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He catches spoiled Sister having sex with local politician.

I arrived at 2.30 pm and had to will myself not to walk directly to the Memorial. So I had a coffee at the Cafeteria in the Park.

Finally, I walked up to the Memorial and waited, then I felt this thing sticking in my back and began to panic when I heard you say don't move. I am sorry master but I had to see the face of the man who has dominated my body and my dreams. I thought it a kindly face but one of great strength if angered.

You led me over to where you took the photos and even before the first shot, my cunt was aching to be filled with your fingers or better. Then Tim and Alan walked past, I felt my cheeks flush as I saw Tim nudge his pal and they both looked directly at my cunt. That excited me and I had to fight the desire to play with it for you and them, so hard.

Then you took the other pictures and I did not see anyone else react so I calmed myself thinking that I had got away with this public exhibition of my cunt. Then Horror of horrors as we walked I saw Tim and Alan sat there smiling as we approached. I know what you said to them before you led me away to the bandstand but my heart was pounding and my cunt dripping.

When you took me behind the bandstand, I thought it was my chance to impress you by sucking your cock, but you quickly changed that impression. You told me what you wanted me to do and I almost ran away, to be topless was bad enough in a public park but to give two strangers facial blow jobs and then have to wear their trophy loads on my chest whilst going to your place, horrified and yet exhilarated me. I wanted to be your complete cum slut and obey your every command.

Later in your home, you demonstrated your kind side by wrapping me in that towel, and I could not believe the range of toys you had on display for me to see. Your right the butt plug did fascinate me, I had heard of them but never seen one let alone handled one. You caught me out; I don't know how because I was sure I had replaced it exactly as it was. But you knew straight away I had moved it.

When you applied that balm to my arse, I had to hold my breath the heat started straight away, and then you showed me the delight of anal intrusion with the butt plug. Again you applied the balm to my tits and cunt lips and it seemed my entire body was on fire. My nerves jingled and all seemed directly attached to my cunt, I wanted so much to cum right then but knew the punishment would not make it pleasant for long.

When you applied the nipple clamps I was UN aware that they vibrated and it came as a systems overload to feel the strong vibrations flooding into my tits and straight to my cunt.

I loved the feeling of being bound helpless and the dildo was a real finishing touch. I lost count of the times I came as I lay there waiting your return and each time you did it was to increase the throbbing sensations in my cunt and on my tits. I felt I wanted to swoon from the pleasure you were giving me, and yet wanted to savoiur the feeling of power you had over me.

When it was all over, and you instructed me to shower, without playing with myself, I was disappointed and had hoped you would join me to allow me to suck of that large firm shape in your trousers. But I was glad ultimately that you did not, for the privilege of riding your cock when we went to bed more than made up for it. To feel your thrusts into my arse as you took my anal sex cherry I knew I wanted you as my master for ever.

To feel your cock spurting deep within my arse made my life seem so right. I was surprised master that you did not bind me before going to sleep, but to feel the heat of your body against your worthless slave's body was binding enough.

Thank you master for the most exciting and fulfilling day of my life ever.

Your devoted slave, Tammy.

Slut Tammy,

Your Behaviour on Saturday was pleasing to me and as such that is why I allowed you to go on top, your reward for working hard to please me.

Your report pleases me further, however.

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