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She loves oral sex as much as he does.


The two execs jump up out of bed and quickly throw some clothes on. They run outside and see a green and gold, pimped out van in the parking lot. It's loud horn beeps and they go over to it. Another cousin of mine, Fat Bastard (from the Austin Powers movies) opens the side door. "GET IN HERE NOWWWW ARSEHOLES!!" He yells, with his thick Scottish accent. The execs quickly squeeze in past Fat Bastard and sit on the floor. The van speeds off.

The execs fall over from the speed of the van, then sit back up. Their eyes go wide. They see my personal sex toy Sunny (WWE Hall Of Fame Diva Sunny) getting her throat roughly fucked by yours truly. She spitting up all over the floor... her fucking saliva is hanging down, vomit is everywhere. I'm holding her head all the way down on my cock, while I pound her fucking throat with it. I pull her head up and she pukes all over my cock again. I force her head back down on it.

Sunny laps up her puke and saliva from my hard throbbing cock, while I abuse her throat some more. Her gargling sounds are loud... they reverberate through the van... as I use her fucking throat. Sunny is my fuck bitch... my property. I grunt, as the HBO execs stare in disbelief. I shoot a huge wad of jizz down her throat.

Sunny makes sure to swallow every fucking drop. I hold her head all the way down on my cock, making sure she does. When I'm done feeding my bitch her jizz breakfast, I let her head up. She looks at me for approval, her face all covered in puke and saliva, her makeup smeared and running down her sexy face. I smack her face and rip her pink shirt open.

I pull Sunny's big titties out of her pink lace bra and smack them hard, pulling and twisting her rock hard nipples, as hard as possible. Sunny screams in lustful pleasure. I spit in her face... she happily laps it up... and i smack it again. I finally look at the HBO execs. Their mouths are wide open, as they stare at me.

The execs finally gather themselves enough to talk. "It's a pleasure to meet you James... Ummmm... you certainly know how to make a first impression." The exec smiles meekly, reaching out to shake my hand.

I motion for Fat Bastard to switch places with me. He walks over the two execs, carting right in their faces. "Oops... Sorry bout that one... it was a squishy one." He giggles. The execs almost puke for the stench.

I sit in the big captains seat and wipe off my myself with a towel. Fat Bastard starts looking at Sunny a d smiling. He's horny. "Do her." I tell him.

"Yes sir... thank you boss man." Fat Bastard grabs Sunny and throws her up on the comfy bed in the back. She screams, startled by his move. She smiles. Sunny loves rough sex. He climbs up on top of her... his giant body covering her. Fat Bastard quickly pulls Sunny's clothes off and his own also. He throws his plaid Bermuda shorts at one of the execs. They land on his face. The exec quickly tosses them off and gags.

Fat Bastard slams his super fat cock up Sunny's well used pussy and goes to work. He farts and fucks. He starts singing some Scottish song, while he plows up Sunny's honey hole, his giant, fat ass, slamming onto Sunny. He big ass cock, pussy molesting her. The bed shakes, as his singing gets louder. His hugely fat and hairy, farting ass, slamming hard onto Sunny. His super fat cock pistoning in and out of Sunny's landing strip topped cunt, with bulldozer power.

"OH FUCKKKKK!! Sunny squirts... Fat Bastard farts a huge one.

"OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY DEARY!!" Fat Bastard cums his splattery load. It blasts out then stops then squirts out. He's a weird cummer. He farts again... then falls asleep on top of Sunny.

"Ummmm... I... Ummmm..." The exec stares at Fat Bastard laying on top of Sunny and stammers. He shakes his head to clear it. "I mean... it's gonna be a pleasure to work with you James. This show is gonna be the most talked about show ever. You being you and living your life. It's a sure fire mega hit." He smiles.

"Yeah." I keep it short.

"So do we have a deal?" He extends hi

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