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The race is on.

The next day the usual spectators gathered (Romans, Egyptians, Brian: God of the Atheists and the like) to watch the latest challenge unfold. As normal Poseidon was running the book and made Asiaq the odds on favourite but there was still plenty of action for each side. Once the crowd was ready, Apollo beckoned the first contestant.

"Asiaq, please take your position."

Asiaq appeared before the crowd; the Inuit gods whooped and cheered, as did a fair number of the anti-Loki brigade. Apollo picked out a young brunette lady sitting on a park bench, reading a book. She was wearing a hat and summer dress and was a totally unsuspecting victim of what was about to occur.

"She," began Apollo "is your challenge. Your time begins, now."

Asiaq immediately began to summon all of her powers of the weather. Within seconds, the young lady's hat was blown clear off her head by a sudden gust of wind. The young woman tried to chase after it but Asiaq was too quick for her. The woman was reduced to just standing in bemusement as an extremely localised gale force wind carried her hat up into orbit and far out of her reach. The woman barely had time to mourn over her loss though when another huge gust of wind swept up her dress. Unprepared, she was able to hold onto her dress in the nick of time before it was blown clean off her body. Even though passers-by must have bought they were witnessing a tribute to Marylyn Monroe as over and over again the woman's dress flew up over her panties and she had to fight for all it was worth to remain decent.

As time went by, the deity audience was joined by a human one as park-goers stopped to watch this bizarre spectacle of a women seemingly being bullied by the weather. They watched as they saw her endure a mini monsoon, hail shower, heat wave and thunder storm that left the woman hot, wet and in a dress that was singed into tatters but still just about covering her modesty. Entering her third hour of the challenge, Asiaq was becoming frustrated by the woman's resilience (as well as secretly a little desperate at her own failure so far). Finally, after two hours and forty minutes she managed to succeed as an army of miniature tornados served to defeat the final wave of resistance from the woman and whisk the dress clean off of her and into the sky, thus leaving her standing dazed and confused, in nothing but her underwear.

The crowd of gods cheered Asiaq's success, the crowd of humans (now that the crazy weather had ended) finally decided to come to the woman's aid and Apollo announced the time to beat as one hundred and sixty minutes. Loki just smiled and agreed to meet everyone at the park again the next day to complete the challenge.

As the midday sun shone over the park the next day, Asiaq, Apollo and the crowd awaited Loki's arrival. Minutes passed and murmurings began that possibly Loki had conceded, nobody had ever been late for an inter-deity challenge before so the crowd began to fear that the challenge was already over. Asiaq, who up until then had carried herself with a mixture of nervousness and forced confidence was beginning to relax, believing that Loki must be scared to show his face. She began to laugh and brag with her fellow Inuits, joking about all the things they would make him do when a flash of lightning took the crowd by surprise.

Smoke billowed from the ground, engulfing the confused bystanders until a figure emerged from the plume. Loki stood there with a smile on his face and a leash in his hand.

"You didn't think I'd miss this did you?" he told the crowd.

Asiaq's composure was lost, "I suppose you think you are funny do you? You were supposed to start at twenty minutes ago! And what's this?" she pointed to the leash, "You can't use props, it's not allowed."

Loki laughed, "My dear, this is not for the challenge, it's for you.

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