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She surprises me with a threesome.

So how does that girl do that?"

I turned the video off and said "Just suppose you didn't have to put it all in your mouth. Do you think you could put two or three inches of it in?"

She grabbed my hand and put her mouth over my thumb. "That's between two and a half and three inches, wouldn't you say?' I nodded yes, and she continued, "no problem with that, but how does that help?"

"As soon as we finish eating, the old professor is going to show you. I think you will be amazed at how easy that is."

"I think that watching people having sex has made me horny, and looking at the bottom of that bathrobe, you seem to be a little aroused yourself. So let's put this food away and get to the bedroom."

"Leave the food. Head for the bedroom. Get on the bed, I'll be there shortly." She headed for the bedroom, and I went to the counter beside the sink, where I had already put out two plush hand towels. I got the water temperature just a little warm then wet one towel and squeezed as much water out of it as I could. Then with one wet and one dry towel I joined her on the bed.

"So what are the towels for?"

"Every woman had a different threshold for certain issues. For example, after my lips and tongue spent ten minutes fully engaged in your pussy you did not hesitate to let me kiss you, kiss you deeply, and your tongue and my tongue massaged each other and you did not hesitate. But some women won't kiss a guy who has just went down on them. And my dick spend a few minutes in that same pussy, glorious minutes I might add, and again, some women can put it right in their mouth, some want to clean it up a bit. But tonight you are going to take the damp cloth and clean my dick, because we are going to have an academic discussion of the male penis. So start gently cleaning mine, and tell me what you see."

Over the next three or so minutes I explained to her about the head and the corona and how almost all of the nerve endings that made sex pleasurable for a man were located in that one little area. Then I had her put my thumb back in her mouth, and had her use her lips and tongue to rub on it, and then cup her tongue around one side of it and actually suck on the thumb. When she was comfortable with my thumb, I said, "now, take the head of my dick into your mouth and do the same thing to it that you did to my thumb."

She did exactly what I had asked. For a couple of minutes I simply let my breathing become more audible as the sensations of her tongue and lips working on the head of my dick began to build. "Oh, that feels good," I said after a couple of minutes. "Now stop and let's talk about what happens next." She took her mouth away from my dick. "When my tongue first stimulated your clitoris, how did you feel?"

"Really hard to put in words. It took my breath away and I felt all tingly inside. And it was if for the first time in my life I was aware of what being a woman could mean. It is so hard to describe."

"Then you understand. Oral sex is not needed to procreate, men and women do that to and for each other because it brings out sensations and pleasures that just don't exist in any other part of the universe. Using the popular vernacular, when you give a guy head or he goes down on you, it is purely because you are each willing to do something that on one level might be considered disgusting just because you are wanting to please your partner. Now, the first person to ever give me a blow job also taught me how to return the favor, so to speak. So I have always been willing to see oral sex as a mutual endeavor. I suspect that if we do this right, you can get Tim to the same place I am. Also understand that even thought I love blow jobs, that for me a blow job by itself it is not enough. And here is the funny thing. I have noticed that the better a woman is at giving me a blow job, the more I want to have good old fashioned intercourse with her."

"If you feel my dick right now, you will see that it is rock hard.

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