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Vincent takes her to a private place.

The kiss broke with a meek coo from Camilla.

"We can try again. I should have never left you," Vanessa said.

Conflict swirled inside Camilla's head, having never truly gotten over Vanessa leaving her. Vanessa was the one person she ever loved. But, for Camilla, it meant risking her career, what she had worked towards her entire life, years of school, money, and dedication. Still in Vanessa's embrace Camilla muttered her next thought aloud. "I thought I was boring?"

Vanessa began rubbing Camilla's shoulders. "Destroying that evidence wouldn't be boring, would it? In fact, that would be just about the most exciting thing you've ever done."

Camilla tenderly squeezed Vanessa's hips, fingers nervously flicking the denim waistband, her head down in shame. "I'll do it... I'll falsify what's here and I'll-- I'll destroy the rest."

"Good girl," Vanessa said, knuckles gliding down the buttons on Camilla's white blouse.

"So... we'll try again... we'll get back together?" Camilla commenced in gnawing on her lower lip, watching Vanessa's hands wander over her svelte body.

"Let's start right now." Vanessa deftly plucked down the buttons on Camilla's blouse.

"Oh god," Camilla uttered during a sharp exhalation, as Vanessa's smokey voice flowed relentlessly into her ears. Camilla's poise decaying by each passing second. "What if someone comes in?"

"What if?" Vanessa undid the last button of Camilla's blouse, then swiftly untucked the shirt from the confines of a pair of expertly-tailored pants. Her fingers slipped under the collar and delicately spread the shirt open pass Camilla's narrow shoulders.

Camilla was frozen, petrified with a deep wanton lust. Unable to fight what her body was screaming for. Her dewy eyes pinned to Vanessa's seductive green gaze. Camilla's sweaty palms lightly cupped her aggressor's elbows, shaking and flinching with each motion her old flame took.

"I see you've stayed in shape," Vanessa said, kneading Camilla's tight stomach and tone obliques. Her hands teasing Camilla's perspiring flesh, eventually reaching around the back and undoing the clasp of a plain white bra. "Mmmm, I do love these little tits of yours, so perky." Vanessa rolled her lithe fingers over Camilla's modest bust, massaging them as she done so. "No tan lines either, I don't remember that when we first met. That's not like you... Unless, unless you're seeing someone? Oh, that's delicious. Are you being unfaithful Cammy?"

The disarmed detective continued to deepen in shades of red.

"You are!" Vanessa gave a sly smile. "Is it a boy? A girl?"

Camilla peered upwards, a glare reflected off her lenses from the fluorescent light beaming down from the ceiling. "He doesn't mean anything to me."

"I can see that," Vanessa said, her eyes traveling down Camilla's petite body. "You're dripping wet." She slid her hand up the inseam of Camilla's dress pants.

This elicited a soft moan from Camilla, whose body now draped over Vanessa's as three agile fingers rubbed her damp, clothed pussy. Till that point she hadn't realized she was soaked down to her thighs with a dark puddle decorating the crotch of her outfit.

"Why don't we let this hair down," Vanessa said. With a flick of her wrist she removed a hairpin, while tousling the detective's silky raven tresses with the other hand. Allowing Camilla's shoulder length hair to flow astray.

Instinctively Camilla kicked off her pumps. Every bit of reluctance and doubt was being overruled by desire.

"You don't need these either." Vanessa cast aside Camilla's prescription glasses.

Unfazed by her $400 frames sliding across the floor, Camilla sensually kissed and nibbled at the flesh of Vanessa's neck. Lust was burning deep inside her. Vanessa was all she could think of. The anticipation for what would come next was driving her mad with arousal.

"This is the Camilla I remember.

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