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Divorced mom meets the coach.

"So, we have established your into kink, that's good considering the nature of my work. Am I also safe to assume from your meek demeanour that you are in the position of the submissive when you read my books?"

Jessica nodded, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "yes ma'am, always", she said meekly.

"Excellent, time for your first little test. I like, from time to time, to role play a little in the office. Helps my juices get flowing...." Samantha said pausing, before a grin erupted on her face "the creative ones of course"

Jessica blushed as the conversation continued.

"As my PA you will be required to fulfil certain roles during this time, so I want you to get out of that chair and kneel on the floor over here like my slave." Samantha said matter of factly pointing around her side of the desk at the floor area by her feet. Jessica was stunned and sat in the chair frozen in fear.

"I don't like repeating myself Jessica, I said get out of that chair and kneel by my feet, NOW!" Samantha said with a flash of anger and Jessica almost jumped up out the chair.

As she knelt on the floor she could feel a tingling building in her pussy. She was turned on by this treatment definitely, but in the work place?

"Better, but I'll punish you in future if you make me repeat myself. Do I make myself clear?" Samantha asked as she turned her chair slightly to face the kneeling woman.

In her position Jessica's face was now directly in front of Samantha's stocking clad legs, which Samantha slightly parted to reveal her the tops of her stockings.

"Yes ma'am" Jessica replied, trying not to fall for the bait and stare between the woman legs. She could smell her perfume and it seemed to fill her lungs with every breath, increasing the aching in her moist sex.

"I think we are past ma'am all ready Jessica, you will call me Mistress from now on for the remainder of the interview."

"Yes Mistress" Jessica felt a surge of excitement go through her as she uttered the words she had longed to call someone.

"Now then, tell me about you last role, what happened between you and that pig in the diner?"

Jessica set about explaining about the Danny situation, how he harassed her from her first day. She turned him down obviously, but this just made matters ten times worse. By the time she was fired she was almost grateful for it.

"So you flee your home town because your boss made sexual advances towards you and made you feel uncomfortable in the work place." Samantha said looking down at Jessica.

"But yet you kneel at my feet and call me Mistress despite the fact we have only just met. Will you regret coming here as well?" Samantha pressed. 'Consider this inappropriate?"

"No Mistress, this is totally different. He was a slimy pathetic man, where as you are a ........"

The phone rang in the room interrupting the conversation. Samantha frowned and grabbed the phone. "Who is it, I'm busy!" she shouted.

She listened for a few minutes to the other end of the phone and finally said. "Oh ok fine. I'll head over now." She slammed the phone down.

Turning to Jessica she smiled at her. "Well then it appears we will have to cut this interview short, but I think I have seen enough." she said. Jessica looked down at the floor fearing the worst, but Samantha stood up smiling.

"I have hope for you Jessica Jones" she said smiling. "Come back tomorrow at 8:00 am sharpe, you will be working for me all day to see how you fit in."

Jessica looked up smiling "Thank you Mistress, I won't let you down. Is there anything I can do for you today? I don't mind helping out"

Samantha paused, leaning over towards the kneeling woman. "My dear there is lots you could DO for me today, but I simply don't have time for it I'm afraid!" she said mischievously. Samantha stood up, her legs were now almost resting against Jessica's face.

"As for any work, that can wait until tomorrow" Samantha winked at Jessica and pointed at the door.

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