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Pills and potions equals opportunity.

My wife opened the door and we put our things down.

"Close your eyes, " my wife instructed, "I have a surprise for you."

I had no idea what was in store but did as I was told. My wife grabbed my hand and led me back to our large master bathroom. I could tell by the path we walked. My wife instructed me not to move or open my eyes and I did as I was told. I heard the sound of bare feet on the tile floor and some light shuffling. The, she told me to raise my arms. When I did, she removed my t-shirt, leaving me only in my bathing suit.

"OK, you can open your eyes now!" my wife said excitedly.

When I opened my eyes, Ashley was standing in front of me -- in the master bathroom of my house --in her skimpy green bikini and her long dark brown hair flowing down. She had a smile on her face. To my side stood my wife. Needless to say, I was stunned and hadn't at this point figured out what was happening.

"Lynn tells me you really like my teeny green bikini," Ashley said sweetly. "Is that right?"

Still unsure of what was occurring; I shot my wife a puzzled look.

"Go ahead, tell her the truth." My wife encouraged.

"Yeah, I really like that bikini. It's very sexy." I said, careful not to divulge that I thought she, too, was really hot. I had to be careful not to make my wife jealous.

"Lynn also says you think I have a nice ass. Is that true? Do you like my ass?" she asked. Her tone was playful.

"I think you have a great ass! I really enjoy watching you at the pool." I said.

"Well, Ashley has been kind enough to return a favor to me for watching her son, so she's going to help me help you." My wife explained. I knew I was not in trouble, but wasn't sure where this was going.

"Now, Ashley, turn around." My wife directed.

Ashley turned her back to me, standing at the bathroom counter. She put both hands on the counter and stuck her bikini-covered ass towards my direction. I stood facing her and could see her front in the mirror. The view was heavenly. Here she was, right in front of me. Closer up and with her hair down, I found her to be a very attractive young woman with a near-perfect body. Just then, my wife approached me, reached into my bathing suit and untied the drawstring. She pushed it to the floor and my dick sprang free.

"Do you want to cum on Ashley's bikini?" my wife asked playfully, like asking a child if they wanted some candy. She was looking me right in the eyes.

At that point, my cock started to stiffen and began reaching towards Ashley's ass. My wife reached over to the counter and pumped some hand lotion into her palm. Standing at my side, perpendicular to me and Ashley, my wife took her lotioned hand and softly grabbed my rock-hard dick. She began stroking me and I finally realized what was about to take place. I relaxed mentally knowing what was about to happen and let myself enjoy my wife's hand. My eyes never left Ashley's ass and bikini. And my dick was inches away from her ass.

As my wife pumped my cock with her hand, up and down, up and down, soft and slow, Ashley began to softly shift her weight from one to the other and back. It was as if she were a stripper on stage, dancing for me. Every so slowly and seductively, Ashley shook her ass and moved her hips.

"Oh wow! Your dick is so hard!" My wife exclaimed with a big smile. "Look how thick he is. Is he going to cum all over Ashley's little bikini?"

"Oh yeah, stroke me" I said. I was in heaven.

My wife's little hand continued to move up and down on my cock, stroking it, rubbing it. With her free hand, she lightly rubbed Ashley's tight little ass.

"She does have such a nice ass!" my wife agreed. "Do you want to cum on her ass or her bikini?" She asked.

"I can't decide," I said honestly.

"Oh, Ashley, you should see how hard Mark's cock is! He's really likes your ass and your bikini. Why don't you show him your hot little pussy?" My wife commanded.

Ashley bent over the counter so that she was nearly at a right angle.

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