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Wife has encounter with online lover.

" he reached for my hand and I let him take it after I took a quick glance out the window and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

I still felt incredibly horny and started having dirty thoughts of the handsome grey haired man in his sixties. He must be at least thirty or more years my senior. He was six feet tall and looked scrumptious in his dark tuxedo. I could see he had a lean muscular build that I truly wanted to see completely naked. I licked my lips and tried to push back the thoughts. I imagined his hands inching over my naked body; exploring sensually. I noticed he was leading me out through the hall entrance. I glanced at him, "Where are we going?" He looked at me with eyes that made me not care where we were going. He didn't answer but kept walking. We came to a door and he turned his head up and down the hallway and opened the door and pushed me gently through.

It was a restroom. I turned to him as he was locking the door. There was nowhere for me to go with him blocking the doorway. "You are the sexiest woman I've ever met." Lush lips parted beaming at me. My head dropped and my eyes stared up into his face. Hoping he would just take me now. He stepped closer and lifted my chin up so that he could gaze into my eyes. That's when he kissed my lips softly, and soon it was more forceful. Like two starving beasts. His hands held me tight against his body. He pulled my dress up over my hips and began rubbing me vigorously between my legs as I rotated my hips trying to feel more of him.

His hands swept up to my back and unzipped my gown and pulled it down around my waist so he could feel my breasts. He cupped my full breasts in his hands and began sucking and biting at my neck. Moaning loudly I didn't want him to stop. Guiding me towards the toilet he turned me around so I was straddling the toilet with one leg and the other on the side I balanced myself with one hand on the tank. Then he undid his pants and pulled my hand back to his unzipped pants so I could feel his erection. My hand tightened around his shaft and my back bowed. Fuck I want that cock inside of me. He pulled his pants down and pushed my ivory thong to the side and laid his cock against my ass. His cock slipped right in without any help. I felt the head enter my tight pussy and gasped loudly. Then he pushed and pushed making his way inside of me. Once he reached the top he stopped and kissed my shoulder and I leaned my head against his feeling his soft hair against my cheek.

He pulled out but not completely and pushed back inside. He was so thick and fit completely inside of me like a glove. I felt his cock working its way back up brushing against the walls of my vagina and I screamed. I pushed down on his cock and soon our movements were identical. Violently we slammed into each other and I could feel his head pounding into my cervix, we both were breathing heavily and neither of us could have enough. I pushed back squeezing that luscious cock inside of me causing me to shudder and moan just as violently as our thrusts.

His hand reached to the front of my thigh and his fingers found my clit rubbing it as we forced our bodies into one. I cried out over and over again and he didn't let up on my swollen and throbbing clit. My body shuddering non-stop as our skin slapped together as we collided. I grabbed my nipples and pinched hard as he worked my clit. Our hearts pounded loudly in our ears. I felt the moisture of his sweat on his chest and it made me even more excited. I turned my head back so we could kiss hungrily our lips not always meeting because of the vigorousness of our sweaty bodies.

He asked if he could cum and I immediately pulled away from him turning around and sitting on the toilet I grabbed his cock and slipped his head between my lips feeling the soft satiny feel of his beautiful cock I swallowed it down pressing my tongue against the shaft as I took him deep inside.

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