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Weekend in paradise has its ups and downs.

When Barbara saw it she turned to him with a wide smile on her face and exclaimed, "Why, it's big enough to fuck in!"

He smiled back. "Well, I suppose we should take a shower, then." Barbara smiled and silently started unbuttoning the front of her simple cotton dress without a moment's hesitation; it dropped to the floor, followed by her brassiere and white cotton panties. Then she was quite shamelessly nude. Ludlow glanced over Barbara's superb body with an approving eye; in the darkness of her room the previous evening he had not been able to fully appreciate the beauty of her naked body. Her incredibly firm breasts were not necessarily large, but with her slim young body they seemed to point straight out like the nose cones of a pair of fighter jets. Her belly was flat and as tight as a snare drum, developing to a slight bulge beneath her navel where a little bunny trail of short, golden hair led naturally down to the yellow fur of her nether hair. Barbara's ass was nice and round, her hips wide and well rounded, leading down to a pair of shapely thighs, a pair of nice-looking legs.

A magnificent bird like this is wasted on the pigs of the footy team, Ludlow thought.

Ludlow's clothing joined hers on the floor and he, too, stood nude before her. Now Barbara's eyes roamed over his naked body. Considering the conservative style of Ludlow's wardrobe, his age, his relative shortness of stature and the nondescript manner in which he carried and conducted himself, Barbara was pleasantly surprised to observe the hard muscular compactness of his body. His was a muscular upper torso, the result of years of punishing daily regimen. Thick, ropy sinews rolled like steel cables beneath the skin of his chest, shoulders and arms. He had only the briefest middle-aged gut; a slight, pleasant roundness about the middle that did not seem unnatural or the least bit unsightly.

As her eyes travelled further downward she tried not to gape, but could not help herself. She found it pleasant to gaze upon his manhood, thickening now and poking forward; he sported a full, solid cock. It seemed the most natural thing to do to take a hold of it, to fondle it. Doing so she could feel his thick, meaty cock growing stiffer by the second beneath her finger's light touch. She pulled him gently, drawing him closer to her, closed her eyes and opened her mouth for a kiss. He grasped her ass cheeks in both hands and pulled her to him. She gently stroked his dick as they kissed. It was now hard as a wooden pole and pointing upwards.

Then Ludlow broke the kiss, reached into the shower stall to adjust the stream of hot water. He led her into the roomy pleasure pit.

The shower nozzle shot needles of hot water over their naked bodies. Barbara stood facing the spray, holding her hair up with both hands and smiling at the pleasant sensations while he soaped her up from behind. He ran his hands over her firm, round breasts, cupping them, rolling her nipples in soapy fingers.

Ludlow moved on to soap her back, then roamed further south to ensure that her ass, too, was clean. He spread soapsuds across Barbara's firm, round ass cheeks. With the middle two fingers of one hand he traced a line up the crack of her ass and moved around in little circles to thoroughly clean her asshole. It was a pleasant surprise for Barbara to find that she enjoyed the attention he was paying to this very private part of her body.

While he was preoccupied with her derriere, Barbara took the opportunity to shampoo her long hair. When she was lathered up she turned to shampoo his hair. They embraced as the suds rinsed off, running slick between their bodies; her breasts pressed against his chest, his hard, hot dick laying up flat against her belly. Barbara held his face in her hands and kissed him long and slow. Their tongues played little love-games. As she stroked his cock with a handful of soapsuds he became as a rock in her soap-filled hand.

Barbara broke the kiss to concentrate on the cock she held in her hands.

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