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Mysterious visitors help her see herself in a whole new way.

My entire shaft all 5 or 6 inches was now buried deep inside of her vagina. The feeling was incredible her vaginal walls closed and caressed my shaft so velvety. I wanted to make this last as long as possible I was trying to put off my climax as long as possible. Part of me wanted to release my spent up sperm that was rapidly building up in me. Making love to my wife was the most fantastic thing in the world. To feel her beneath me, her body was so soft, and yielding to me.

I slowed down and almost came to a complete stop, and was just relishing in the feeling of my shaft inside of her vagina. But every time I tried to pull out a little her heels would push me further back in her. While this was going on I kept kissing her lips, and eyelids. She was glowing and radiating, she kept looking up at me and kept opening her mouth and sort of biting her lip. Her breathing was rapid and heavy, she was beginning to moan louder, and was yelling out, "Oh God, I love you" over and over again, then she yelled out, "Oh Steve Don't stop, don't stop, please don't stop." She started her climb to having an intense orgasm, and I could no longer hold myself back, as my own, orgasm was now erupting and I was filling her womb with my semen. I thought I would never stop spewing out my semen. It was so incredible, my entire body was quivering from the intensity of my orgasm, what made it even better was Jody started having her orgasm also. Her body stiffened up and she went ridged. Our lips sought out each other's and we kissed each other passionately and both collapsed, stilled joined together as one. We have been having sex for some three years prior to getting married, but this was one of the best sexual encounters at least for me that I ever had.

Still joined together, we both sort of drifted off to relax. A couple of hours later, I woke up and Jody was still relaxing, I got up and went to the bath room to emptied my bladder. When I returned to the bed, Jody was awake now. She was so peaceful looking and just as beautiful as always.

Sometime later, we were still lying in bed talking and cuddling, I sensed a slight change in Jody's mood. I couldn't put my finger on it, and I asked her if she was alright, and assured me that she was. Then, she added, "Steve, something happened on the train." This got my attention, and I asked her, what happened?"

Then Jody said, "I met this guy on the train, he was a sailor and was traveling by himself. He asked me to sit next to him, so that we could talk." I did, as I knew it was going to be long trip and it would be nice to have someone to talk with." She went on to say, "I told him that I was married and that I was going to visit my husband who was stationed at Fort Lee, VA. That we had just gotten married December 22nd of last year."

I told her that it was no big deal, and then she told me that there was more. I felt my pulse quicken, and by heart began to feel sort of heavy. I told her to go on. She then told me, He started telling me how beautiful I was and how lucky you were to have me as a wife. I blushed and thanked him for the compliment." "Steve, we talked a little more and he told me that he was stationed at a Navy base in Virginia and that we would be getting off at the same place in St Petersburg, VA as I was." Jody paused, and started talking in a very low voice; I asked her to speak up as I couldn't hear her.

She raised her voice, and said, "Steve, I love you and I am so sorry for what I did." I said to her, "Jody, just what did you do?"

"Well, it was getting cold on the train, and he went and got us a blanket and we shared the blanket. After a few minutes, he kissed me on the lips, not passionately, more of a peck at first. Then he kissed me again, but this time he parted my lips with his tongue, and I opened my mouth to accept his tongue, and I was kissing him back. Honestly, Hon, I don't know why, except that it had been so long since we had been together."

I was shocked, and hurt but had to hear more of wh

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