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After this trip, nothing will be the same...

After some time Sonali came with tea and for the first time I looked at her with very different set of eyes. By God she is so desirable! That's what came from my inner self.5'4" height, fair in color, hazel eyes, curly blackish brownish hair, alluring boobs wrapped in well fitted blouse and curvy ass! All this talk with Dev made me see things which I never thought I am capable of seeing! After all she was, my best friend's wife! I got angry with myself and someone from inside me rebuked me in no uncertain terms.

That evening I drank the worst tea of my life, she keep on asking about everyone at back home and was very normal, like always but I was all fucked up. I guess at 7:30 Dev came up from his office and had normal conversation and then we friends went out to buy Rum. Dev suggested that we should have a glass of Rum in the car, so that by the time we reach home we are warm enough to relax. It must be 8'O Clock and Dev got car of the road and we made drinks and said cheers. I was worried for the next day interview but Dev kept on asking me not to panic but be relaxed. Then he slowly said to me that not to lock my room in the night, the manner in which he said, gave me a jolt and I looked him up questioningly. He was serious as well smiling from the corner of his mouth.

He said, ' I will bring Sonali in your room , so don't sleep.'

I shot back sheepishly,' What? She is ready?' Dev, confidently said' Dont to be a faint hearted man. I am taking chances and I am sure she is ready , only need encouragement to open up'.

I just looked at him dumb stuck not knowing how to react further and at the same time I was getting horribly excited and mortified for any adverse reaction from her.

We drove back to his house and drank rest ofour drinks while watching TV and I am sure I didn't uttered a single word till Sonali came and announced to finish our drinks as dinner was placed on dining table. Frankly I just don't know how I gulped that food that day , I was in great rush and wanted to run away from the dining table and get shut myself in my bedroom. I think, it was the reaction of my emotions, I was excited as well greatly apprehensive of what was about to happen. I was more concern of her bolting out at the last minute than excitement of having sex after almost 4 years and frankly, I was also having doubts on my friend's Dev persuasive powers.

I went into my room and didn't lock my room, I wanted her that night. It was cold January night; I tucked myself in warm quilt and waited for them to come in. And it seems now, it took ages and I just dozed off. Around 11:30 pm I heard some noises and I woke up, it was dark in my room but there was light sneaking in from the lobby and I can hear voice of Dev who was whispering something and then heard bangles making noise. Now I was all alert and laid on my bed in great tension. Suddenly the door of the room opened and I can see Dev wearing his Lungi and Kurta coming in and he stopped there looking back. Now I could see his right hand was backwards and he was holding hand of . Sonali He silently pulled her in and locked the door. I can swear, that moment of my life was the most dreamed after moment for me, for many years I was looking forward for this moment but I never dreamed that it will happen this way.

Dev called my name, to know if I am awake or asleep, I instead of replying raised myself on my bed silently, like phoenix and I didn't said anything as I was not sure if anything intelligent be coming out of my mouth. Dev switched on the light bulb and to me it was like someone put the room on fire., I like an idiot looked at in front of me, Dev and Sonali wNo!ere standing in front of me. Dev was all sober and she was standing beside him in sari blouse looking down. We all were silent and Dev with his hand movement asked me to shift, so that they two can sit on bed. After almost being in a black out position for few seconds, now I could really look at the things the ways were lurking out to me.

Sonali was h

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