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Group sex for dinner.

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Heather knelt beside the open dish washer, reaching to the back to get a knife that had fallen from its cage and lodged itself at the back. She could oversee archaeological digs that excavated remains hundreds of thousands of years old but she'd be damned if she could get that knife.

"Gosh darn it," she whispered, her finger tips grazing the handle of the thing but slipping off before she could get a good grip. "Come here - - you - - little - - blasted - - thing!" She yelled as she over balanced, her knees slipping, sending her sprawling to the floor, her huge tits squashing beneath her, her blouse struggling to maintain them. "Damn it!" she said, using the strongest curse word she allowed herself to use.

"Need a hand there, Prof?" came a deep voice from the door.

Heather looked up at the giant, muscular frame of Andre Sauvage as he stood in the doorway, looking even taller than he was due to her prone position. She couldn't hold back a gasp of surprise as she saw his black as coal body was naked except for a pair of boxer shorts. Her eyes widened as she saw the enormous bulge in the front of them - - and she felt herself blushed when she looked up at him and he smiled knowingly.

"No, no, I'm fine," Heather said, scrambling backwards and standing up, smoothing her blouse down, inadvertently accentuating her breasts, before brushing imaginary dirt from the front of her tight jeans.

"Sho don' sound fine," Andre said, stepping in and walking over to the dish washer. He leaned over and looked inside. "Summat stuck back there?" he asked.

"A - - a knife," Heather said after a moment's hesitation.

Andre squatted down on the balls of his feet, his thighs spreading, his boxers stretched tight over his crotch.

"Come down here, show me where it is," he said, still looking into the machine.

A "please" would be nice, Heather thought as she recovered from the surprise he'd given her. Still, she hunkered down opposite him and reached in, pointing out where the tricky knife was stuck. He reached in beside her, their fingers touching for a second before she pulled hers back, leaving him scrabbling for the metal handle.

"Yeah, I nearly got it," he said, leaning further in, dropping his shoulder, most of his head dipping into the washer so he could get closer. The move meant he pivoted on his feet, his thighs widening.

Before she knew what she was doing, Heather found herself staring at the massive lump in the front of his boxers and couldn't help but think back to her daughter praising Sauvage's "big black cock." From what she could see, he certainly was big - - much, much, much bigger than Nigel's own four inches which, until this very instant, was the only penis she had ever encountered. She could make out the ridges that covered his length that was doubled up in order to fit inside his shorts along with the clearly defined bulbous glans at the head which, even soft, looked to be the size of a small apple. How her daughter managed to take such a thing inside her, Heather couldn't work out - - her husband felt snug inside her whereas the monster between Andre's legs would near split her in two.

"You want it, Prof?" Andre said to her.

"What? God, no!" she said reflexively before noticing the knife he was holding out to her. "I - - I mean - - there's - - ummm - - no need - - just put it - - put it back in the cutlery cage." Savage stared at her. "Please - - I mean," she said.

"Yeah - - I'll put it in here," he said, slowly lowering the blade into the plastic holder, twisting it around to try and get it in one of the slots. "Might be too big, Prof," he said, "but I can make it fit." With a slight twist of his wrist that flexed the muscles in his forearm, the knife slid easily into the hole. "Told you I could get it in dere," he said, smiling softly at her.

"Th - - thank you," Heather said, the pair of them still squatting either side of the open dish washer, staring at each other.

"We ain't bin introduced," Sauvage said, holding his hand out

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