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The futanari is ravished by tentacles.

Enough philosophising, I thought as I turned my concentration to the little furry thing in front of my nose. "Just a quick lick and then we'll get ready," I said. As I inhaled her fragrance my tongue nibbled and prodded her clit and almost in a flash she was groaning and holding my head close to her as she bucked towards her climax.

"That was short and sweet. Thank you kind sir, and now lets get ready," she said and padded off to the bathroom.

I showered in the guest bathroom so that we wouldn't get sidetracked and by 8pm we were on our way in Sue's car to her aunt's house in the posh suburb of Houghton, laughing and chattering like a trio of magpies.

"My aunt was a woman before her time. She never conformed to society's rules, never got married, never had kids, has a brilliant well-paying job, has kept her independence, and has had a ball. She must be 60 now but she looks like a very well preserved 50.

"I had better warn you, she likes young men."

"What a coincidence, I like older women."

We were met at the door of the mansion-like dwelling by a statuesque grey-haired beauty - yes, beautiful, almost heart-stoppingly so. Her classically shaped face was stunningly enhanced by the deepest of blue eyes that coolly regarded me while she welcomed me with smile that revealed small, white even teeth.

"I'm Hortense," she breathed sexily, "but call me Hor for short and if you give me half a chance, you scrumptious young man, I'll live up to my name! Sue, wherever did you find him? He is just my type, over 16, with no visible deformities!"

"Pay no attention to her, Gordon. She is just trying to shock you," Sue laughed as the four of us entered Hor's beautiful home.

As she led the way I was mesmerised by auntie's swaying posterior. An hour-glass figure with a bosom to die for. This was one well-preserved lady.

Often, during the small talk and drinks before dinner, my attention would return to Hor's fascinating face. If it had been touched by a surgeon's knife I saw no evidence of it. Beautiful, I was smitten!

I was placed next to Hor for dinner and as the genteel conversation ebbed and flowed around the table her hand would drop accidentally (ho, ho) into my lap and give my thigh a squeeze. After a few squeezes my penis responded and she gave me a delighted glance when next her hand strayed below the tablecloth and encountered an iron bar instead of a firm thigh.

The wine flowed non-stop during the meal, served by an unobtrusive maidservant, as we were regaled with tales of life at the top in big business. It appeared that her femininity, brains and charm were more than a match for the macho, testosterone-driven businessmen who were her peers.

After coffee she asked me if I would like to see the rest of her home. I agreed with alacrity and she said casually: "Sue, you and Ruth have seen it all before. Let Maria get you another liqueur while I show Gordon around."

Sue and Ruth smiled strangely and I wondered what I was in for. However, as they say, nothing ventured....

Hor took my arm and chatted easily as we toured the impressive house. When we reached her bedroom, dominated by an imposing four-poster, she beckoned me through and closed and locked the door.

"Now you can't escape my clutches," she chuckled in what was supposed to be an evil manner. "I just about creamed my panties when I felt you so hard at dinner. Do you think you can help out an old lady?"

"Old? Not you. You are wonderful, beautiful, sexy, breathtaking, but not old."

"You certainly say all the right things, young man. Let's see if you can DO all the right things."

Faced with an offer I could not refuse, I launched enthusiastically into battle.

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