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Ride'em cowgirl!

"Oh! Hi! yeah," She said. "When you came in I took one look at you and it made me wet. I hoped you would call."

"Well this is the first time anyone has given me their number without me asking. What's your name?"

"Kerri." She said. We talked for little longer and I found out she was 19. Her dad knew someone worked for the DA and got her that job. She found out how to get to my place. I hung up and waited about half an hour. She said that she had to get ready so I wasn't expecting her immediately. After another thirty minutes there was a buzz at my door. I went to the intercom and asked who it was. It was Kerri so I buzzed her in. She was up at my door pretty quickly.

"Hi," she said as I opened the door. She was wearing a silk and lace tank top and a denim mini skirt.

"Wow you look hot."

"So do you," she said. I stood there looking at her body and taking in her beauty. "Are you going to invite me in, or just stare at my tits?" she said with a smile on her face.

"Oh shit. Where are my manors?" I moved aside and let her in. She walked past me and into my living room area. She noticed the binoculars on the sill and walked over to the window.

"Wow you have a pretty good view."

"Yeah I like it."

"Who do you look at it with these?"

"Your boss"

"DA Rodgers?"

"No the assistant DA Lilly"

"Oh yeah she is really hot." We talked about all the things I've seen her do and how bad I wanted to do with her. After we talked for a little longer she took my hand and put it on her chest. I softly squeezed her tit. It was nice and soft. It was a small B, but it felt good. She put her hand on my crotch and rubbed her palm against my cock as it started to get hard.

Only a matter of minutes went by before we were completely naked. She had a tight little rump and a flat stomach. Her skin was smooth and tanned. She didn't have a tan line anywhere on her. Kerri turned around and put her hands on the window sill and stuck her ass out toward me. The little whore wanted me in her at that moment, and I wasn't going to deny her. I slammed my hard cock deep into her cunt. She let out a long moan and told me to fuck her. I grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her head back hard as I fucked her pussy.

She was just about to come when I noticed Lilly coming into her bedroom with a white guy I didn't recognize. I slowed down my pace and pointed it out to Kerri. Seeing one of her bosses having sex made her really hot. Kerri came. Her juices flowed out of her twat onto my crotch and dribbled down my balls. She was leaning against the window bracing her self as I continued to pound at her pussy. I pulled out and came on her ass cheeks and lower back.

"What the fuck?!" she yelled.

"I'm sorry I didn't know where else to cum."

"No not you. That bitch across the street is with my boyfriend."

"Huh?" I was a tad confused.

"Lilly is with my boyfriend Aaron."

"So? You are up here with me. Is it ok for you to cheat on him and not ok for him to cheat on you?"

"I don't care that he's cheating on me. It's the fact that she is in there with him. I told her that she needed to get a new man because the old one was lame, but I didn't want her to take my man. I'm gonna get that bitch."

"I have a better idea. Tomorrow give me a call when she leaves the office and I'll make sure she doesn't fuck your man again."

"What are you gonna do?"

"Don't worry I'm not gonna do anything bad," I assured her.


I looked through the binoculars and saw her getting naked for Aaron. She pushed him onto the bed and straddled him. That sexy black woman fucked that white boy's brains out. The scene got me hard again and I threw Kerri over my shoulder and took her to my bed.

When I got to my room I threw her down and climbed on top of her. I fucked the little slut one more time before I sent her home. The whole time I fucked her I was thinking about Lilly. Kerri left and went home.

The next morning my alarm went off and I walked over to my window naked and picked up my binoculars in time to watch Lilly roll over and hit her alarm.

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