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Working girl goes down to go up, with predictable results

"Now you're going to suck my dick clean since you've shown how much of a slut whore you've been. Suck it clean, seen as there's two loads of cum coating my cock, you dirty tramp!"

My breath was almost taken away by this little speech. I couldn't believe how wound-up and aggressive my husband was being. Again, normally I would be disgusted by what he had just said but I barely had time to think. Paul grabbed the back of my head firmly and pushed my face sharply towards his cock. I decided not to think, and not to resist as I knew I wanted to do this.

Something that had been dormant inside me for many years was re-awakening. I always knew I was submissive, always knew I loved a masculine man who could dominate me and treat me like a slut. I wanted to be the simpering, weak female who would do the bidding of her man without question and with all those thoughts swirling around my head, I opened my mouth wide and slid my lips lovingly over his glistening dick.
I looked him deep in the eyes as I slid my mouth all the way down his shaft. Due to our lack of intimacy over the last few years, as embarrassingly comic as it sounds now, I only ever gave Paul a blow job on special occasions, the last time being his birthday, over six months prior. Even then, it was a regulation blow job - almost like I didn't want to do it, and running the loo to spit out the foul contents as soon as he had come. This time it was all so different.

From my kneeling position, I grabbed his still thick cock by the root and slid slowly and inexorably down his pole. I felt the head of his cock go deeper and closer to my throat than ever before. My instinct screamed at me to stop and pull back but the rough fucking I'd just taken, and the crazy events just gone before had flicked a switch inside me. I was going to take this cock down my throat and I was going to look him clean in the eyes as I did it.

I felt I wanted to gag but I'd read about deep throating somewhere once upon a time. I trusted to fate as I relaxed my throat as best as I could. I still gagged as his cock head nudged and then penetrated my throat but I had managed it. I felt a big lump in my throat as he looked down on me with a look that I interpreted as admired fascination.

We had neither of us even begun to process the madness of the last hour and now it seemed like something like an erotic arms race to see who could out do the other. I felt quite proud right at that second as he looked at me, my eyes watering at having my throat opened up by his thick dick, some spittle and god only knows what else leaking down his shaft and out of my mouth, onto the floor.

As I looked him in the eyes I locked his gaze on me as I had his cock deep in my mouth. Hundreds of emotions raced across my mind but the gist was that this was how I wanted it to be all of the time! Obviously without it starting by me being inexplicably fucked by some uninteresting guy from work, but this, this sort of dominant/submissive sex was something I realised right there and then, was how I wanted it to be.

I kept my hands down by my sides and calmly and deliberately forced my mouth slowly over his shaft, all the way over so his cock slid across my tongue, the back of my mouth, my throat, before I would pull away slowly again. I think I was trying to demonstrate that I was savouring the feel of his dick in my mouth, I wanted to do this, on my knees in front of him.

I remembered fantasies that I had long since buried, of me as a weak, submissive woman, being dominated by a powerful, imposing, rough guy. I knew Paul could be that guy, he just had been that guy in fact, and with his cock embedded in my mouth, he was currently being that sort of guy but this was how I wanted to love Paul and this was how I wanted my marriage to be - one of inequality!

I wanted him to set the rules, to take me when he wanted, to tell me when to suck his dick and when to make him his tea, I wanted him to come home from work and take me, there a

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