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Tom pushes Sylvia's boundaries on date night.

They moved up behind Tom and Charles. They sank down into the water, grabbed the sides of their swimming trunks and yanked downward as hard as they could. Tom and Charles both yelled "hey!" and pulled their shorts back up as fast as they could.

Diana moved away from Tom as fast as she could, expecting some kind of retribution.

Tom turned around and went after her. He reached out his right hand to grab her shoulder, but he missed and grabbed her hair instead. Diana fell backward, screaming. He immediately let go of her hair and went to wrap his arm around her to steady her, but her screams became more desperate...

Diana was immediately thrown back to that night. She panicked. Then she went wild when an arm wrapped around the front of her chest and neck-just like that night. She flailed her arms and legs. She heard a man's voice saying, "Diana, calm down. What's wrong?"

She screamed desperately, "Let me go! Please...let me go! Don't hurt me...!"

When she was suddenly released, she quickly made her way to the side of the pool. She leaned on the edge, shaking and crying. She heard someone coming up behind her. She turned around; it was Charles. She threw herself against him, sobbing.

Charles held her tightly and stroked her back until she calmed down. He knew why she'd panicked. Rick had told him how the attack had happened.

What happened...? Tom looked helplessly at Lynda and raised his eyebrows. Lynda shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. Rick and Jon motioned for Tom and Lynda to come over to the other side of the pool. Rick quietly explained the full circumstances of her attack.

No wonder she panicked...

Tom grimaced. He felt the need to apologize. He saw her calming down, so he moved slowly toward her and said quietly, "Diana, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to grab your hair, I was going for your shoulder and I missed. When you fell, I was just trying to get my arm around you to steady you. I really didn't mean to hurt you or scare you."

Diana smiled sadly at him. "It's OK, Tom. It's not your fault... I know you didn't mean to do it. You couldn't possibly have known that it would scare me. I feel so silly. The circumstances here were nothing like... I'm in a pool surrounded by friends and people who love me...people I trust. I'm just glad I didn't bite you!" she said with a laugh.

Tom grinned back. "Yes, I'm glad you didn't bite me, too! Do you think you'll still be able to trust me?" he asked sincerely.

She smiled. "Yes...of course!" She pulled him down to kiss his right cheek. When he straightened up, she looked up at him with a devilish grin. "The question now is... can you trust me?!" She grabbed the sides of his shorts and yanked on them again. She glanced downward. She could see his thatch of hair. His shorts were stopped from going any further by his cock.

"Why you little...!" Tom muttered as he laughed softly and yanked his shorts back up. He looked at Charles. "Don't you think you should tell your wife to stop trying to pull other men's shorts off?"

Charles looked at him and laughed. "Hey partner...you've got the same problem with your wife... I mean future wife! She tried to yank my shorts off, too!"

Not wanting to make them feel left out, Barbara and Dawn looked at each other and grinned. They grabbed Jon's and Rick's swimming trunks and yanked on them.

Charles and Tom turned around and laughed when they heard Jon and Rick yell "hey!" They were pulling their shorts back up as Barbara and Dawn stood laughing.

The men glanced around at the women.
Tom said, "What is with you women? Are you always this horny? You all act and talk like you're starving for sex when we know damn well you're getting plenty of it!"

The women laughed harder. The men just looked at them in confusion.

Diana explained as she moved toward Charles. "Yes, Tom, we are always this horny because we are sexual "addicts"-we are sexually addicted to the men we love. I am addicted to Charles and I have to have a fix at least once a day! Isn't that right, sexy man?"

Charles looked slightly embarrasse

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