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His friend becomes his slut.

They will do as payment for the next time that I wish to stay here."

Jeffrey waited a few minutes until Narlissa returned, and the half-elf smiled at him. "Shall we go now?"

He nodded, and they both head outside. He quickly got Swift prepared and mounted his steed, watching as Narlissa did the same. Moving over beside her, he passed her the map that Breanne had given him.

"Does this make any sense to you?" he asked as she took it.

She studied it a moment, before nodding. "Yes, I think I know where this is. Let's go."

She rode out of the clearing and Sir Jeffrey followed, delighted that he was not only getting closer and closer to the axe, but that he had such excellent company for the journey.

They rode for hours through the forest, passing pleasant conversation between them. Jeffrey learned that Narlissa's mother, who was an elf, had been killed when she was very young in a raiding party, and her human father had deserted her when she was a teenager to join the army. She had been taken in by an orphanage, where she learnt to steal on the streets, but had moved away from the city when she was old enough. She preferred the countryside and smaller towns to the hustle and bustle of a city.

Sir Jeffrey agreed with that, and as they walked through the green forest he couldn't help but appreciate how beautiful it was. The sun was hanging high still in the mid-afternoon and his stomach was beginning to rumble with hunger.

"Narlissa?" he said, smiling as the half-elf glanced up from Breanne's map. "Shall we stop for food soon?"

"That does sound like a good idea," she replied. "I will find us somewhere."

They rode for a few more minutes, reaching another small clearing. Narlissa seemed expert at picking them out, and Sir Jeffrey eagerly dismounted. He opened his pack and pulled some food from it, turning to offer some to Narlissa. She took it eagerly, and they sat together beneath a tall oak eating for a short while.

Eventually, they were finished, and Sir Jeffrey stood, holding out his hand for Narlissa to take. She did, and he pulled her to her feet. However, she did not step away, leaving herself pressed against him.

"Surely you do not anticipate leaving just yet, Sir Knight?" she said with a sultry whisper. "We have only just begun to have our break."

"What is it you're suggesting, Narlissa," he grinned back as his magic cock throbbed. He knew what was coming.

"It's just that I've been guiding you all morning and afternoon and have received no payment yet. If you recall from when I took you to Breanne's tower, I like to collect what's owed to me quite frequently."

She kissed him then and he responded the same way. His arms moved to wrap around the gorgeous half-elf and she moaned into his mouth. Suddenly her hands were on his buckle and she had undone the knots to his armoured pants.

"You'll need to take these off," she smirked and he pulled them quickly from his body. He took his chestpiece off too, and was delighted to see Narlissa stripping down. Soon they were both naked and he stared at her with lust. Her large breasts called out to his hands but before he could reach out and grab them Narlissa had sunk to her knees.

"Oh fuck, Narlissa," he moaned as she took his cock into her mouth. He leaned back against the tree, enjoying the feeling of his length in her warm mouth and the way her tongue swirled around it. She pulled her head from his cock and kissed down the sides, jacking him off with her hand whilst she did. He did not care at how exposed he was in the middle of the wilderness - Narlissa was all that mattered at that moment.

For a while he was lost to the pleasure of her efforts. She was amazing at giving head, and he wondered if he'd be able to convince her to do this more often on their journey together. Although he suspected she wouldn't need convincing.

After a few minutes, however, he knew he needed to take things further.

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