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Saving a world... and then some!

The wooden joists of the ceiling appeared to rise away from her. She looked up in surprise, startled, until she realised that she was moving. The creature was lowering her, bringing her closer to its other tentacles. Akiha screamed. She renewed her struggles but she couldn't free herself. Again, she hung suspended, but this time only inches from the floor.

"I don't know what you want from me," she repeated, still struggling weakly, and gasping for breath.

As she spoke the fleshy tip of a tentacle rose ominously into her vision. Its blunt tip curled and arched backwards like a snake preparing to strike. It rose sinuously between her outstretched legs only inches from her pussy. Akiha watched, frozen in horrified anticipation, as it slowly moved closer. She began to shake her head slowly from side to side. She tried to move her hips but there was nothing she could do to avoid the tentacle as it drew ever closer.

"No, oh no, please, not that, not there." Her words were little more than a breathless whisper. Her eyes opened wide in shocked disbelief.

She panted rapidly as she looked down the suspended length of her helpless body. Her thighs were spread wide, held fast by the creature's tentacles. She could see her white panties, the thin cotton stretched taut over the prominent bulge of her mound. The fleshy tip of the tentacle flexed with the workings of lithe muscles under the skin. There was a dark hole at its centre that opened and closed and seemed to lubricate itself by slowly exuding a thin trickle of glistening oil.

Akiha moaned with apprehension. She struggled but she was held fast. She was unable to look away but watched with wide, staring eyes as the soft, blunt tip of the tentacle nuzzled deliberately and with shocking intimacy between her wide stretched legs.

"Noooooo!" she moaned. She tried to writhe her hips away but the tentacle moved with her. She saw the fleshy end contract and felt it softly and inquisitively probing her pussy through her panties. Her hips jerked involuntarily at the intimacy of its touch. There was nothing she could do to evade the gently exploring tentacle. She felt it flex tentatively against her pussy, softly clutching her most intimate private place. At the same time she became aware that the oil the tentacle exuded was quickly soaking through her panties, making them see-through, turning her soft, inner thighs slick with a thick and fragrant liquid.

Akiha moaned breathlessly. She writhed and squirmed against the probing tentacle between her legs. She was helpless to evade it. She could feel the muscles inside the flexible, fleshy tube squeezing and caressing her pussy. Suddenly her hips began to thrust uncontrollably. She didn't know what was happening or what it meant. Her stomach muscles tightened. Her body felt out of control. Her breath came in short, agonised gasps, faster and faster until her entire body abruptly stiffened and a ragged, tortured groan was forced from her lips.

Akiha shuddered and convulsed in the creature's unrelenting grasp. Her head lolled. Her legs were suddenly trembling. She was bathed in perspiration. Dazedly, she raised her head.

Looking up she felt as if she were drowning in a sea of waving tentacles. They rose sinuously all around her. There was a faint, elusive musky smell in the air that seemed to be the fragrance of the oil exuded by some of the tentacles. Although she still hung suspended she felt as though she was lying on a bed of slowly writhing tentacles. The creature's eyes appeared shining with a lustrous animal intelligence. It mewled continuously, its distended tongue dripping copious amounts of clear saliva. Akiha was surrounded on all sides by its waving, sleek and shining green tentacles. She could only watch in a shocked daze as they reached for her.

Half a dozen tentacles swayed then curled over her and began to caress and explore her helpless body.

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