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'Listen, when you've been educated at a convent boarding school and only had other girls to share your frustrations with, you pretty soon loose all inhibitions about your body. Even the most intimate bits!'

For some reason these words had an immediate effect on Lennie and she felt her cunt start to moisten. She had often shaved women at the hospital but that was purely functional and meant nothing to her. This was different.

They went upstairs to the bedroom and Liz gathered all the bits together. It was a large airy room with fitted wardrobes and lots of mirrors all of which seemed to reflect the bed. Liz saw Lennies interest.

'We do like to watch ourselves making love.' she said matter of factly. 'It makes it so much more exciting.'

She laid the towel on the bed and quickly removed all her clothes from the waist downwards. Laying down she said 'You'd best arrange me as you want me.' and, drawing he knees up, opened her legs as wide as she could.

'That's fine.' said Lennie and started snipping away with the scissors. After a while she asked 'Do you want it all done or just round your lips?'

'The lot,' she said, 'look.'

Twisting round she pulled a book out of the stack in the bedside cabinet and quickly leafed through it. 'This is what I want Doug to see.' She held up a photo of a reclining naked woman with her legs wide apart. Her crotch was completely bare and she was holding her lips apart with two fingers. The moisture between them was very evident.

'Yes: well that should certainly surprise him.' laughed Lennie and turned back to the task in hand. She could not deny that it was all having an effect on her and, sure enough, within minutes felt her panties getting damp. She had never seriously considered a lesbian relationship before, but here, in the intimacy of the bedroom with a woman who had openly admitted to that type of activity, the idea suddenly seemed very tempting.

She had virtually finished but didn't want to break the casual intimacy of it. 'I'll just wipe you and check there are no little bits of itchy hair in places you wouldn't want them.... er ...that's if you don't mind.'

'You do whatever you need to...or want to.' said Liz in a very low voice. Lennie looked at her but Liz was laying with her head turned to one side with her eyes closed. She knelt down beside the bed and very carefully started examining the folds round Liz's cunt. As she pulled the lips from one side to the other they parted and Lennie could quite clearly see the moisture between them. She gasped quietly and quickly looked up to see if Liz had heard but she was still laying there with here head turned and eyes closed. For a few seconds she continued to stare at the sight before her desperately wanting to touch it, and herself, but not daring to in case she was getting all the wrong signals.

She quickly stood up. 'OK. you're fine. I think he'll be amazed at that.'

If anything she thought Liz looked a little disappointed as she got up off the bed.

'If you really wanted to surprise him, there is something else you could do.' she suddenly blurted out. 'It's something I sometimes do for my boyfriend to really turn him on.'

'What's that?' said Liz with interest.

'It's in my bag. I'll go and get it: don't get dressed yet.'

She quickly got her bag from the kitchen and took from it a small box which she opened to reveal several small gold rings and chains.

'What is it?' asked Liz

'Intimate jewellery. I saw it advertised in a magazine and sent off for it and it's been one of the best investments I've ever made!'

Liz was intrigued. 'I presume you wear it in places that are not usually seen.'

'Yes, but the beauty of these is that you don't have to be pierced to wear them.'


'You just open the ring like this and close it as much as you need to grip you without hurting. You have to put them on a couple of times to get it right but when you have they're very comfy..... and very erotic.'

'Wow!' breathed Liz, her eyes sparkling as she looked at them.

'I'll look out the advert

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