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More fun than she can handle or can she?

Linda would already be there, so I was just giving her mom a ride.

I arrived at Dorothy's house at the predetermined time, and she offered me a gin and tonic, saying that she had been on her feet all day. She had showered, but was still wound up, and needed a drink to settle down before we left. According to the plan, Dorothy dangled her shoe off of her foot, rolling her ankle, and saying how she just needed to relax, and that her feet were killing her. Just as they suspected, I offered to help her and give her feet a massage. I knew that I wanted to hold touch, kiss and inhale the scent of Dorothy's stocking feet, but had no idea, that she knew all too well, that as soon as I touched her feet, the game was for all intent and purpose over. I sat on the other end of the sofa, and slipped off her shoes. She had been shopping all day, and had showered, but I did not know at the time, that she had put on the same pair of suntan Leggs Sheer Energy pantyhose (with reinforced toe). After several minutes of gently rubbing her feet, trying my best to hide the fact that I was enjoying the massage much more than she was, she apologized saying that she felt awful. The massage felt so good, but her feet must stink from being in her heels all day.

I gave my best acting job, saying that everything was fine, and that I could not tell that she had worn those pantyhose all day. She then sprung the trap, putting the underside of her foot up to my face, with my nose right at her reinforced toe. She laughingly said you mean you can't smell them. I told her I could but it was not an offensive odor. She then pressed her foot tighter to my face and asked if I was just saying that, or perhaps I enjoyed the strong fragrance. I was embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed the scent of her feet in those nylons, and told her that her daughter would do the very same thing to get me to do whatever she wanted. Dorothy then said, you mean if you smell my stocking feet, you will do whatever I want?

By now I was under her spell, and gently yet passionately held her feet to my face tenderly kissed them, and breathed in the fragrance of her stocking feet. I admitted that I had wanted to do that ever since I first met her. One thing led to another, and within ten minutes, I had my tongue in Dorothy's delicious and previously neglected pussy. After several orgasms, we made passionate love. I did not know at the time, that Linda and Dorothy had hatched the plot, and I was now frightened out of my mind that Linda would somehow find out. Dorothy assured me that it was our secret, and Linda would never find out, but also told me that she could not do without being brought to an orgasm by my tongue. For the next several months, every chance we got, Dorothy would have me kiss her feet in her well worn pantyhose, with me licking her pussy until she could not produce another delicious drop for me to drink. During this time, we gradually expanded our play to include her being introduced to sucking cock. I thought I was in heaven, kissing Dorothy's stocking feet, licking her pussy, and her sucking my cock. All the time, I was making sure that I serviced Linda so she would not become suspicious. Little did I know that Linda and her mom would talk about how she had no idea that giving and receiving oral sex could be so wonderful.

Everything was going according to the plan, which I thought was my plan. Little did I know I was a pawn in the whole scheme. Life as good, until my father-in-law over heard Dorothy talking to Linda on the phone. He was able to discern that his wife was having her pussy eaten by and was sucking the cock of her son-in-law. He did not know that his daughter was on the other end of the phone. He was out of his mind with rage, but did not want to hurt his daughter with the story of her husband's incestuous relationship with her mom.

So, one Saturday morning when Linda and her mom were out, Art stopped by to pay me a visit.

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