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Chance encounter with stepmom leads to more.

He closed his door, stripped off his towel and started wiping the cum off of his chair, hoping that his brother did not see the drops of cum near where his head would be.

His chair cleaned, Alex sat down and began working on his studies. Alex had always been studious, especially since his dream university was local and one of the best in the country. Every high school has those students that have one dream school, and if they didn't get in they would think that their life is over; Alex is that student at his school. And getting onto the waiting list wasn't an option, since the chance of getting off the waitlist and into the school was about one percent. So this was his normal daily schedule: go to school, go home, jerk off, then do schoolwork until it was time for bed. Alex had no clue what was in store for him when Seaside University told him their choice, the choice of the Head of Admissions, Patrick.


Alex jumped off the bus and ran to the mailbox that held his fate.

I will either get in and continue my planned path or get rejected and my life will be over, Alex thought.

He grabbed the envelope and ripped it open on the way to his room. Patrick was ready with his camera across the street, waiting for Alex's normal routine. Instead what he saw was Alex run into his room, slam the door as hard as he could, and start crying into his bed. The slam of the door was quite loud, and Patrick saw some concerned neighbors peek out of their windows but not much else. He decided to go over and make sure everything was ok since Alex was all alone.

Alex heard the doorbell ring and assumed it would be his brother so he just yelled out between sobs "It's open!" without a second thought.

Patrick took this as an invite in so he made his way up to Alex's room, "It's neighbor Patrick from across the street," he announced on his way up the steps.

Alex had an "oh shit" moment, grabbed the towel that was hanging off his chair and wiped his tears away. He put down the towel and sat up on his bed just as Patrick turned the corner.

"Are you alright?" Patrick asked.

Alex could not keep it together, he had nobody to vent to since his brother was not that close and his parents would not be home until very late at night. He let out a sob, shook his head, then put his face into his hands to let out some more tears. Patrick did not really understand, so he took a look around the room. That's when he noticed the letter his school sent out every year that would disappoint so many.

There was now an internal struggle in Patrick's mind, his morals and his lust were at war. Watching was one thing, but this path would lead to something completely different. His mind flashed back to the day before, when his body was going crazy watching Alex get lost in pleasure. He felt his crotch become more cramped as his cock grew, and he knew there was no going back.

"Alex, calm down. I can fix this for you," he said, as he took out the letter and read 'waitlisted' on it.

Alex's sobbing had slowed down, and he asked, "How?"

"I know the Head of Admissions, so I can 'put in a good word' for you and get you in."

"You can?" Alex said, surprised at this turn of events.

"I can, but you have to do something for me as well," as he finished his statement, he put his hand on Alex's thigh.

Alex now realized what was happening, he wasn't just trying to be nice and cheer him up, he wanted more. Alex always considered himself straight, maybe curious about men but he never thought he would be with a man for the first time under these circumstances. Alex thought about what it would be like to give another man a handjob, and how another man's cock would feel in his smooth hands. And while Alex was wrestling with the idea of giving another man a handjob, Patrick was thinking of so much more. He had a long term plan already working in his mind, and this was just the first step in that direction.

How bad could it be? Alex thought, It will be just like when I play with mine, and once he cums I will be in my drea

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