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Janice pays off her debt and meets Mark.

Your head falls back and your hands instinctively reach up and grasp a breast then between your legs. Your legs are moving and rolling into each other and your breath is staggered.

"It'll continue until you apply the counter measure" She pushes a light blue milky bottle across the counter.

"Please put it on her before she messes up my floor."

I take the bottle and open the top. It has a jasmine like smell and the bottle itself is cool to the touch. I turn and apply it to your shoulder and work in into the spot...Immediately you fall back, relaxed and shocked. you shake your head and adjust your dress, somewhat embarrassed.

Then you look deeply into my eyes and say, "Pay whatever it's worth"

We get home in just about 10 minutes later and you are very eager to try out our new toy. The words of the liquid woman still ring in my head.

"Eventually you must apply the withdraw, the blue counter to the touch, or a person could easily go into too much pleasure and eventually die from it. You must take caution with this but I see that you will greatly use this and that is why I sell it to you"

We head upstairs and I drop the bag with the bottles on the bed. I take you into my arms and I kiss you at first touching your lips then opening my mouth and feeling the heat and the touch of your tongue. You smile and immediately take out the red liquid.

The bottle opens with a popping noise and you approach me and dab the liquid onto my mouth. I feel the intense heat of the liquid and my lips suddenly become sensitive. You cap the bottle and turn it upside down to touch the liquid to the dab and then you dab it onto your lips. You put the cap back on and approach me smiling.

Our lips touch and the world shakes. Time is slowing. I can feel each touch of your lips...each caress and with each caress is a touch of pleasure...heated pleasure...intense the pleasure you get when a man enters you or when someone touches their mouth to your breast for the first time. with each movement of our lips...each sensual brush of our skin. the pleasure is carries us...removes our world...all I can focus on is your lips...your tongue...your mouth. your body is pressed to me...I feel the heat of it...and I press back into you...with each touch...each shift...each gets more and more heightened. our lips are now one thing...over and over... waves of intense...of heat...of impossible.

My hands have your head and You have mine...and we are pressed into each other...lips slammed together...tongues locks and moving and dancing... over and over pleasure waves...we cant take it any much and our mouths move apart just enough to feel the explosion... your body rocks and shakes with it and I feel one continuous spray of me blasting out. I can see fluid rolling down your leg and your eyes are blazing.

I reach over and grasp the blue bottle but you stop my hand and reach for the red again. You dab more red onto my lips and onto yours then you undress and place more red on you, on your breasts...covering your nipples and around your breasts. On your neck...all the way up and down to shoulder. and you drops three drops onto you. On your clitoris and inside you.

I undress and you hand me the bottle and I dab my nipples my neck and three drops of clear red roll down my hardness...I can feel the heat and the intensity of the kiss we had previously is rolling back into us...It never left but it seemed to wait until we were somewhat rested then it began to attack with an intensity. we are facing each other...the red of the liquid is clearly visible on you and you are breathing slowly and deliberately.

I am right across from you and the pleasure is hitting us in waves.

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