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Sexy wife with an ungrateful husband.

"Now I want you to help me find a few more thoughts. I'm going to ask you some questions, so you can help me find them, OK?"

"Hmm... Mmkay."

"I want you to think about me and Penny. I want you to divide the thoughts you have about us into two. The good and the bad. Whenever I tell you about a thought, it will become completely loose and it will have to float or sink. I want you to tell me, which is good and which is bad. When you say 'good' or 'bad', I want you to feel the thought either drop through your body, or rise to the top of your head, where it will be fresh and vivid, and make you feel wonderful."
"Think about spending time with Penny and me, how does that feel?"

There was a pause as Peter finished processing her instructions, then he murmured, "s'good".

Mina scratched his head and stroked the back of his neck, and he inhaled deeply at the sensations.

"Think about when Penny gave you a hug when she came in."

The response was much quicker this time, but his voice was dreamy, "Was'good".

She ran her hands through his hair, and whispered "good" in his ear, making sure he felt her warm breath.

"Have you ever thought about touching us, wanting to, but not doing it because you want to protect our friendship? Not being able to. Having to hold back. All the time. Denying yourself."

Peter struggled slightly, but Mina's hands massaged the sides of his head a little more firmly. Her voice was also a little firmer. "The thought is loose now, and it has to sink or rise. You have to let it go or hold onto it. How does it feel to hold back all the time? To deny yourself all the time?"

He didn't want to answer, but the thought was loose now, he didn't have a choice. He thought about how it made him feel to be around them, to be attracted to them and to hold back for the sake of friendship. Now that he could see the thought without actually thinking it, he realised it was making him miserable.

His voice sounded as though the words caused him physical pain.

"It's bad."

Her hand began to travel firmly down his chest. "That thought is sinking now, floating down through your body. Now that you've named it, it has no power over you, and it falls through your body, sinking under its own weight." Her hand travelled down to the bottom of his chest, and then cupped around his thickening erection, through his jeans.

"This is a very heavy thought, it takes up a lot of space."

She squeezed his cock through his jeans, provoking an gentle rasping groan.

"It's joined the other bad thoughts down here, and they're all stuck here."

Another squeeze, and he moaned slightly.

"If we leave them here, once you're not relaxed like this any more, they'll move back up into your mind and make you unhappy again."

Peter's breath came a little faster, and she moved her hand in circles over his crotch for a few seconds before massaging his head again.

"Think about how the boys keep talking about sex, and how you feel when they talk about sex and you're pretending to find their jokes funny."

"Oh, bad."

Hands caressed down his sides, down over his jeans, caressed his thighs and came back up to cup his balls through his clothing.

"It's joined the other thoughts down here now.", she whispered into his ear, and his buttocks tensed and his back arched ever so slightly.

Her hands returned to his hair, stroking and caressing, as she explained what was going to happen next.

"There's maybe room for one more bad thought, after that there'll be so many bad thoughts there that you'll be desperate to get them out. They're all stuck there and they need to get out. Can you feel the pressure? How swollen and hard these thoughts make you? How badly you want to get them out?"

Peter's erection visibly strained beneath his jeans in response to the words whispered into his ear.

I want you to think about lying naked with a beautiful girl, her hands caressing you everywhere, her kisses all over your body, her legs wrapped around yours, the heat of her body against you.

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