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She helps herself to dick to help relieve her sore throat.

One particularly interesting find was a low cut bra which made her breasts stand out in front of her. Joan's breasts were quite large and they sagged a bit, but the bra made them look enormous. It was tight and quite uncomfortable, but she could put up with it for a while.

After much debate she decided that the item to wear with it was a thin woollen pantsuit. When she looked at it Joan could hardly believe that she had purchased it and had no memory of ever wearing it. Probably it was one of those things that looked good in the store, but was a fashion disaster when she got it home. However, the bottoms were skin tight and worn without panties it was possible to see quite a lot. The top came in the form of a round-necked cardigan that she could just manage to button across her extremely prominent chest. She had worked out a couple of other things for later and was quite pleased with the results. She just hoped that Steve was a little into retro.

All the time she had been deciding what to wear Joan had thought little about why she was doing this, but while she was preparing dinner she started to think about the evening ahead. All this was for a man she had met once, for just a couple of hours. Was he really the kind of person she thought he was, or had she invited some kind of pervert into her home? Should she call it all off, lock the door, turn out the lights and pretend no one was home? After some soul-searching she decided that her first impression was a good one and she considered that she needed just a little excitement in her life. Anyway, the more she thought about the whole exhibitionist-voyeur thing the more excited she became. The idea of a relationship without intercourse seemed very appealing after enduring years of poor George's clumsy efforts.

About thirty minutes before Steve was due to arrive dinner was in the oven and nothing more needed to be done. It was time for Joan to get herself prepared. Putting on the pantsuit was no easier than it had been earlier in the day, but the task was soon completed. A bit of work with her hair and make-up and the result was something else. Joan hoped it the effect on Steve would be sexy rather than ridiculous and that he would at least appreciate the effort she had gone into in order to squeeze herself into the outfit.

Promptly at seven the doorbell rang and after a quick look through the peephole to make sure it was Steve she opened the door. The serious look on his face changed to a smile as he saw her. 'Good evening Joan, you look fantastic.'

'Thank you, I thought you might like a little retro, and you don't look too bad yourself.' He was dressed in brown slacks and a light coloured sweater and looked very relaxed.

'I just love retro, especially when it is dressed up like that. I brought some wine. I hope it's okay?' He held out what must have been quite an expensive bottle.'

'That's lovely. Thank you so much. Please come in' She turned and walked down the hall, giving him a look at a very tightly enclosed rear.

Dinner would not be cooked for another thirty minutes, so they decided to open the wine and have a glass. Steve sat on the sofa and Joan placed herself in an armchair directly opposite, opening her legs to make sure Steve had the best possible view. The effect was obvious from his intent look to an equally obvious bulge in his trousers. Joan decided to go a little further. She rubbed her hand over her groin, 'Goodness me, these slacks are itchy. The wool is playing hell with my private parts.'

'You poor thing! I don't mind it you give it a rub to ease the itch.' Joan did just that until she thought she would explode.

Then she took her hand away and looked down, 'Oh dear,' she said, 'I appear to have leaked,' pointing to a moist spot showing in the crotch of her pants.

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