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Professional woman falls in love with young teacher.

"Set up the cameras my boy, over to the left and the right, the video cameras." Justin did so, "This will make a great video for my _Ancient Pervs_ website."

"If you say so, dear Aunt Adele." He methodically set the digital video camera up, then hooked it to another in the opposite corner. Punching the start button, he returned to the bed and waited for her next instruction.

"Now Justin, come take off my housecoat." Justin unbuttoned it and drew it back. she was completely naked underneath. Her old skin as heavily wrinkled and her bulby tits hung limply down past her navel. "Take the two by four with the cord and put it under my tits, with the cord over my neck." He put the cord like a necklace over her neck and lifted the floppy boobs to lie on the board, making her look like an old Thirties cigarette girl with her tits as the merchandise. They draped far over the edge and she swayed them back and forth. "Hi, little floppies! What a good time we'll have tonight! You don't know what's coming to you, my poor little nippies." She grabbed her grossly sagging tits and gave them an affectionate squeeze. The air in the room was relatively warm, but her huge three-inch wide nipples were already starting to perk up. "Now, open the toolbox and tell me what you see."

Justin opened the box. "I see a hammer, a travel bottle of baby oil, several small nails, some vise clamps, a green cloth, a small whip with several strands and a flyswatter. What is on your senile, perverted mind, old lady?"

"Remember you promised me anything I wanted this first night, right Justin?" He nodded his head. " All right. Take the hammer and a nail in one hand. I want you to take the skin of the outside of my right breast and push it thin with your fingers. Splay it out thin. Good boy. Now I want you to nail it to the board, dodging any obvious veins and arteries."

"Nail the skin of your breast to the board?" Justin's mouth curled in horror.

"Yes, please," she said with the same bright smile she used when asking him if he wanted another piece of cake.

"We've done a lot of kinky shit to your body since the day two years ago when you lost the bet two years ago and I first whipped your tits. May I ask you if you've gone completely out of your mind?"

Adele continued beaming. "Yes, but the answer may surprise you. Call it Aunt Adele's Perverted Acupuncture. Even time you've had that kind of fun with me, making my skin red with your whip or tying my tits till they're blue, the arthritis in my joints stops hurting as much, the pain in my back fades, and my cunt starts gushing like I was a teenager. All the pain you cause me up here will make me feel so much better overall. If we go a bit farther, I ought to feel like a young woman again, so do what I tell you, boy." Justin hesitated, a look of disbelief on his face. "You'll get everything I have when I die, every last penny, lover. Everything here and everything abroad. I'm just as sane as I ever was. Just do as I tell you. Nail my tits to the board."

Justin shook his head and stepped away. "But what if I do permanent damage to you? What if this goes too far? I'm just afraid of what your new nurse Brenda is going to think about this when she examines you tomorrow morning, what she's going to think about us, what she's going to think about me?"

Adele grinned broadly. "I'm eighty seven years old: how long do you think 'permanent damage'means to me? Two years? Five years? New nurse Brenda told me about this routine when I told her about how abuse makes me feel better. I almost exploded without touching myself listening to her describe this to me. She knows what she's doing. You won't hurt me too bad if you follow directions, and she can take care of any superficial damage. That will be round two of the Perverted Acupuncture tomorrow when that wonderful iodine hits my floppies."

"Is this what nursing homes are doing to old women these days, playing advanced dungeon games

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