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Sexy wife with an ungrateful husband.

make you cum this time, Ashley? What do you want me to do to you?"

"Touch me Clint. Touch me in all the wonderful places you have been touching me in. Make me come quickly, pleassseeeeeeee....."

"I'm growing tired of that, Ashley. It is doing nothing for me, and I need some love and attention, too. So how do you want me to give you release this time, my darling."

Ashley didn't hesitate with her answer. She knew what she wanted now. What she so desperately needed now. "Please fuck me Clint. Please put your big hard dick inside me and make me come. Please do me. I want you in me so badly." Tears from the greatest frustration this woman-child had ever know flowed down her cheeks. She had never wanted anything so badly in her life as she now wanted this man to love her.

Again Clint smiled to himself as he shifted over and between her widely splayed legs. Once he was in position he told her, "reach down and guide me into your womanhood, Ashley. Put me where you want me to be."

The girl quickly reached down, grasped the man's large member, and brought it to her vaginal entrance. Once the head was pressing into her, she removed her hand and grabbed his butt with both hands, attempting to pull him inside her by her own brute force. So predictable, he thought to himself as he pressed his hips forward and felt himself entering her most precious zone. He was intensely aware of her tight vaginal grip on his inwardly sliding member, and wondered if she was as aware of his continuing penetration as he was.

She was, bucking her hips almost violently upwards in a feeble attempt to speed up his slowly entering cock. She needed him inside her so badly. She knew nothing else could possibly quench the fires burning so deep inside her. And she sighed contentedly when she felt him completely inside her, filling her up as only a man can do to a woman. She was not aware that his entry had been completely painless.

He began stroking in and out of the young woman, at the same time mindful of her efforts to encourage him with her fingers scratching his back and heels almost pounding on his legs as they wrapped around him. He increased his tempo dramatically over the next few minutes until he was pounding into her mercilessly. She met each of his downward strokes with an upward push of her own hips. The slapping sound of their bellies meeting was loud and growing louder as their mutual passion continued to increase. She reached her peak quickly, and he slowed as her orgasm flooded over her. Her vaginal muscles gripped his penis tightly, squeezing him and almost milking him of his sperm.

Once she had calmed back down he began stroking into her again. This time he knew he would cum with her or shortly after her next orgasm. He could already feel the familiar stirring in his balls. He increased his tempo again until his hips became almost a blur. She broke into another orgasm almost without warning, and her excitement was all it took to send him over the edge. He plunged his cock as deeply into her as he possibly could and held it there, grunting and moaning himself as his body released his seed deep inside her most sensitive place. Then he collapsed onto her body, and they both laid still for several wonderful minutes.
When he finally looked at her, she was looking back at him and smiling a very broad smile. "Wow, Clint, I never imagined anything could feel that good."

"And, my darling, that is just the beginning," he returned. "If you want, right after dinner we will have some more fun. But, only if you want to."

"Ooh, I can't wait," was her only reply as they hugged tightly and kissed passionately.

* * * * * * * * *

They had a wonderful, sensuous dinner together.

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