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Straight Angie falls for a sexy holiday girl.


"Yes, sir."

Sue got out of the car. I could see as she walked away that the short skirt barely covered her bottom. Without panties, her pussy was certain to be visible when she sat on a stool.

It was only five minutes after she left that I followed her, but by the time I got to the lounge, there was not one man, but two, chatting with her.

True to my instructions, she did not appear to notice me as I sat several stools away at the bar and ordered a beer.

Dressed like a slut, Sue was still attempting to appear a bit shy. It wasn't working. The two men were totally absorbed with her, and I could hear one of them telling her he was from Cleveland. The other just mentioned Chicago. One was heavier, perhaps 50. The man from Chicago was better looking, younger, dressed in a more expensive suit.

Th conversation went on for perhaps ten minutes, both men glancing from time to time at her crotch. They could see the tops of her stockings, and the garter belt fastened to them. They probably could also get a glimpse of her pussy, since from time to time she would cross and uncross her legs.

The conversation continued, both men trying to edge the other out. Finally the younger man seemed to have had enough. He was behind the older man, but leaned in and said: "Look. Let's cut this nonsense out. How much?"

It took Sue a moment to realize what he had said.

A look of anger flashed across her face, but when she spoke she did so in a quiet voice. "I told you both I am a housewife, and married, and that is the truth. Yes, I am here to have a bit of fun, but I am not a hooker. At least not one you have to pay."

Chicago looked puzzled.

Sue paused and then continued. "I want to fuck. But not with you." And with that she took the arm of the older man and led him out of the lounge. The bartender looked at them walk away, and I am sure he thought she was a hooker, too. I was afraid he might call security, and indeed he reached for the phone.

"Stop," I told him.

He looked up at me.

"Come over here before you make that call," I said.

Then I explained in a low voice that the lady was my wife, and that she was not selling sex at all. He grinned. "Ah, one of those husbands who like this sort of thing, huh?" And without another word he put another beer in front of me. "This one is on me," he said.

Chicago looked disgusted, but when a couple of ladies in their 30's entered a few minutes later, he was there chatting with them, buying them drinks.

It was almost an hour later when Sue walked back into the lounge. This time she walked directly up to me. Chicago watched her, but did not approach.

"You didn't tell me what to do afterward," Sue whispered. "I put my panties on. I thought you would want that."

I nodded, and then called Jim, the bartender, over to us.

"Suzie, dear, I explained to Jim that we are married. He was surprised. Tell him, and me, what you just did."

Sue did not hesitate. "I fucked a stranger."

"And how was it."

"Wonderful. God, I came over and over. His cock wasn't all that big, but he sure knew how to use it, and his mouth too." She was looking at Jim as she spoke.

"How many times did he cum?" I asked the question and she turned to look at me.

"Twice. Both times in my pussy. The cum is still in there."

Jim as grinning. "Oh, my," he said. "You are quite the little tramp."

Sue smiled and nodded.

Jim walked away to serve other customers. Sue and I talked about her adventure, and she told me she felt dirty, and that she loved it.

"You are not finished yet, my dear. Not by a long shoot."

She shivered and let out a little squeal." Oh, I love it."

When Jim came back he spoke to me. "I have a break in about half an hour. Can we get together?"

"Do you have a room here," I inquired.

"Not a bedroom. But there is a sofa in the employee lounge."

I told him I would think about it. Sue and I continued to chat about her experience, and she told me the man from Cleveland, Dan, was going to be in town for two more nights and wanted her to return.

She explained that she would have to get permission

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