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Happy 10th anniversary, sweetheart..

First Wendy patiently painted his fingernails with two coats of glossy plum red nailpolish. She told him not to smudge the nailpolish before it hardened and explained how women often tried to match their nailpolish with their lipstick.

Wendy applied a coat of foundation to Charles' face and neck and then set it with a liberal dusting of matching face powder and then went to work on his eyes. She brushed mauve eyeshadow onto Charles's eyelids working from the inner corner of each eye to the centre above his pupils. She worked the powder upwards up to his eyebrows and then applied a coat of blue eyeshadow out to the far corners of his eyes, lightening the makeup as she worked it up to his brows and blended the two shades where they merged.

Wendy tut-tutted a little and reached for some pink eyeshadow and applied it liberally around the edges; blending the eyeshadow with a small brush and making final adjustments with her fingertip.

Charles was fascinated with the changes that his mother was making to his appearance. He was transforming into a girl right there in the mirror.

"Ok Charles; turn to me and keep very still now and just half-close your for me; here comes the hard bit; the eyeliner." Wendy's breath smelled heavily of gin and tobacco.

Wendy applied black eyeliner to his upper and lower eyelids, working outwards so that Charles' eyes were framed by the black makeup.

"Open your eyes; lift your head up but look down at my tummy and keep still for me darling ok; I'm going to do your mascara," Wendy explained.

She applied plenty of thick black mascara to his upper and lower eyelashes; fiddling a little as she worked. She explained that as his eyelashes were very fine she had to apply lots of the product to get a good effect,

"Ok nearly there," she sighed and took a sip of her drink.

Wendy applied blusher to his cheeks, then she dusted his whole face and neck with a coating of finishing powder, being careful not to smudge the mascara and eyeliner.

Finally Wendy coloured his lips with a coat of plum-red lipstick, applying a second coat after the first had set. She had him bite down on tissue to take up any excess.

"Perfect," she whispered more to herself than him.

"Look at yourself darling. I hardly recognise you," Wendy beamed and spun her son around so that he faced the mirror.

"Oh my god!" Charles was absolutely astonished.

Staring back from the mirror was gorgeous young woman.

He lifted a hand to brush his fringe from his eye and observed that his long elegant fingers with red fingernail polish were effeminate and in no way out of place.

"I look like a girl," he whispered.

"Yes you do darling and you should have a girl's name. What about Charlotte? That's a lovely name," she grinned; more than a little drunk.

"You can try on some of my high heels if you like; I know you have been doing so. Try stuffing the toes with paper if they are too big; you have such tiny feet," Wendy slipped and hung onto the back of Charles chair for support.

"You can play dressups all night if you want to but I have to get going; I'm already late. Make sure you remove your makeup before you go to bed," she hiccupped.

Charlotte felt so very feminine and was delighted when she was required to help Wendy into her evening gown and zip it closed at the back. Wendy fell asleep waiting for her taxi and Charlotte gently woke her when it pulled up outside.

Wendy awoke with a start looking confused and then her memory returned.

"My lovely daughter," she smiled and kissed Charlotte on the cheek.
Wendy wound her way down the hallway to the front door while Charlotte remained in the lounge room.

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