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Flash story - Betrayal and alcohol don't mix.

I ground my crotch against his as I bent down and kissed him hungrily. He didn't even hesitate to grab both of my breasts, molding them in his hands before reaching around and unhooking my bra. He began to knead my breasts again, and I groaned from the feel of his cold hands.

He flipped me onto my back once more and kissed down to my breasts. Teasing softly around my hard nipples with his tongue and his teeth, before taking my left nipple into his mouth and pleasuring it while his hand pulled on my other nipple. What he was doing to me felt fabulous, and I was suddenly overcome with a desire to make him feel as amazing as he is making me feel.

While he continued to work and switch treatments to my breasts, I brought my hand to the button of his pants. I slid my hand down along the outside of his pants and stroked his groin. At this he shuddered and bit down on my breast hard. As I began to unbutton and unzip him, he raised himself back to my eye level and panted, "Wait!"

I froze my hand where it was, resting on top of his undone zipper above his hard shaft. I looked at him with questions in my eyes and he breathed, "If we go any farther I don't think I'll be able to stop myself. I want you so badly, but I don't want to hurt you by going too far."

I was touched. I had figured that most guys our age wouldn't even stop to consider my feelings and give in whole heartedly to his own desires. I knew there was a reason why I liked. I smiled at him and kissed him before I said, "I'm game if you are."

He looked at me like the happiest man in the world, and violently pulled my mouth back to his. As he kissed me I continued with my teasing and moved my hand into the waistband of his boxers. I traced my fingers through his pubic hair and caressed a finger along the length of his shaft. He moaned into my mouth as I closed my hand around his swollen member. As I began to stroke him, he stopped kissing me and concentrated on the waves of pleasure that were coursing through his body.

I watched him in fascination. Even with his eyes closed and his mouth slightly ajar, he was sexiest man I had ever seen. My hand felt forced and halted by the lack of lubrication on his dick, so I removed my hand and brought it up to my face. He opened his eyes and stared into mine, giving me a look that could mean nothing but gratitude as I licked my palm and placed it back on him. I smiled up at him and kissed him softly, making my hand movements faster at the same time. After I brushed my thumb over the tip of his cock, he groaned aloud. A wild, guttural sound that set off my most primal instincts. I separated from his lips and panted, "I want you. I want you now."

He nodded and allowed me to removed his jeans, he reached down towards mine and cupped his hand against the fabric that was concealing my crotch. He pressed hard and felt the wetness of the denim, then he looked into my eyes and smirked. He knew the effect he was having on me, and I could tell he meant to take full advantage of it. Looking into my eyes the entire time, he brought his face back to my breasts and began teasing them once more, removing my pants as he did so. I helped him slide my jeans off and then his hand moved up my inner thigh and onto my vagina. He began to circle his fingertip around my clit as he sucked on my breasts.

I was so overcome with pleasure that I had closed my eyes. He immediately stopped everything and said with a deep growl, "Open your eyes." I did as he requested and watched him as he continued to tease my body. As he slid his first finger into me he began to kiss down my body, never breaking eye contact with me. Right as he came above my cleanly shaved pussy, he inserted another of his strong fingers.

I fought the urge to close my eyes and give over to the sensation of pleasure, but my resolve faded as soon as his mouth reached my clitoris.

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