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A little brush with the law...

He rubbed her pussy for a brief moment, before sliding his middle finger to her puckered hole. Alice took a sharp breath in, her ass still feeling the effects of earlier.

From behind her, Clark dropped the paddle to the floor. He pulled the thin string of her thong out of her crack and moved the plug into place. Alice pressed her lips together, determined not to scream.

"Mmmm ugghhh," her voice sounded against her lips. Clark pushed the plug in with one swift movement, his other hand cupping her pussy.

"Lick them clean my pet," he cooed into her ear, holding his wet fingers up to her mouth. Alice licked her slick juice from his hand for the second time that night.

Clark looped his fingers around the sides of her thong, once his hand was clean. He pulled the garment down till she was exposed, but left it at her mid thighs. Then, he stood up, grabbed the paddle, and walked to face her. He inspected her body, his eyes measuring her curves. He began circling around her, like a lion taunting its prey.

Alice eyed the paddle. It was thin and wooden, like a wide ruler. She knew it was meant for her ass. She felt the tension in her stomach rise, as he took in every inch of her. She wanted him to spank her with it, wanted the pain to burn into her cheeks and the plug to pleasure her. She moaned out loud at the thought. Clark stopped in his tracks when her moan broke the silence in the room.

"You really are a pathetic, little slut. I haven't even touched you yet," Clark mocked her moaning.

He finally took his position behind her and Alice tried to relax. She could see his shadow on the wall. The outline of a strong, sexy man, gripping a paddle at his side teasing her. She watched him steel his grip and raise the paddle.

When the hard surface reached her ass, the plug jumped inside her. Alice's legs shook, and she muffled a moan. He hit her again within seconds. He used the large paddle to mark every square inch of her bottom.

As Clark delivered his final blow to her posterior, Alice considered begging him to touch her clit. The plug in her ass had her charged up and ready to cum again.

She watched him toss the paddle to the side and return to his goodie collection. He grabbed a long thin chain with clamps on the ends. It looked like it split three ways. He laid the device on the box that bound her legs and reached up to caress her breasts. He molded and toyed with them, making them sting from their recent abuse. Then, he flicked each nipple a few times with his fingertips.

Alice immediately understood what the chain was meant for. Clark grabbed hold of the expensive bra and ripped it in half. He shimmied it up her bound arms and hooked it at the top. He grabbed the clamps, bearing a sadistic smile, and roughly placed the first one on her right nipple. Lightning ran through her torso. The left one was hastily clipped next, sending another jolt through her. She gasped, breathing hard as he fastened the third end to the chest below her. He adjusted the chain until any slight forward movement would cause torture to her breasts.

He stood in front of her and looked her up and down. He admired his handiwork, as he slipped his pants down his legs. His cock sprang free, and Alice instinctively bit her lip looking at his naked body. She got a perfect view of his nice ass when he bent to pick up another wooden box. He walked over and placed it in front of her and stepped upon it, his cock now inches from her lips.
"This is what you were so greedy for earlier, little slut. Show me what you can do with that whore mouth of yours. Bite me, and I'll leave you a sobbing mess on the floor. Understood?" Clark questioned her, stroking his cock as he pressed it against her bottom lip. Alice nodded her head in agreement, which earned her a hard slap on the cheek.

"Use your words! Say 'Yes sir' when I ask you a question!" Clark demanded.

"Yes! Sir!" Alice enunciated each word, her mouth moving against his thick cocks head.

"Good," He curtly replied, his hand stroking her stinging cheek.

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