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Loving the woman of my dreams.

Sophie didn't know what was going on. Then again, that wasn't so rare for her. Everything seemed to be going so well. Until she felt up against Morgana's purity. As tempting as it was to corrupt, so too was it tempting to let it consume her in a blaze of sexual fire. She felt heat shooting through her veins, her pussy beginning to spasm as white light blinded her in the corners of her vision.

Morgana felt Sophie moan into her mouth, lost in the ecstasy of being smote by her holy light. The blonde's luscious breasts dripped with sweat, her thighs daubed with love juices as Morgana rubbed harder and harder against her nub, driving her into a final release.

Sophie nuzzled into Morgana's neck as her orgasm hit. Her rounded ass cheeks humped against Morgana's hips urgently and violently as she was overtaken by her fatal climax. She sobbed in pure joy as her grabbing hands mashed into Morgana's heavy breasts, spurting her sweet musky fluids all over her dress as she felt white fire ignite within her body.

Morgana dropped back as Sophie fell on her, convulsing and twitching with stuttering moans as she turned to ash in her arms. She let out a deep breath, looking down at her damp dress, wet with a mix of both of their fluids. That was close. Too close.

The tinge of darkness she felt earlier was all too seductive. Had Sophie been a little stronger it may have worked, and she would have turned into a cruel, cackling slut. The idea gave her goosebumps. She gave one last look to her former classmate, now an ashen sculpture, quickly crumbling into the speeding stream.

Poor girl, she thought. Dead before her time, now no one would know her name. She wasn't her biggest fan, but even rivals deserved better than this. She picked up her scepter, dusting off left-over bits of Sophie. Drusila would pay for this.


Drusila crept into the ivory tower, opening the door. She was tense. She couldn't access Sophie's mind link. Likely being blocked by magic sigils in Voroven's tower. Then there was the other matter at hand. Had Scarlett finished her descent into evil? Or had Voroven managed to save her? The inside of the place was as she expected, full of magical trinkets with hefty bookshelves lining the walls. A colorful interplay of light saturated the room from the stain glass windows, the late afternoon sun beginning to shift into dusk. All was still and quiet.

Then she heard quiet moans emanating from further down the hallway. Drusila smiled, they were distinctly female. She made her through the stone corridor, her steps creating echoes as she came ever closer to the infirmary. Drusila crossed the threshold and was overjoyed at the sight.

Scarlett bobbed gently on Voroven's cock, her tangled red hair streaking her sweaty, sculpted back as she milked him for everything he had. Occasionally Voroven made feeble protests, muffled by one of Scarlett's hefty mammaries being stuffed in his mouth. Scarlett was absorbing everything from him, his secrets, his knowledge...his soul.

She should have done this long ago. But then again, long ago she had not been touched by sex magic. Her silken pussy made sucking sounds as she rode him into a slow, drawn out and orgasmic end. He was all but finished, his muscles withered and his bones starting to fracture from the sheer lack of vitality.

Scarlett and Voroven moaned in unison, as he jetted another torrent of his precious seed into her pulsating sex, driving her to release as she felt him take another gulp from her leaking breast. Her strong thighs, dripping with perspiration, gripped around his waist as she held him even closer to her body, clutching onto him as she squeezed him dry.

Drusila looked on like a proud mother.

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