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One night stand with a blowjob and more.

By the way, I think you are too young to have reached menopause."

Bev giggled, "Perhaps I am too young. But, my periods have been quite irregular. I have had quite a few hot flashes."

I decided not to argue; Bev must know what's going on with her body.

It was past 10 p.m. Bev kissed me lovingly and said, "I had a nice evening."

I replied, "Thank you for a great dinner. Bev, I really like you. May be you can come to my place sometime. I will call you tomorrow." We got dressed. I left for my apartment. That night I slept well.

Part 4

I called the Windsor home at about 10:30 a.m. Bev answered, "Hello, the Windsor residence."

I said, "It's me, Jack. Good morning Bev."

Bev whispered, "Hi lover. Good morning to you too. It's a beautiful morning. But, it's going to be hot later in the afternoon and evening."

"How is Earl today?"

"He is resting in the bedroom. He got up early as usual at about 6 a.m., had his shower and breakfast, and read the Sunday newspaper."

"I slept well. Did you sleep well?"

"I sure did! Did not get out of bed till about 7:30. I got tired after last night's activities! . May be you can come over this evening for dinner."

"I will bring hamburgers and hot dogs, buns, and charcoal. I will grill them."

"Great idea. I will make a salad. We can eat by the pool. See you around five."

"I bought a large mirror. I will bring it with me. I can nail it to a wall in the game room."

Bev giggled, "Fine. Thanks."

I got to the Windsors with my purchases, including a bottle of semi-dry Riesling. Bev and Earl greeted me warmly. Bev wore shorts and a sleeve-less blouse. I built a nice fire in their grill, and cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs. I saw Earl sipping his first martini. We had a nice dinner. Bev and I helped Earl to the living room before he passed out. We returned to the patio.

"I am glad you like Earl and help him. He is a good man. But, I like you and need you. We can be together as long as we are discrete."

"Bev, I like you very much. I respect you and Earl. I agree we must be discrete. You have to let me know when and where it is ok for us to be together.

Bev said, "It will be ok for us to be together with Earl in public places. I am not sure that just the two of us can be seen openly."

Bev continued, "I will take the dirty dishes inside. You clean the table and join me in the game room. Earl can't go up and down the stairs. Bring the mirror from your pickup."

Bev was waiting for me in the game room with a huge grin.

I put the mirror against the wall across from the pool table. "I can nail it to the wall later when Earl is not sleeping". She hugged me and kissed me passionately. She whispered, "I have been turned on since you got here. My panties are wet. You see for yourself!"

She dropped her shorts. There was a large stain on her pink panties. With an impish smile, she backed to the pool table, unbuttoned her blouse, jumped up and sat on the side. I removed my shirt and shorts, and hugged her crushing her boobs against my chest.

Bev whispered, "Jack honey, lick my pussy, please."

I sat in a chair and gladly ate her juicy cunt first through her juice-covered panties and later without them. Bev had several roaring orgasms.

After she recovered, Bev grabbed my hair and lifted my head, "Now, it's your turn. Fuck me!"

I nudged Bev to lean forward over the pool table and entered her pussy slowly. Then I shoved myself all the way in, enjoying her snug, tight, cunt walls, and my balls cushioned by her jelly-like buttocks.

In a panic, Bev whispered, "I think I heard Earl. Let me check on him. Take your cock out. Please get off of me. I'm sorry. You stay here." Reluctantly, I pulled out my cock.

Bev put on her robe and ran upstairs. I put on my shirt and waited for her. She returned about 20 min later that seemed like eternity.

She met me at the bottom of the carpeted stairs. "It's ok. Earl was thirsty. I gave him a glass of water. He is in bed and soundly asleep. How are you?

She held my cock gently, "Your cock is semi hard.

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