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A son needs for his mother.

Her legs clenching in tight, holding you in place as you lick her...her orgasm starts, sending her juices glistening on your face, her legs locking down to hold you in place. She holds you in place for a good 30 seconds while she comes down, before releasing your grip. Watching you pull away, we see her juices glistening on your face, a nice glazing for the new slut.

"Sir, may I clean up" the meek question comes from you.

"Nope, wear it for now. You look good that way." Before pointing to the floor, motioning for you to sit there instead of on the couch.

The next couple hours go by uneventfully, while I get what little work done that I can. My two older leases took a break to hit the pool, while you listened to the same 'briefing' that I gave you earlier, just this time it is for Jezy.

The early evening is as uneventful as late afternoon, with what could be thought of as a normal dinner, minus the fact that all 4 of you are completely nude at the table. Shortly after dinner, Angel and Denny leave to go downstairs, before I have you pick your plates up and make sure the kitchen is orderly.

"Join us in the basement when you're finished there" I say over my shoulder as I walk downstairs.

A few minutes later the two of you walk downstairs and emerge from the staircase, still almost glued together, it seems.

"Perfect timing, you two" I perk up as you turn to see us. My hips never stop moving as I leisurely saw in and out of Denny's velvety slot. You notice just how slick I look as I withdraw, her body arched as she's bent over a low bench, perfect height for her use. Angel is on her knees, lips interlocked with Denny, tongue diving in her mouth.

As the two of you huddle together barely into the room, I wave for you to get closer, before telling nobody in particular

"I somehow picked the shy ones this time" before pulling my hips back further, letting my cock slip out of Denny's warm, wet embrace.

Angel pulls away long enough to blurt out "What good is a shy cock-sleeve?" Before going back to Denny's lips.

"Jezy, here. Now." curling my finger up, then pointing at the next bench over...the more menacing of the two, that had been hidden by our collective bodies earlier. This one includes straps for the wrists and legs, so you can't escape what's coming to you.

"Lina, Denny requires your tongue."

As I dismount and move away from her, giving her a light loving slap between her legs and taking my Asian lease by the wrist, bending her over the bench roughly. Angel acts as my assistant, strapping the cuffs around her legs just above the knees, as I hook her wrists in to the bench supports. Thus she's immobilized on her knees, hands off the ground, fully bent over my bench, exposing all 3 of her useful holes.

"Denny, which hole? I would ask Angel, but I know her answer already" a little laugh escapes her as she mouths my cock slowly, never leaving her knees after cuffing Jezzy to the bench.

"Stretch that little ass of hers!" she yelps and almost wails as you lick steadily at her tender, slick slit, nose buried firmly in her ass.

A little shrug of my shoulders "Looks like you've successfully worn off on her" a sly grin on my face as I hold gently onto Angel's hair. She pulls off my cock with a loud pop, turning to push her face between my Asian lease's cheeks, licking at her tightest hole, to get her ready. Taking her task seriously, she drops some spittle on her hole, before lapping at it, watching her body tense each time she makes contact and digs in. Her hands on each cheek, keep Jezzy spread lewdly, that much easier to coat her with saliva.

I take this time to cross the room and reach for some supplies, knowing that I'll need some lubricant to have a chance of fitting inside her.

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