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Sister discovers I like panties.


It was now clear this wasn't just two neighbors chatting over a football game.

"You know, I could tell you liked my tennis outfit earlier today."

"Was it obvious?"

"No, but a girl can tell these things."

"Well since you already know it, I'll just tell you that I also like the outfit you're wearing now."

"I hoped you would. It's barely an outfit, hehe."

The expression on her face went from a grin to one of inquisitiveness, "Mark, tell me, what were you thinking about this afternoon?"

"I'm sorry, when? I'm not following."

"When you went into your office right after you left my house?"

I was speechless, shocked, and kind of embarrassed. "Janie! What... How do you know that?"

"I went inside to shower and saw you in your office through the window. My bedroom is directly across from your office."

"Wow, so you saw me... strokin' it? Ahhh, I don't know what to say."

"You can tell me what you were thinking about. I have a feeling you were thinking about me. The other times I've watched you masturbate you're watching porn on your computer."

"Other times," I stammered. "Well I guess you've caught me Janie. I was pretty worked up. You're a pretty girl. You're just the type that gets my attention." I reached my arm out and put it behind her head on the top of the hot tub, not exactly pulling her toward me. This was starting to get fun. And like I mentioned, I didn't have any morals when it came to sex.

Janie wasted no time scooting closer to me. As she moved over, her little body bounced in the tub and she reached out to steady herself. In the process she brushed my solid erection with her calf. Her eyes opened wide and looked at me.

"Mark, I have a confession to make. I've watched you jerk it many times. I've seen what you watch. And most of those girls look like me. They're small. I thought all guys liked girls with huge boobs and big curvy butts. But you like these," as she raised her chest above the water still wearing her bra, drawing attention to her A-cup sized curves. This time I could see through the material and had a wonderful view of her perky nipples showing hard as two points under her bra. Quarter sized areolas were clearly visible. "Sometimes I like those rough ones you watch. I've seen you excited by girls being tied up, girls gagging all over a big dick, girls getting fucked in the ass."

"So let's back up. You've seen my cock...many times? And you kept coming back for more?"

With a hint of surprising bashfulness, 'Mark it's so big. I couldn't stop looking if I wanted. I've only seen one other in my life. It was a guy who was way smaller and funny enough he didn't even last long enough for me to get a real look or feel at it. I'm really inexperienced. Like, I've done almost nothing with a boy. I'm a virgin."

We were already too close to each other to avoid what happened next. We both leaned in closer and kissed each other. Her lips trembled slightly and she let out a heavy breath. I put my other arm on her firm waist and pulled her closer. She helped my motion and slid herself to a sitting position on my legs as I was reclined slightly in the water.

"Mark, every time I caught you masturbating... well, I... I... I played with myself too. Looking at your cock in your hands got me so hot. I wanted it for myself."

I had both of my arms around her body's core.

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