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Teenage stud's party with all his female relatives begins.

Matt's team won the game; I wonder if my words had anything to do with their performance? I walked calmly into the changing room a few moments after the players had left the pitch, timing my entrance to perfection as I saw naked and semi naked men all around.

'Wahay!!! The strippers arrived.' One of the men shouted at my appearance. He was joking of course, but I decided that he had hit the nail on the head.

'Would you like a stripper then boys?' I called. Silencing the room with my shout.

'Go on the darlin',' came a voice. 'Show us what you've got!'

I walked over to where Matt was standing. He was almost naked, dressed only in his shorts, my pussy was juicing madly with the excitement of my situation and the prospect of being fucked by these fit, virile men.

'Told you I wanted to play,' I teased. A huge roar went up as I kissed the half naked man in front of me. Then I turned and peeled my tiny top from my body. 'Fucking hell,' one of the players said when I unclipped my bra and offered my tight, pert tits to Matt.

'Go on son!' another man cried as I pulled Matt's face down to where he could lick my sensitive, stiffened nipples.

I unzipped the leather skirt and wriggled free, treating the boys to the view of my bare behind and neat vulva. I'd foregone panties that morning in anticipation of not needing them for very long! I pulled eagerly at the waistband of Matt's shorts, his prick coming into view as I stripped him bare.

My stud just stood whilst I let his shorts drop to his ankles and I had to squat on my haunches in front of him so I could manipulate his cock with my hand. Syrupy love juice was beginning to drip from me now as my lust grew, and I felt my slick pussy with the tips of my fingers, fingering myself and taking Matt's cock between my lips to suck on him.

Men crowded around us so they could see the action and I released Matt's still flaccid member so I could speak to them. 'Get naked boys,' I called. 'I want hard cocks... I want hard cocks in my cunt.' My use of the obscenity surprised a few of the men, but all the same I saw some of them begin to stroke their pricks.

I turned my attention back to Matt and tried to bring his member to life. He was the one I'd fancied from the start, and it was his prick I wanted inside me first. He started to show signs of stiffening when I felt other hands roaming over the skin of my back. Some of the men were feeling my smooth skin and sporting some fantastic erections as a result.

I stood up and took two of the nearest cocks in hand. 'You like me boys?' I asked in a little girl lisp.

They merely grinned at me as I pulled on their thick cocks simultaneously. I squatted down once again in front of the pair and sucked each of their bulging domes one after the other. I licked the seeping pre cum from both, and sucked hard as I took their prick heads between my lips.

The sight of seeing me sucking and wanking two of his team mates must have excited Matt, because when I turned back to him, his cock was thick, red tipped and angry looking.

'Fuck me with that big cock,' I whispered into his ear as I felt his stiffness with my hand. I turned my back to him and bent at the waist, thrusting my hips back at him. Matt's cock pushed against my labia and then I felt it opening me as he fed his length into my liquid cunt.

Matt hissed and gripped my hips tightly, breaking into a steady rhythm of fuck strokes after he had paused momentarily, his prick buried to the hilt inside my body.

I was holding onto one of Matt's team mates to prevent my lover from pushing me over, his thrusting becoming more demanding as his desire for me grew.

'Shit, look at the little slut taking it!' someone shouted.

'Jesus, you wouldn't think of it to look at her,' another guy said. 'She looks so innocent, but fuck...'

'I'm not innocent boys.

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