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An added bonus to his Christmas.

sterday and one more time won't do me any harm, especially if you were prepared to pay again?'

'Of course,' he replied, nodding eagerly, 'that goes without saying.'

'All right, why not?' She exclaimed brightly. 'Same place at six this evening?'

He agreed the date and was back at his table when Mandy returned.

'It's done,' he affirmed quietly. 'Let's get out of here before she smells a rat.'

They drove to Rayner's site to give Mandy a chance to reconnoitre the area. The tent was still there, with the boyfriend busy at a Primus stove.

After a few minutes of thought she nodded her head with satisfaction and suggested they should go on to Corfe for a pub lunch.

'You must remember to pick up a packet of condoms,' she reminded him. 'They'll probably have a vending machine in the toilets at the Queens Head.'

They sat in the almost deserted hotel garden with their meal, enjoying the sunshine and each other's company. Mandy was more alert than she'd been for a long time and kept on about the arrangement for that evening.

'Did you manage to find some Durex?'

He confirmed his success by tapping his trouser pocket.

'Have you got enough cash to pay her?'

'Yeah, but I'm not going to be so bloody generous this time,' he growled, 'and I'll make sure she earns every damned penny.'

'Do that and enjoy every minute of it with my blessing,' she said, 'but then grow up and stop lusting after young girls. You need to establish a stable relationship with somebody more mature, or, better still, find another marriage partner for when I'm gone.'

'I'm not trading you in yet,' he answered gruffly, trying to make light of her advice. 'You'll not get rid of me that easily.'

'You've got to face facts,' she replied sharply, 'and I'll rest easier in the hospice if I know there's somebody to look after you.'

'I tell you now, whatever happens, I'm not getting married again,' he told her decisively. 'Nobody is capable of replacing you and I'm not going to make you promises I don't intend to keep.'

'All right, calm down,' she chuckled. 'It's your life to do what you will with, but at least you know how I feel about it.'

'Anyway, I'm much too old and set in my ways to contemplate starting over again,' he muttered as an after thought, partly mollified by her apparent surrender on the subject.

'But you're not too old to go fucking young girls!'

'That's only lust,' he admitted, 'just a physical craving that's pleasant to satisfy. A bit like eating a cream cake, naughty but nice with no long term benefit. You need to love a wife!'

'Do you love me still, after all this time?'

'You know I do.'

'Then say it.'

'I love you,' he dragged the words out slowly as her face lit up.

'Thank-you darling,' she beamed and whispered. 'Now prove it. Take me back to the caravan and make love to me before you go to dissipate your lust on that young hussy.'

He did...

With his libido vented by a caring session with his wife, Timothy's anticipation of the early evening appointment did not reach the same pitch of excitement as the previous day. In fact, he felt very much in control of his emotions as he drove towards the campsite.

Sure, he was looking forward to invading the wench's body, but this time he could reduce the urgency to maximise the pleasure.

Once again he parked away from the meeting place, leaving Mandy in the car to follow and conceal herself once he was in the tent.

The girl was waiting at the lay-by and didn't enquire why he was on foot, anxious only to get him inside to complete the business.

'Same price as before,' she stated while zipping the tent flap shut and holding out her hand.

He took out his wallet and passed her a note.

'Only twenty?' She asked peevishly, waving it in front of his face. 'Last time it was forty.'

'This time I've remembered to bring a condom.'

'Oh, I see,' she acknowledged sourly. 'Are you sure you wouldn't prefer a bare back ride? The thought of rubber between us tends to put me off.'

'No, I think it's better for you to be protected,' Timothy said gratuitously as he started to undress.

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