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Sara and Jim attend an unusual swingers' party.

My bed was going to be an awful mess after today, but I'd had the best birthday ever!

* * * * * * *


I don't know how I survived an afternoon of teasing or Dave finally making love to me. I must have dreamt about us being together a thousand times, but never did I imagine anything like the reality. It was the most incredible feeling to have him buried in me and then coating my insides with his release. But more than that, it was not just losing my virginity it was making love with the man who had been in my dreams for so long. I never thought it could really happen.

Afterwards, I was left with a pleasurable ache and the feeling of being empty for the first time in hours. I wanted him again almost immediately but neither one of us was able to do anything about it. I was so glad that despite the teasing during the day and the fact that we had ended up playing roles, when he finally took me it was soft and gentle and I could see in his eyes how much he wanted me and loved me. The exertion during the day meant that we just stayed in bed for the rest of the evening, dozing and kissing when we were both alert. Our legs and arms wrapped around each other, keeping as much closeness as we could. Even if right now I couldn't get it up if I tried, I wanted every moment in his arms that I could get.

I had learned so much about myself. Not just about my submissive side, but how much making another person happy could mean to me. Particularly when it was Dave and I was making him moan in pleasure. Much as I had enjoyed being the top, I now knew I enjoyed receiving a lot more. Thankfully, we had plenty of time over the weekend to keep on playing with each other. When I woke on Saturday we were still wrapped up together. It was only the second morning of there being anything between us, but I was already very used to him being with me.

Instead of waking on my own, frustrated that the love of my life was across the hall, now I could wake with him in my arms, or me in his, and before long we would be sucking or fucking as the mood took us. My virginity almost seemed a distant memory even though it was only yesterday. Less than 24 hours since we had agreed to our relationship, I had his cock in my mouth, slowly waking him with soft kisses and licks. I heard him moan as his first indication that he was awake, and then his hand was slowly stroking through my hair while I went to work properly, soon coaxing his load from him.

When I had finished and cleaned him I moved back up his body, kissing and licking his soft skin as I went. He smiled at me when I finally came face to face with him and pulled me to him for a good morning kiss that took my breath away. Neither of us could stop smiling at each other. It was that first flush of love that I had read about so many times but never thought I could experience with the one I wanted. Soon he was returning the favour of a blowjob and my mind was blank except for the pleasure he was giving me.

We did finally get up, and I felt muscles I never knew I'd had before complaining as I stretched out. Still, each twinge reminded me of what Dave and I had done and it was well worth it. I didn't mind the idea of even more twinges tomorrow either. That thought must have shown on my face because Dave grinned at me when he saw it, and I could tell he was thinking something very similar. Neither of us bothered dressing and we headed for a quick shower together, hands all over each other. Then it was to the kitchen for what I was now going to call refuelling, because the only reason I wanted to eat was to have more energy to have rampant sex.

'How are you feeling today?' he asked. It seemed slightly odd, and I didn't know if he was talking about my sore muscles, used asshole, our new relationship or our discoveries of yesterday. Still, the answer was the same.

'Great!' I grinned.

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