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Daddy has his baby girl - more than once!

I got out some towels, told him to make himself at home, and then asked if he wanted something to knock the chill off.

"Got any Scotch?" Bill asked a hopeful tone to his voice.

I could not help but chuckle. "Sure, let me find you something to put on, and I'll bring back some Scotch as well."

I'm 5'8" and Bill looked to be at least 6'2", maybe a bit taller, and had to outweigh me by at least 40 pounds. Obviously, the only thing I had that would fit him was one of my robes. I went down to the bar off the kitchen, poured a nice three fingers of Scotch into a tumbler with a few cubes, went up to the master bedroom, retrieved a robe and returned to the bathroom thinking Bill would still be in the shower.

As I opened the door, I saw him standing, back to me, combing his hair in front of the mirror, a towel tossed over his shoulder. Before I could say anything he smiled at me via the mirror and said, "Great shower, is that Scotch I see?" As he turned around for the Scotch, it was impossible to miss what had to be at least an eight inch flaccid cock.

Again, as I stood there somewhat dumbstruck, he reached out, took the Scotch, turned back around to finish combing his hair, and said, "Thanks for the Scotch, meet you down stairs." It was not a question, but a statement, even a demand.

"Sure Bill, I'll be down in the den watching the game." Perplexed, I left the room and retreated to the den, stopping in the bar off the kitchen to pour myself a drink. I could not believe how hung he was.

A few minutes later Bill came in, plopped himself down on the leather couch across from the one I was on and said, "Nice house, how long have you lived here."

I answered the question, and the two of us chatted for awhile and watched the game. At the end of the quarter Bill asked if he could have some more Scotch, and started to get up. I told him to relax, that I'd get it. He asked, "You sure you don't mind waiting on me?"

I stood up and went over to get his glass, and could not help but notice his robe was opened just enough for me to catch another glimpse of his cock, could not help but notice it had a bit more stature to it. Must be the warmth from the gas fire place, and the Scotch I thought. Having taken his glass, I must have hesitated for a moment as I heard him say, "You going to get me that Scotch?"

"Oh, sure, be right back with it, can I get you anything else?"

"No, the Scotch is fine, and maybe you should get yourself another drink as well, I hate drinking alone."

When I returned with our drinks, Bill was lounged back into the sofa, his arms stretched up over the back, his legs parted, the robe partially open, his thick flaccid cock dangling between his legs, supported by two pear sized and shaped balls. All I could do was stare at it as he smiled, and then spoke. "You like what you see, or just amazed at the size?"

Blushing, realizing I'd been caught staring at this almost strangers cock and balls, I stammered, "Both." I wanted to turn away, but my feet seemed frozen in place. "It's the biggest cock I've ever seen."

"Good" he said as his smile broadened. "Why don't you bring me that Scotch and have a closer look at it."

Again, I was gazing at his cock which had noticeably swollen, and I could not resist his subtle command. As I moved to obey his words, I suddenly noticed he'd pushed the coffee table out of the way while I'd been off to get his Scotch.

As I handed him the Scotch, he took my drink as well and tossed a throw pillow on the floor between his now fully spread legs and said, "I think you will find kneeling on this far more comfortable than your hardwood floor."

A part of me wanted to refuse, but the other part of me seemed to be winning as I unconsciously began to lick my now dry lips. A voice inside my head kept screaming over and over again, "Oh My God, he's got a big dick!" It was as if the shear size of it was overriding my senses, washing away all resistance to his commands.

I stared at his cock, looked into his eyes as he smiled and said, "Come on boy, you know you want to touch it, now kneel

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