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Junie is welcomed to the circle.

"Deal." And with that, she began rifling through the deck. After a few moments, she settled on a card.

"A vibrating cock ring?" Max asked.

"Yep. This girl Melissa I dated before I transferred to Kennison wanted me to give it a go. It felt good, but I came way too fast. You?"

"Oh, much worse for me," Max exhaled. "I went back to this guy's room after a party freshman year and he wanted to show off how adventurous he was. He dropped trow and had it on his dick before I even removed a stitch. I decided to go with it and give him a little striptease." Max paused.


"And he came on my butt before I even got my panties all the way off," she laughed.

"Haha oh my god, that sucks! What did you do?" I asked.

"I peaced out and walked home with cum on my butt," Max howled.

I was cracking up, but was also secretly jealous of that poor dude. At least he got a close look at her butt. I also wouldn't mind seeing my cum sliding over the curve of her ass. Max pulled out another card before I could drift to far into that particular fantasy.

"Emma Watson."

"Fuck, I wish," I lamented.

"Yeah, you and me both," Max agreed. The thought of those two was going to fester for sure.

"Let's see, how about getting naked and watching Nickelodeon?" she asked.

"Um, yeah, actually. Remember that girl Chrissy I dated at KSU?" She nodded, so I continued. "We definitely watched Nickelodeon in various states of undress."

"Oh yeah? Any shows in particular?" Max asked nonchalantly.

"I definitely remember the cartoons, Rugrats comes to mind," I answered, then turning the tables, "And you?"

"I had a sleepover in high school and I distinctly remember All That being on in the background as we changed," she answered.

"There's got to be more to that," I demanded.


"Why on earth would you remember that otherwise?"

"Ok, you got me," Max took a deep breath. "Jenny and Clarissa were by two best friends growing up, and we were always looking for ways to safely get into trouble. We were undressing during All That because we were playing Strip Poker, and we all ended up naked."


Max laughed, brushing of my comment and going back to the box. She seemed to grow frustrated with each passing card.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"These cards are mostly just weird, I thought there was a lot more sex in this game. I want something juicy." She flipped through a few more cards before one met her criteria. "Ok, Mr. Explainer, tell me about your experience with butt stuff."

"Ok. So when I first moved out here, I hit it off with a coworker, Alicia. We never officially dated, but would go out for drinks here and there and one thing led to another and I ended up at her place one night. We were fooling around, and I ended up going down on her and she came hard and fast, and she was a bit of a squirter. After she came, she began rubbing herself with my dick, and she told me she wanted to feel me in her butt."

"Damn, go ahead Cory!" Max high fived me.

"Oh, there's more. After a little while, she couldn't take anymore and suggested an alternate means for finishing me off."

"Oh yeah? What was that?" Max leaned in, eager for my response, and the neckline of her tee shirt hung open, giving me a partial view of the light blue bra that held her perky little tits in place.

"She said she wanted to 'return the favor,' so she blew me while fingering my asshole until I came in her mouth."

"Dddaaammmnnn...double butt stuff! Good story," Max complimented.

"What's your butt stuff tale, and yes that pun was very intended," I replied. Max giggled, but I was insistent on hearing more. Recalling that night while seeing a hint of what was hidden beneath Max's shirt had me getting a little horny.

"Well, aside from that aforementioned stud cumming on my bare ass," she laughed. "I dated this dude Joe in college who was really into anal. I'm pretty sure he put it in my butt more than he ever did in my pussy."

"You didn't get tired of it? Alicia could never take it too long."

"Nah, he had a pretty small dick, so it wa

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