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A chance encounter turns him into a cock worshipping sissy.

Staring into his eyes, she knew he couldn't withstand her charm. He did not say a word, just stood there for a moment, present, and quiet. Staring right back into her gaze he felt enthralled, almost challenged. Was she questioning his confidence, his desires? Or was he made, just waiting for his body to pass through a moral doorway, the first step into infidelity.

He did not say anything.

She did not expect him to.

He succumbed towards her slowly, but with certainty. He made his decision, one which required no deliberation unlike his movement. He put an arm under her now hanging legs, moved them in an outward direction away from the basin as his other arm fell into the small of her back, and lifted her up.


He threw her down on the bed, now without hesitation he began kissing her neck and face with a gushing lustful intent she did not expect. She couldn't believe what was happening, her fantasy was about to come true. She grasped his hair between her fingers and pulled him closer to her. His hands are all up and down her body, and it made her feel as sexy as ever. She was shaking with excitement when his hand made its way down over her stomach atop underwear. He could feel it, and it only drew him in more. They locked eyes and both shared the same devious expression... They continued passionately kissing and -*rrrip*! Her underwear was clean off without a trace. She was in a state of shock - but with an exciting energy, and loved every second... Somehow the fact he was married, and a child being in the next room, made this embrace even more satiating and exciting... He slowly began to take his boxers off...

She now became overwhelmed with excitement, but still nervous for what was to come next, as she couldn't help but be submissive to his lustful intent. Her fantasy consumed her conscious mind as it unfolded in front of her and, in disbelief was compelled to arch her neck upwards toward the ceiling. His hand moved slowly and directly from under her thigh, around her cheek, alongside the place she wanted it most. For a short while he teased her, moving his fingers around and across but not within... Until his hand came away altogether. He withdrew his other hand from her neck and for a moment she thought it was going to end... Before she gazed down at him and for one last time they shared a moment of pure passionate desire.

Her bottom lip curled up again and that's when she felt it, more than she could have ever expected. This time her neck arched upward not in anticipation, but in sheer sweeping pleasure she could not lay calm. He slowly moved closer, and the more he moved closer so too her feelings became more immense. His lips touched her vulnerable neck and lingered, with a soft pressure that only momentarily distracted her from what could only be described as the most full sexual experience she's ever had. She let out a slight moan and he quickly moved upward to engage her lips with a most demanding kiss. "Shhh" he whispered, as he withdrew just as slowly as he entered. She was able to catch a breath, but only for a moment, as he now took full control and this time entering deeper than before. She focused all that she could on keeping quiet, but it would not last... so he put his finger in her mouth, as to try stop her from moaning, she couldn't help herself.

He was thrusting into her with such force, she had never experienced anything like it.

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