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A young nurse meets her new patient.


Lucifer shrugs and takes another bite. "She's not mortal anymore."

That doesn't placate Lilith. "You had your choice of millions of succubae! All of them were ready and willing to marry you in an instant. And you go for a human? Why?"

Lucifer takes a long breath, closing his eyes and rubbing his temple with two fingers. Clearly, this isn't the first time my husband and Lilith have been at odds with his choice of a bride. My gut instinct tells me she's a more powerful form of Leyna - jealous that I, a human, bypassed her for the honor of marrying their master. Knowing that a grenade's about to go off somewhere, I scoot my chair an inch to the side, putting a tiny amount of distance between me, Lilith and my now frustrated husband.

Lucifer manages to reign in his anger. "Lilith, we've had this conversation before. I wanted a human girl, so I married one. End of discussion."

Lilith, unfortunately, is persistent. "But why? She's weak, fearful, skinny. She's got no experience with damned souls or torture methods. She doesn't belong here!"

Lucifer's eyes narrow at her. "Lilith." His tone is dark, warning her that she's treading into shark-infested waters.

"I'm only saying that if you had married a demon girl-"

"Lilith, knock it off!" Samael turns to glare at her. "He found a girl to marry and it wasn't you. Deal with it."

That shuts her up. Lilith stares at Samael in shock for a moment, then drops her head and glares at her food. My gut was correct again. She and Leyna are both envious of me being queen. As much are her not-so-subtle anger has rubbed me the wrong way, I'm glad someone besides my husband took my side in this fight. I mentally pat myself on the head. Showing a little respect to the former angels surrounding me has earned me a few allies.

The table is silent for a moment, and I'm able to take another bite of food to soothe my raging hunger.

"The CEO of Goldman sent in a request this morning." Asmodeus, the famed ruler of the lust circle in Hell, breaks the silence.

Lucifer perks up. "What did he want?"

The angel shrugs. "Insurance. He wanted to make sure they'd be covered in case the market crashes again."

Samael scoffs. "Some people just won't accept their own faults."

I stare at Asmodues, curious. "I thought you only ruled over the lustful. How did you know about Goldman's plea?"

Thankfully, the fallen angel gives me a warm smile instead of a rueful glare. "You're correct in that I do rule over the souls of those whose libido got the better of them. But all of us under your husband have direct access to any request made from the human world. It's a failsafe to make sure that stuff gets handled if Lucifer here were to ever go M.I.A."

"Oh." I nod and smile at him. Well, that does make sense. If Lucifer happened to be tied up with creating a war - or, perhaps, tangled up in bed with me -- someone would have to make sure the place ran smoothly.

"If she were a true queen, she would have known that," Lilith growls quietly.

There's a collective groan at the table. My happy mood sinks like a block of cement into my gut. Lucifer's deadly scowl has returned, along with Samael's angry glare and Beelzebub's exasperated sigh.

"Lilith," Samael warns.

She shrugs. "I'm just making a point."

No, you're being a bitch. Please be less of a bitch.

"Lilith. For shit's sake, just stop." Beelzebub mirrors Lucifer's previous action of rubbing his temples. "We're trying to have a peaceful dinner with our new queen and you just can't shut your damn mouth."

Lilith raises her head and stares at me coldly. "She's not fit to be our queen."

That's it.

I can sense the hurricane has landed, but I intend to jump ship before it hits me. Before my husband can erupt on her bitchy demonic ass, I shove my chair back and stand up from the table.

"Michelle-" Belphagor starts.

I shake my head and stare directly at Lilith.

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