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He takes advantage of the sexy buxom neighbour.

They passed dark doors, closed and locked, behind which escaped urgent moans and the creaks of bedsprings. Liza led Dawn to a closed door at the end of the hallway. Unlike the other rooms, a halo of light glowed beneath the door crack.

"The master bedroom." Liza answered the question before it was asked. She guided Dawn inside. "Don't worry, Little Red; it's completely off limits. You're gonna be safe from all those animals." She closed the door behind them.

At last Dawn felt some semblance of comfort. A meticulously made king sized bed dominated the floor. Framed family pictures and other knickknacks covered the oak furniture. It could have been the bedroom of anyone's parents.

Liza led Dawn to the edge of the bed. They sat beside one another on the plush pillowtop mattress. "I really appreciate---" Dawn's kudos were interrupted by a nervous hiccup. Followed by another and another. It was an annoying habit she had developed long ago. "I appreciate...hic...your help."

Liza ran her manicured fingernails across the side of Dawn's face, freeing a strand of long red hair from her tear-streaked cheek. "That's what friends are for, Red." The blonde's smile twisted into a frown. "Now, tell me what type of man would abandon a sweet little thing like you at her first college party?"

"It's not really Ronnie's fault---"

"Oh, it's Ronnie's fault alright. Jason's too. They're both assholes." There was a hint of fire in Liza's eyes, like she was the one who had almost been raped. "They're all assholes, every last one, but it's that damned brother of yours who deserves the blame."

Jeff? How can she possibly blame him? Jeff had been absent the whole evening.

"He should be keeping creeps like Jason and Ronnie away from his pretty little sister." Dawn was reluctant to blame the ruinous evening on her brother but it was nice to hear that Jeff's anemic fraternal instincts had finally been noticed. "Don't worry about a thing, Little Red. I'll find Jeff and we can have a go at him together." Liza patted Dawn's bare knee and winked conspiratorially. The blond disappeared, leaving Dawn all alone.

For the next twenty minutes she experienced little beside the pounding of music through her head. Once there were ominous footsteps in the hallway. Closer they came, closer still, until an unfamiliar voice shouted a warning that the master bedroom was off limits. A raspy voice offered an apology, echoed by the drunken slurs of his female companion. A few minutes later the door pushed open...

...revealing Liza. "Sorry, Red, but that brother of yours is slippery as a mudcat." Liza sat on the bed. She handed Dawn a plastic red cup. "Don't worry. It's only beer, a little something for those jittery nerves. I think it's light beer, so your pretty little figure has nothing to fear."

Dawn sniffed the amber liquid and took a sip. Lukewarm beer, now that she could handle.

"Seems my old buddy, Jeff, disappeared with a female friend. His car is still on the lawn so he's either up here in one of the bedrooms being naughty or down in the basement being really naughty."

"The basement?" Dawn asked. She licked beer foam from her lips. "What happens in the basement?"

"More like what doesn't happen. Girls get passed around like joints down there. Trust me, Little Red; you want no part of the basement."

Dawn nodded, gazing into the bottom of the cup. "Thanks, Liza. I'm not sure what I'd do without you."

"You'd probably be down in the basement, getting plugged at both ends."

Dawn laughed nervously. She placed the empty red cup on the dresser. Liza shifted on the bed seating herself closer. "Feelin' better, Little Red?"

"Yeah." A trickle of sweat danced down the back of Dawn's neck. "I'm kind of warm, though."

Liza used her hands to fan Dawn's flushed face.

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