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Charlotte's friends come to the beach house.


"Ok, I'll talk to you at lunch. Get another one of these new kisses ready for me!" Erica was sincere about that for the first time since they had started dating.

Adam walked along the hallway towards Shannon's locker. He saw her from a distance, and paused. Something was different. Were those new jeans? He walked closer, and saw the girl open the locker and reach up to the top with both hands for something. Her pullover lifted and a firm, finely shaped bottom was revealed. Adam whistled under his breath.

Several other guys in the hall also automatically noticed the fine ass as they were ambling along, and a minor scrum ensued as three of them walked right into each other while not paying attention to where they had been going.

Unaware of the commotion he was causing, Sean found the pen he was looking for and popped it into Shannon's book bag. "Damn lockers got taller since yesterday," he thought.

Adam came up from behind Sean and put his left arm around the redhead's shoulders. Without thinking, Sean grabbed his index finger and twisted it quickly around while turning into the hold, and Adam found himself slammed face first against the wall with his left arm twisted up behind him.

"Whoa, what the heck?"

"Oh, dude, sorry about that!" Sean said as he released the much larger man.

"Why are you calling me dude?"

"Sorry, uh, Adam, bad habit from my brother I guess."

"Did he teach you whatever-that-was, too? I heard he is into martial arts."

"Yeah, I've picked up a few things. I'm a lethal weapon that way." Sean heard himself speak and thought "Jesus, I'm actually flirting, this seems kinda gay."

Adam grinned at the girl before him, "I think you'd be lethal to guys even without the fighting moves, babe."

Sean smiled up at Shannon's new boyfriend, but stepped back quickly to prevent having to kiss him. "Uh, I'm running late, we didn't get here until just now. See you!"

Misty grabbed Sean right after he parted from Adam. "Hey, girl, what's shaking? Got your paper done, or were you up all night thinking about Adam and fingering yourself?"

"Misty, gross! Of course my paper is done. I suppose yours is done, too, since you can't seem to find a boy of your own?" Sean hoped this sort of teasing was ok between girls. Apparently it was.

"Hey, I'm just waiting for your brother to notice me, beyotch. You could be a friend and put in a good word for me next time he is between cheerleaders, you know."

"Is she serious?" Sean thought. He looked the girl up and down: shorter than his usual type, but cute and voluptuous as well. "Dangerous curves," he thought, then said, "Hey, I guess I can't help you overcome your poor taste in men, so I'll be sure to mention you if I get a chance."

Shannon passed the history test easily, but found it difficult to write legibly with her bad hand. She hoped Sean did not lose any points because the teacher could not read her answers. She also took note of the many girls who looked at her new features with varying expressions of speculation, pity, humor and just plain lust. She was forced to wonder whether her brother paid any attention at all to what was going on around him. Surely he had known something was up before she told him?

Sean found it a bit more difficult to get through Shannon's classes. The teachers seemed to expect him to raise his hand and answer questions intelligently like his sister would, even calling on him a few times when no one else volunteered. In those cases, he answered wrongly or vaguely, which got him some strange looks. Misty's eyebrows were raised at times, something else for him to worry about. It got to the point where he was staring down at his desk and praying for the teacher to ignore him.

Sean was able to relax a bit with Misty at lunch since Adam had not started sitting with Shannon yet, wanting to keep their relationship quiet due to Kristen's wrath.

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