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I had no idea this girl was up for everything I suggested.

Mrs Bloomers started to inch back towards the side of the room, to allow Mr Hopper to begin teaching, before he stopped her and brought her back next to him.

"Mrs Bloomers, shall we begin?" Asked Mr Hopper, directing her to the floor.

The busty teacher looked a little confused for a second, before smiling, "Oh no, I'm not here to suck cock, I'm just the tea-" but she was cut off as Mr Hopper pushed her to the floor.

She squealed and her eyes went wide in surprise.

She looked up at Mr Hopper, opening her mouth to complain but she didn't get the chance. Mr Hopper shoved his cock into her mouth, he grabbed the back of her head with both hands and began to thrust in and out of her mouth.

Mrs Bloomers was shocked and didn't know what to do - not that she could do anything really - Mr Hopper held her head in place as the thrusting became faster and gagging sounds erupted from Mrs Bloomer's mouth.

"No point in starting the lessons without a demonstration I think, Mrs Bloomers" said Mr Hopper, smiling down at her.

Mrs Bloomers tried to reply, but all that came out was a muffled noise. Spit had started to cover Mr Hoppers cock as he thrust in and out of her mouth.

Her class of 14 students were all staring at her, some with their eyes wide, some whispering to each other and some - although they didn't say - were enjoying watching their teacher getting facefucked.

"This girls," said Mr Hopper, directing the speech to the class and thrusting his cock into Mrs Bloomers mouth, "Is top-level blowjob skills. It'll take a while for you all to reach this stage, but it's always great to have a goal."

Mrs Bloomers was looking straight into his eyes. Her eyes wide and unblinking as she felt the shaft of Mr Hopper's cock hammer against her throat. As Mr Hopper brought out his cock, there was a mass of saliva covering the head, that he wiped over Mrs Bloomers face.

She tried to move her head side-to-side, not wanting her face covered in spit, but this just allowed Mr Hopper to spread it even more.

"Mr Hopper, I really think we shou-" started Mrs Bloomers, but she was cut off again and squealed loudly as he shoved his cock back into her mouth. She gagged at the intrusion and her mouth was opened wide as Mr Hopper pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her throat.

Mrs Bloomers nose rested against his pubes as he had thrust his entire length into her mouth.

"Let's see how long Mrs Bloomers can hold the position."

The class looked on in amazement, gazing at their teacher, on her knees and having a 7-inch cock in her throat.

"1...2...3..." started Mr Hopper "7...8...9..." he continued counting up for a while, "18...19...20..."

Mrs Bloomers started to gag, her neck convulsing and she tried to pull herself away. Mr Hopper was not letting her go. He held the back of her head and made sure she remained where she was. "21...22...23...24...25..."

Mrs Bloomers tried to pull away again and this time, Mr Hopper allowed her to go. She sent her head flying back, leaving Mr Hoppers cock in the open and started to breathe in. The air was heaven and she took as much in as she could.

"One thing to remember class" said Mr Hopper, "is never forget the balls!" he continued. And as he did so, he grabbed Mrs Bloomers head and brought her mouth down to his balls, shoving one in her mouth. She sucked on it before letting it drop from her mouth and took the other in. After a few seconds, that one too fell out of her mouth and she started licking them both at the same time.

"An excellent attempt, Mrs Bloomers" he said, before shoving his cock back into her mouth and facefucking her much faster than he had done previously. The gagging noises that erupted from Mrs Bloomers mouth were - to Mr Hopper - pure heaven.

Mr Hopper removed his hands from the teacher's head and grabbed a handful of hair in each instead.

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