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Police investigator Roy Buck is injured in a bombing.


Haru started to lower his hands but stopped abruptly as she said sternly, "Stay as you are, I haven't finished yet."

Haru felt his whole body tense as she walked over to the small desk and came back with a tube of KY jelly. She made a point of squeezing some out and covering two of her fingers with it knowing that he was watching and anticipating.

She then moved around behind him as she said, "Mr Takahiro's instructions were that we must be thorough with our search, especially body cavities.

Now, try to relax and bend forward a little."

Haru felt the blood pumping back into his penis again as he could not disguise the excitement he was now feeling as he anticipated the female guard's next move.

He felt her hand pull one of his buttocks aside and then the sudden coolness of the jelly as she wiped her fingers over his anus.

He felt her searching out his anus with her jelly covered finger tip and then gasped as she found her target and slid her slippery finger up inside him.

He caught his breath and continued to gaze at the floor as his penis felt like it would explode if it got any stiffer.

He felt her moving her finger around inside him as she commented light heartedly, "your prostate feels healthy."

He felt her finger stop moving but it was still deep in his rectum as she said, "Now let's watch my colleague search your wife."

The female guard then put her hand around his belly from behind and pulled him back, away from the centre of the room but still keeping her finger firmly inside him.

Haru felt humiliated as he looked up and gazed toward his wife Naoko. The female guard wiggled her finger inside him saying, "I bet you're looking forward to watching my colleague do his work."

Haru didn't answer but felt very aroused as the male guard turned to Naoko saying, "Stand on the foot prints, face your husband and place your hands behind your head."

Naoko did as she was asked knowing that this old over weight man would soon be abusing her.

He moved up close behind her until she could feel his hot and slightly putrid breath on her neck.

She took a sudden long intake of air as the guard placed his sweaty hands on either side of her waist.

Haru watched the guard slowly run both hands up each side of Naoko until they were under her arms. He saw the lecherous leer on the guards face as he moved his hands back down to her waist, pulled the blouse from the waistband of her skirt and then slipped each hand up inside the blouse.

The blouse was too tight to accommodate the guard's hands and as he forcefully pushed his hands up inside toward her breasts the buttons of the blouse popped off one by one until the sheer black fabric hung loosely either side of Naoko's breasts that were now being cupped by the old guard's hands.

Haru watched, almost ashamed of his arousal as the guard roughly mauled his wife's breasts. He pulled and squeezed them, lifting each one by pinching her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, pulling and stretching them painfully causing her to squeal.

"Nothing hidden here then," said the guard with a huge smirk.

He then released her breasts which were now completely naked with the button less blouse gaping open. Haru could see the red marks left by the guard's hand but could not fail to notice that Naoko's nipples looked aroused and erect.

"Stay there and do not move," said the guard, as he walked over to the small desk.

Once more the sound of latex gloves being snapped on filled the room. Haru could see Naoko's eyes fixed on the actions of the guard who was squeezing out KY jelly onto one of his gloved hands, liberally coating each finger.

The guard slowly walked back, the KY glistening on the fingers of his gloved hand and said to Naoko, "Now turn round so that you are facing away from your husband. Place your feet back on the footprints and then bend over. I'm sure your husband wants to see how I conduct your intimate search."

Haru watched, trying to hide his excitement as he watched his wife do as the guard tol

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