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Ruth's sexuality begins to emerge.

You jump with each blow. I tell you to count as I punish you...one, two, three, and your voice becomes more labored with each slap. I can feel your dick, as you squirm, hard against my leg. I tell you not to move anymore, not to make another sound, and I spank you some more. One time my hand lands low, and barely hits your balls, and you let out a moan.

You know you deserve this spanking, because you have broken the rules. You don't want to like the punishment, but you are aroused by it. It causes you embarrassment, but you are excited to have your bottom spanked, to feel it heat up from my blows, to know I'm watching it grow redder and redder with each strike, and that I am watching you writhe. You are enjoying the slight pain, and the fact that you are submitting to me, taking anything I want to give you. After ten blows, I ask you if you have learned your lesson. You nod yes. You promise that you will not come again without my permission. Then I tell you how much you turn me on, that you may now eat my pussy.

You get back on your knees for me, and I stand and pull down my stockings and panties, slowly, while you watch. You are allowed to remove them, taking them from my legs. You slide them down the rest of the way and over my ankles, one leg at a time. You kiss the top of my foot, and all the way up my leg, behind my knee.... I love this...and then the next leg, up my calf, along the inside of my thigh, up higher.

Your face is now so close to my pussy that you can smell how wet I've become for you. You keep your arms at your sides as instructed, although I am dying for you to touch me with your hands as well. You slip your head up, under my skirt. You direct your tongue to my slit, and find my clit with it and being to massage it, stroke it, and suck it with your tongue and lips. It feels so good, and I am soaking wet. I want more, so I take your head in my hands and press you against me. Your tongue presses into my pussy, parting me, entering me. Mmmm. You lap at me; eating my pussy so perfectly, just as I've taught you. My legs are trembling, and so I step back and sit down on the edge of the bed and lie down, bringing my hips just to your mouth level. I put one leg over each of your shoulders.

I need you to touch me now, and I tell you so. Your hands, which have been at your sides, now come up to touch me, and one slides under my blouse to find a nipple to play with, and other finds my pussy and slides one finger into me. You begin moving it, fucking me with it, and then slide in another one, while you are sucking and licking my clit. Almost immediately, I begin to come in your mouth. You lick my juices, cleaning up every drop.

I have to fuck your ass tonight. There is no question. I know you need this, and I need to fuck you. We've been talking about it for quite some time. I want to see your face while you're being fucked, so I instruct you to lie down on the bed on your back, and tell you to raise your knees and spread your legs for me so I can have access to you. I want to look at you. You do this, opening yourself up to me, because you will do anything I ask. You know I want to see you lie there naked, wanting me. Your cock had slightly softened while you were eating my pussy, but I see it growing before my eyes again.

I want you to play with it while I watch, and you do this for me, taking it into your hands and stroking it. So beautiful. One of my favorite things is to watch your touch yourself. I can feel my wetness coming back full force as you jack off for me. You reach down to fondle your balls with one hand and stroke yourself with the other. While you're doing that, I open the lube and start letting it drip down onto you. I tell you it's time to stop touching, and have you hold your legs up now. You obey, and place an arm around each thigh, pulling them up and apart for me. I ask if you're ready to be fucked and you don't speak, but nod your head. I ask again, and you say, "Yes ma'am. Please fuck me in the ass." Mmm. Very good. You are learning.

With your legs lifted,

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