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Denise Richards goes looking for someone to father her child.

This was dragging on, as the girl had another drink, and then another joint. Her movements were showing serious signs of the consequences of this consumption, too.

After a while, Matthew was starting to think it was time to leave, maybe go back to the bar, maybe try again tomorrow or something, when Ted got his attention.

"Hey!" he whispered. "I think she's falling asleep."

And that seemed to be true.

The combination of alcohol, pot, and hot sun, and maybe insufficient food or water, had this girl lying down and seemingly drifting into unconsciousness.

They watched as her head slowly moved to the side and her arm slowly slid off her stomach onto the sand, her regular breathing the only other motion for some minutes.

They waited, unsure what to do, until Ted whispered "Fuck it, hang on a minute" and reached into their bag, grabbing the camera out and then picking up the bag too. "Let's get some proper close-ups, yes?"

Ted walked slowly and silently to where the girl lay with her eyes closed. Grinning, Ted pointed the camera straight down and panned up and down that perfect body. He looked back at Matthew and shrugged, gesturing him to join him next to the unconscious girl.

As they both looked down, Ted still filming, Matthew whispered, "They really are amazing tits. Why couldn't she just take that top off?

Ted looked at Matthew, managing to look thoughtful even as he was still grinning, which is difficult to do. "You're right," he said softly.

It occurred to him that if this girl was really as out-of-it as he suspected, this was an opportunity too good to resist.

Ted knelt down next to the figure recumbent on the sand. "Hey!" he said somewhat louder in her direction. "You awake?"

Matthew was startled, almost panicked, thinking he was going to have to suddenly explain why they were both standing next to her, with a camera, talking to a beautiful bikini-clad girl. There was a pause as they both held their breath without realizing, watching intently to see if she would wake up.

But there was no movement at all, no sign that she had heard Ted or indeed that she was aware of anything at all. Just the slow and steady rise and fall of her chest.

Ted grinned back up at Matthew and then giggled. He poked a finger into the flesh of the girl's shoulder, not hard but hard enough to test for a response. Matthew held his breath but again...


Matthew helped himself to the girl's pot from the bag she had carried down the beach with her. He also noticed and on the spur of the moment helped himself to her room key, which he found in her bag also. Then he quickly rolled himself a large joint and was lighting it while Ted got some more pictures and video of the girl as she lay there, from different angles.

Matthew then got an idea, and with every toke he took he would lean down and breathe smoke directly into the girl's face, so that with every breath she would take in some marijuana-laced air. He figured it should help keep her happily relaxed and oblivious.

The third time he did this she suddenly wriggled a bit, causing the boys to freeze in panic, but her eyes stayed firmly shut and she certainly didn't seem close to waking.

After a moment, Ted shrugged again and handed Matthew the camera.

Reaching into their own bag, Ted pulled out a small pair of scissors they had bought after they arrived - originally acquired to cut up pot, if they found a way to get any while here.

Matthew raised his eyebrows at Ted, and Ted, grinning still, winked back and leaned forward, reaching out with the scissors open to where the bikini top was smallest, right between those huge firm boobs.

As Matthew tried to suppress a giggle, Ted looked around to make sure no-one was anywhere nearby, and then gave the scissors a little snip, neatly cutting the bikini top between the girl's glorious breasts.

"Ok, you ready?" Ted asked Matthew quietly, gesturing at the camera.

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