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Nursie is in trouble.

Front and back, she insisted, at which time, my 'thunder-bludgeon' chose that moment to start its rise to prominence. Blinded with soap and her hands on my 'meat' and my balls, there was absolutely nothing I could do to hide myself. All 8 1/2" and thick presented itself to her face, as I stood there, dripping water and soap-suds.

I heard more giggles.

The next moment, my cock-head and shaft were surrounded by a warm, wet, female mouth. Looking down, eyes burning through the suds, I saw my whole damn shaft, down to my compressed crotch-fur, buried in her lovely, dark-red lips. I swear that she gargled on my invading sex-junk, as she dry-swallowed at my shaft and cock-head.

This wasn't just a blow-job. No, I remembered the BJ's I got from my ex-wife, almost perfunctory and hurried. This was the industrial-vacuum-cleaner version, suited to the cleaning of vast, dark places and sucking up everything in its path. My mobility-impaired woman worked her mouth and tongue forward, then back, then around and back to sucking again. Back and forth. Up and down. Around and around. Not spitting, because my cock and shaft were totally slick from being sucked by the slippery mouth-of-life. She took my member into her body, to the point I started to wonder about her breathing enough air to stay alive, but my chance-met darksome-maiden companion swirled my sex-junk around, while my tingling reached an alarming point.

I tried to tell her of my almost-there climax, but all that did was increase the speed of her swirling-sucking. I screamed-shouted, and involuntarily thrust my rigid cock forward, as she took my turgid member deeply into her mouth.

I came! Down her throat, as she clenched my spurting cock-head with her swallowing muscles.

I spasmed, and she just sucked harder, grunting and groaning through her nose and occluded throat. She swallowed gobs of my man-seed and tried to suck out more. I started to soften, but this near nympho-of-oral skills kept at it, just avoiding my super-sensitive glans, but attending to my shaft, until, finally, soft and small, I fell out of her lovely mouth and fell to my knees, there in the shower, with the warm water continuing to cascade over us.

I faced a legless very dark black women with awesome tits and her fur trimmed to a simple 'V.' Her open mouth, rimmed with a smile, showing that every drop of my semen was now residing in her stomach. Then she giggled, saying, "Not bad for a guy who was a total stranger three hours ago. I loved doing that. I want your cock in my mouth, on my tongue, down my throat and I want it hard and full of man-juice. I want it often."

"You, sir, are now elected to be my lover. End of discussion. No, you don't get a vote."

Now, she suddenly stated, "Let's get dried off. Then you can carry me over to the bed. I love your hands on my naked butt. Look at me, stripped bare. See what you just sucked and kissed on, while I look over what I just sucked and kissed. We gotta figure out how we're gonna eat dinner, then take a nap."

Staring at her naked body was easy.

Dinner was equally easy, as I ordered room service from the hotel's restaurant. I had the big steak and sides, with a soft drink, but Kimbra had me order her the smallest steak and a dinner salad, with just lemon on it, plus water.

When I raised my eyebrow, she replied seriously, "After the accident, I was cut in half. That means that a lot of energy-hungry muscle and bone mass of my legs was removed. Despite all the exercise I do, now I have to eat small amounts in little bites, because I have to keep my body trim and slender. It'd be so easy just to give in and put on a lot of weight, but I just won't. So it's the kid's menu for me or half-portions."

I quirked the other eyebrow up, looking at where her legs ought to be, or even 'stumps' (damn, I hate that word). She answered my un-spoken question, saying, "Not just yet, lover. Yeah, you'll get the full monte revealed pretty soon, but not right now."

"Just remember, though.

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