Megan opened their eyes and looked at me. They were puzzled. "Nirvana." They both slumped back into a trance. A giant grin appeared on my face and I looked at both girls.

"First things first," I thought. I whispered "Oasis" to Megan and woke her. She looked at Julie and excitedly rubbed her hands.

"She under?" she asked.

"Yes." Before Megan could start talking I put up my hand and said "We need to solve her smoking problem first. I gave Julie a set of triggers that would help her to dislike cigarettes. This was in all the hypnosis books had read. And now for the fun.

"Now, Megan," I said trying to contain my excitement. I too wanted to know if Julie had been sneaking behind Megan. "She will only hear me, so what do you want me to ask?"

"No," shouted Megan angrily. "I want to talk to her. Make her hear me. I know you can do that."

I sighed. "Julie," I said talking directly to her. " Until I say otherwise, you will also hear Megan. You will answer her questions honestly. Say yes if you understand."

"Yes," Julie answered without opening her eyes.

"Julie," Megan started. "Can you hear me?"

"Yes, Megan."

"Do you like Tony?"

"He's nice"

"How much do you like him?"

"Well, I like him a fair bit. He's a bit of an airhead, but he has a great body. Too bad his cock is so small."

Megan choked. She thought Julie was chasing Tony but wasn't prepared for her having seen his cock.

"How have you seen Tony's cock?" she asked.

"He showed me silly."


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