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Jessica finds a portrait of Marla.

She was barely listening but her eyes were locked in on my cunt as I slipped that monster in and out. I was taking pretty easy as I didn't want to scare them any further, if you know what I mean."

"So the three of you were all masturbating together at the same time," I commented, barely able to contain my pleasure at the image.

"Just like we are now," replied Alexa. Sometimes I am dumb enough not to notice obvious stuff I think.

"Then what?" said Adrianna, voice heavy with an impending orgasm.

"We were all fucking ourselves just like the three of us now, but Brooke got the idea that she wanted to help me. She actually reached over to me and pushed my hand away so she could fuck me with 'big black.' Although she was hesitant at first, I encouraged her to fuck me and that I was really enjoying it. Not to be left out, Mei reached over to Brooke's vibrator and took over just like Brooke had with me. But Mei continued to fuck herself at the same time. I just positioned myself so that Brooke had full access to my pussy as I watched Mei doing her bit for our orgasms.
We were all three getting so very close to coming now. Alexa's details were perfect for building our climaxes. I was barely touching my cock now, and not at all near the head, I was that close. Alexa said very little more. She was finger-fucking herself with one hand while the other grabbed at her tits and nipples. Adrianna was just as close and had almost her whole hand jammed into her cunt. I needed to come.

"I'm going to come soon," I said huskily.

By now both my lovers were watching me as I played with cock. I was lightly touching it with just fingertips before I grasped it firmly in my hand and held it tightly without moving. This made my orgasm build up even more. Then Adrianna let out a muted groan as she jammed her hand into her pussy. Alexa was almost ready, too, and I could barely see her fingers as the flew across her clitoris. It was time... and I came, right across the kitchen table. As I did, both Alexa and Adrianna growled their own climaxes, matching me for intensity.

We all fell back into our chairs, saying nothing. We were all smiling the biggest smiles you can imagine. This had been an entirely new sexual event for each of us and that says a lot given how often we'd all fucked each other, and other.

I was starting to gather strength again and began to get up, only Alexa wasn't finished with her story.

"There's a bit more and it's for you, Thomas."

I didn't really understand her but said nothing. It was Adrianna who asked the obvious, "what more could you tell us?"

"It seems that Mei has the idea she would like to lose her virginity before going home to Japan. She knows Brooke had a bad experience, but in talking to me and especially from her experience with you last night, she thinks you should be the man to take her cherry. And soon - she goes home next weekend."

I was so happy to hear this, but simultaneously worried about the responsibility. "You're kidding, right?"

"She appreciated how you treated her and Brooke and wants to make love with a real man before she goes home to, as she said, 'those losers and perverts.'"

"Yea, but, are you sure? Maybe she's changed her mind after the fact?" I was unsure and in need of some convincing despite the anticipation I was already feeling.

"I will talk to her today, maybe take her to lunch with Adrianna and we can all talk about it, just to make sure. Is that okay with you Thomas?"

"Of course, and tell her that I am so honoured that she would ask me to be her first."

Three days later it was time for me to go out on my date with Mei. Adrianna and Alexa had arranged for us to have a nice dinner at an unusual little restaurant that they were sure Mei would enjoy. I drove there on my own but Mei was 'delivered' by Adrianna in her little Fiat 500 convertible.

To say we were both nervous would be to ignore how nervous we were.

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