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I meet up with a hot girl from Literotica.

I moan and twitch at that delicious scent.

"Oh, you want that, slave? You want to taste my hot, wet little pussy?" almost mad with desire I answer, my breath already becoming short from the effort of my self-restraint

"Oh yes mistress, more than anything!" She pauses for a minute, seeming to consider.

"Very well slave, you may begin." She lowers herself until she is within reach of my hungry mouth. I strain upwards, aching to taste her, driving my tongue as deep inside as I can before moving up to the hard little nub of her pleasure, moaning at that taste I love and have grown to crave my every waking moment. As I suck her clit into my mouth I swipe my tongue over it, pleased at every involuntary contraction of her muscles as the pleasure courses through her body. As they begin to grow in intensity I redouble my efforts, working her clit with both tenderness and hunger, fluttering my tongue over it and drinking in the sight of her as she rides my face, lost entirely to the sensation. Yes, this is where I belong - beneath my mistress. I could serve no other. As her orgasm draws near she suddenly rises, pushing me down and straddling me, out of reach of all but my eyes. "You did well slave, but since you have denied me your climax I will deny you mine. Don't. Move." With that she plunges two fingers deep inside her hot, tight sex, sliding them sensuously in and out as the flesh of her fingers stimulate her hot, buzzing clit, pleasuring herself as I lie helpless beneath her. I am forced to watch as she plays with herself, taking her time, teasing me before finally locking her eyes with mine as she reaches a shuddering climax. I thought I might come from that sight alone as she gasped and shook above me, magnificent in her wildness and absolute authority, growling and baring her teeth as the ecstasy reaches its peak before coming down, shaking slightly and smiling down at me in my helpless, unbearably horny heap. She takes a moment to relax, obviously enjoying my helplessness. "Clean my fingers slave, and be thorough" she says as she brings her wet hand to my lips. I do my best to comply, rising onto my knees sucking as I eagerly lick them dry, sucking each of her fingers to ensure none of her delicious juice is left behind.

"Very nice my little slut. Now, beg for your punishment" she says.

"Oh please mistress, I've been such a bad boy, I disobeyed you! Please, please punish me and teach me my place!" She walks over and sits on the foot of the bed, placing a small box next to her.

"Over my knee bitch" I obey without question, knowing I deserve this. Roughly she grabs my pants and pulls hem down around my knees exposing my naked butt cheeks.


I yelp as her hand makes contact with my naked flesh, my cock jumping at the exquisite pain.

"You like that don't you you little slut?" She whispers as she rubs the skin her hand has just warmed, conserving the heat.

*smack! smack!*

Again her hand falls, my horny little body bucking up to meet it. Oh my God it hurts so good! Suddenly she stops. I moan softly, knowing she can't be done with me.

"Now you bad boy I'm going to use you like the little bitch you are, I'm going to TAKE the orgasm you denied me and I'm going to do it MY way!" She begins to pull my cheeks apart, inspecting me.

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