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Susan sees who she's up against.

He repeated it again twice. "Are you going to be good now?" he asked. He wasn't sure because the last few cries had sounded more like pleasure than pain.

She nodded with a dreamy look in her eyes. Her nipples were straining against the fabric of her bodice. Remley sighed. "You enjoyed that again, am I right?" Honestly he had enjoyed it, too. The sight of her tight bottom, now pink with the sting of his blows had made something in him start stirring.

"Absolutely not," she said pridefully. "I hate when you treat me like a child."

Remley ran a finger between her pussy lips and sighed. She was extremely wet. He knew it was much too late for studying. "How about we change subjects?"

Nyla looked at him with a questioning gaze.

"We can switch to studying how to suck the seed out of a man."

Nyla looked unconvinced. That was her favorite subject but she wasn't in the mood for schoolwork.

"I'll give you a reward at the end of the lesson," he conceded.

"What kind of reward?" she asked with a glint in her eye. "I don't want to unless you give it to me with your cock afterwards."

"I will accommodate that wish, even though you know it's useless." Nyla was considered somewhat of a deviant in the succubus court. Intercourse was seen as useless and unnecessary, because the way they got their powers was sucking the seed out of men, not using them in other ways. Giving them that kind of pleasure was supposed to be beneath them.

"I'll say what's useless and what's not. You're only the butler."

"Well after the lesson I'll give you what you want." He opened the front of his formal robe and immediately became hard. That was one of his powers. His member was somewhat long and very thick. He could also control its shape. There were no scales on it like he had on the backs of his hands, but there were outlines of them, like tattoos, over the whole thing. Nyla looked at it and licked her lips.

"Lie down on that couch. I'm not kneeling for you," the princess commanded. Her butler complied, lounging on the long couch facing her bed. She hopped up on the couch, straddling his legs and sized him up. This time he was thicker than he usually was. It intimidated her a bit. Still, she leaned over and licked him, from base to tip. She put the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around. She leaned over it and drew it further into her mouth, but it was difficult. His thick cock was too much for her little mouth. She sucked on it the best she could.

"That's not enough, you know that," he critiqued her. It actually felt very good and he knew he was going to have to hold himself back to give her a proper lesson. She tried to take him in further and gasped a little bit. She sucked as hard as she could, but it was hard to breathe with such a large cock in her mouth. She had it in just over halfway. She took the base in her hand, jacking him there.

He groaned with pleasure, but said "No hands allowed on the next test." Then he added, "I'll let you do it here, though for practice. She nodded, cock still in her mouth, and contimued sucking and pumping her hand. She bobbed her head in time with her hand.

She was getting tired, so she let go of his member and licked in in little circles down one side and up the other side, teasing him. "Back on topic, Nyla," he said, strained. She sighed and put it back into her mouth, this time going down on it further, causeing the butler to moan. She gave it her full attention, sucking and bobbing until Remley's face contorted and he came. He came more than a human man and the princess couldn't swallow it all. Some of it got on her face. It was creamy and tasted like milk.

"Good job, princess. You still need work before the test, but you're getting much better." He wiped his flaccid member off with the towel tucked into the belt of his robe. She really was getting better.

She licked the drops of his seed from her lips, and smiled at him showing one of her pointed teeth.

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