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Eve and her mentor have a meeting of the minds... and more.

"Oh, just messing around in his lesson." Jess replied casually, walking towards the gym. "I couldn't be bothered with him."

"I could be bothered with him." Hayley said, fluttering her eyelashes. "Any day of the week."

Jess just rolled her eyes at her friend's seduction techniques, and they made their way into the changing rooms. Jess instantly grabbed the space that she always used, and Hayley joined her.

As Jess watched her best friend start to undress, she couldn't help but feel slightly turned on. Jess wasn't particularly into women, but even she couldn't deny that Hayley was hot. Jess shook her head, turning the other way. She quickly changed into the miniskirt and tight polo-shirt that was her sports kit.

Upon leaving the female changing rooms, Jess spotted Mr Davies talking to the males sports teacher. She frowned, and wondered what Tom was doing there. She didn't have any more time to wander, because the very man she was lusting over came towards her.

"Hey, Jess, you're in Mr Anderson's class, right?" Tom asked.

"Yeah." She replied.

"He's broke his leg, I'm going to be covering him for the next few days until they can find a replacement. I figured we would do a little basketball today." He explained.

"Sounds great." Jess said, a sly smirk creeping across her face. "Perfect, actually."

She walked into the Sports Hall and over to the basketball court, where a few of her friends were waiting. She talked to them quietly for a little bit. Mr Davies split the girls up into teams of four, and they set to work.

Jess found that more often than not, Mr Davies was circling her game of basketball. She took this as an opportunity to tease him, and made sure to jump a lot. With her skirt being so short, and him being so close, this resulted in occasional glimpses of Jess's thong for Mr Davies. By the end of the game, Mr Davies was rather worked up and Jess was rather tired. They had won the game, but at what cost, Jess wondered. She quickly changed in the changing rooms, and left the sports hall before Tom could question her on it.

At 4pm, Jess knew that it was time for her detention. She left her last lesson early, to make sure that her appearance was just perfect. She waltzed into his classroom confidently, looking around for any sign of her favourite teacher, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Mr Davies? Tom?" Jess called.

Suddenly, she felt a hand clamp around her mouth, and she was pulled into the supply cupboard. She wanted to scream, but the person was too strong.

The door to the cupboard was closed, and the light turned on. The hand around her mouth was released, and just as Jess was about to scream, she caught sight of a pair of soft brown eyes.

"Tom." She breathed.

"Hello, Gorgeous." Tom replied, laughing slightly.

"I thought someone was trying to kidnap me." Jess said, punching him on the arm.

"No, just me. It's time for you to serve your detention." Tom said deeply, his voice filled with lust.

Tom pulled Jess into him, so her back was pressed against his crotch. She could feel his dick was hard, and it turned her on greatly. Tom started to place a trail of rough kisses down her neck, making Jess shiver, until he bit her neck, when she moaned.

"Sh, baby, we can't have someone catching us." Tom said quietly, and Jess simply nodded.

He took Jess' top off, and she did the same for him, admiring the hard six pack that remained hidden all day. She ran her fingers down his chest as he pulled down her bra strap, freeing those breasts he simply loved to stare at. He began to roll her left nipple back and forth in his fingers, making her bite her lip to stop herself from moaning in pleasure.

"Stop it, you'll make me scream." Jess chastised.

"You have no idea how much I want that." Tom replied.

Jess decided that she had had enough of Tom's teasing, and her hands travelled down to his crotch, which was covered by a pair of black jeans. She cupped it in her hands, and felt it harden more.

"Holy shit, J

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