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Colin's mother gets naughty when her friend visits them.

Slipping a hand into her panties she fondled her clit, whilst she watched him walk into the bedroom, strip and lie on the bed.

Without saying a word she walked into the room, turned the music on and reached down for her box of tricks. Seeing that Retro was about to say something, she leant over and with the same fingers that had just been pleasuring her clit she placed them on his lips and whispered 'shhhh, no talking'. Taking the scarves out of the box, she gently took his left hand and tied it to the corner of the bed, she did the same with his right hand, she contemplated tying his legs but then thought it might make him uncomfortable. Besides it was only his hands she wanted out of the way.

Retro heard her move around the room and wondered what she was up to. He knew he should feel vulnerable lying there naked and tied up, but his trust in her was so complete that he was totally at ease. He felt the bed move under her weight and tried to guess what she was doing. Her lips gently caressed his and he opened his mouth to give her tongue access. He loved the way she kissed, almost as if her tongue was making love to his. She kissed him deeply, her tongue moving around in his mouth, sliding along his teeth, entwining with his, no other part of their bodies touched, just their mouths.

The kiss seemed to go on for ages until panting slightly she moved away from his mouth and concentrated on his ears. Siren knew just how much Retro enjoyed having his ears nibbled on and licked... she slid her tongue along the inside of his ear and nibbled on his earlobe. Pulling away she glanced down and grinned seeing the effect she was having on him. His cock stood proudly erect and she longed to touch it, but she held off, not sure who wanted it more -- him or her.

"As a reward for being so obedient, you may open your eyes and watch me undress."

Retro opened his eyes and blinked slightly, Siren stood slightly to his left forcing him to turn his head to the side in order to see her. He watched silently as she turning around to face him pulled the short dress up and over her head, letting it drop to the floor. He whistled softly as he gazed at her, she looked beautiful. He noticed she was wearing 'his' g/string and he smiled remembering how she'd dared him to buy it for her.

Siren reached up behind her and undid the clasp on her bra and watched as it joined the dress on the floor. Looking down she ran her hands up over her stomach until they cupped her breasts. She pinched each nipple between two fingers and rolled them around, she loved doing that and it always caused a reaction. She could feel her pussy lips becoming heavy again. Still caressing her breasts she walked towards the bed and stood there.

"Close your eyes again" she commanded.

Just before Retro closed his eyes he saw her start to bend over the bed. He felt her nipple on his lips and opened his mouth eagerly. Licking at her he sucked her nipple into his mouth and heard her groan deep in the back of her throat. If was wonderful to feel her naked flesh and he almost whimpered when she pulled away from him. It had been too short, he wanted to play with her nipples some more and almost told her that, but kept quiet.

Siren reached down and opened her box, pulling out her vibrator she lay down next to Retro with her back to him, so that her back and arse were pressed hard against his side. She turned on her vibrator and felt him jump a little at the noise, she ignored him and put the vibrator on her clit and audibly gasped. It felt so good and she knew it wouldn't be long before she orgasmed. She rolled her nipple in-between her fingers and moved her hips, her arse rubbing against Retro's thigh.

Retro gritted his teeth in frustration, had she any idea what she was doing to him? He had an inkling she did and he refused to let on just how turned on he was.

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