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She puts on a spectacular show for an adoring audience.

He climbed onto the table and knelt behind Lizzie. Marlock spread his spindly old legs as far apart as he could and Jed shuffled into position.

"Hang on a second," said Emma as she crossed the room, scooping some of Marlock's jelly out of a jar with her fingers, "just let me put this on her."

Jed held his cock to one side to allow Emma to apply some of the lubricant to Lizzie's puckered ring.

"Put some on me," he said to her, holding his cock up.

Emma gently rubbed some of the blue jelly over Jed's exposed glans, causing him to emit a groan of lust. Jed's master also moaned softly as he watched the elf run her finely sculptured fingers over his squire's cock. I watched with baited breath as Jed held his cock to Lizzie's ass hole and then gently push forward, forcing it's shiny purple head inside her.

"Oooooh!" Cried Lizzie as she felt Jed's cock push her ass open.

"Oh yes!" Cried Jed as he felt the pixie's back passage squeeze his cock.

"Oh the gods!" Cried Marlock as he felt the young man's cock through the fleshy membrane that separated it from his and Lizzie's fingers dig into his chest.

Jed began to fuck Lizzie in her ass, gently at first, but building up speed and ferocity as he became more and more aroused.

"Ha!" Cried Cedric, "my squire fucks like a stallion! Can you feel him, wizard?"

"Oh yes," moaned Marlock, "I can feel him alright."

"How about you, young lady?" Cedric asked Lizzie, "do you like my squire fucking you up the arse?"

"It's, it's stretching me," she replied breathlessly, "but it feels nice."

"Aaaaaaah!" Exclaimed Marlock, "I'm cumming!"

"UHHHH!" Exclaimed Jed.

Jed stopped his frenzied thrusting and knelt still. It was obvious to all that he was emptying his balls into the pixie's back passage. Marlock had his eyes closed and I could see his stick-like legs twitching as he too emptied his sacs.

"Oh the gods!" Cried Lizzie as she felt herself having both holes filled to overflowing by the males inside her, "I can't take all that!"

My balls were fizzing fit to burst as I watched the double penetration of the pixie take place and sir Cedric looked as if he might cum in his breeches at any second.

"You look in need of release, Sir Cedric," Said Emma as she noticed his reddening face and shortness of breath, "eight groats will get you a blow-job from my sister."

Cedric did not reply, he merely put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the coins necessary to receive the relief he craved.

"Ellie!" Emma called out, "come here please!"

Ellie came into the bar from the back room and Emma pointed to Cedric and mimed taking a cock in her mouth. Ellie looked up to the ceiling and shook her head slightly. Emma put her hand on her sister's shoulder and pushed her towards Cedric.

"If I must," said Ellie in a resigned tone.

Cedric stood to attention, his back to the bar as Ellie knelt in front of him and unlaced his breeches. He let out a sigh of relief as his large stiff cock was released from the confines of the leather and it sprang out to stand proudly in front of him.

"Oh!" Exclaimed the knight as he felt the elf put her lips around his member and begin to move her mouth up and down it's shaft.

'My balls are gonna burst if I watch much more of this,' I thought to myself as I watched Ellie give Cedric what, by the look on his face, was the best blow-job he had ever experienced.

Ellie moved her head back and forth as she sucked on Cedric's cock. Cedric stretched out his arms, grabbed hold of the counter top, threw his head back and groaned loudly as he approached the finish.

"My sister is good at that, isn't she?" Emma asked Marlock as she saw him staring intently at what was happening.

"I think I might have her in preference to Lizzie on my next visit," the randy old wizard replied.

"Good," said Lizzie in a petulant tone, "my poor little pussy needs a rest."

Marlock laughed gently at her words and we all smiled at the sight of her waddling off, panties stuffed between her legs to keep the men's mess from

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