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And she did it without so much as a murmur, without even a break in the smile on her face.

What power did he have over Kami?

Was it the same power he had over her?

The though suddenly struck her - did he 'fit' Kami in the same way that he 'fit' her? She'd always assumed that that union that they enjoyed was unique to them, but something in the way Kami so readily acquiesced suggested that her rival was every bit as addicted to Master Ethan's pleasures as she was.

If her rival was addicted, then she could certainly understand, for the simple thought of thinking about his cock inside her had her heart racing and her pussy throbbing.

She licked her lips at the sight of it, momentarily losing her focus as the mass of auburn began to bob back and forth with that most intimate rhythm.

"Jen." Ethan's voice snapped her focus back to him.


"You have also brought discord to this house through your own actions."

She had? When all she had done was to acquiesce to his every whim? To endure the cruelties of the same slut who even know was sucking on his cock?


"Don't play coy with me. You and I both know that you long to be more than simply a slutslave. That you hunger for me; that you hunger to have me all to yourself."

"Yes, Sir, I do." Her voice was barely a whisper.

He took a moment to run a fingertip lightly across Kami's cheek, hollowed as it was by the excellent suction she was applying. She purred, and he shuddered suddenly, leaving Jen to wonder what oral talents her rival could truly bring to bear.

"Ah, so you admit it."

"I do, Sir."

It was so strange to be sitting in a bathrobe at a kitchen table having this conversation. She was admitting to her master that she had actively sought to push out her mistress; shouldn't she have been bound to the X-form and whipped for such an admission?

For that matter, wasn't the proper setting for this conversation one that required a flogger, and not a kitchen?

More importantly, had she reached a point in her submission where she wanted to be treated like a slutslave? Seven months ago she'd been a professional student, preparing to defend her thesis before a panel of judges. Now she was defending her actions before just one judge, the only judge in her life.

"And why is that?"

Was he really asking her? Did he not know?

But before she began to speak, he held his hand up for silence.

He knew.

Even as Kami filled the room with the wet noises of her devotion, he knew.

"I understand, your concerns, Jennifer. But there are certain realities to this household that you must come to accept."

"First, I am your Master. You exist to serve me; that is the terms of your contract. Your own signature legally binds you to serve me as I see fit, not as you see fit. You have no discretion in this matter. However, should you wish another arrangement, then I am sure we can reach some form of financial settlement to free you from your contract."

Was she being offered her freedom too?

After a mere seven months?

Did she even want her freedom?

"Well?" he asked, his gaze unnaturally focused for a man who was receiving the attentions of a talented fellatrix, "is that what you want? To break the contract?"

"No, Sir, no," the words were out of her mouth before she really had time to think about it. Setting aside the fact that her debts were so crippling that they'd led her to this lifestyle, Jen found herself very much at home in Ethan's house, and the prospect of removing herself from this rather unique-yet-liberating environment was not something she wanted.

She lowered her head, trying to mimic the submissive pose Kami had just adopted. A moment passed, and then, apparently mollified, he continued.

"Second, despite her demotion, Kami remains senior to you in all things. She is stripped of her power to order you about for her own pleasure, but she remains empowered to act on my behalf. Should she tell you to do something, you will do it. Understood?"

"Yes, Master."

"Finally, in light of y

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