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Therapy in the Spring.

Our lips finally touch and the taste of your lips and tongue on mine sends a pulse right through me. You feel my hand moving underneath the blanket we were sharing. Sliding my hand from your neck down to your stomach. Then softly moving my fingers over as I start to massage your thighs. My other hand sliding down your back as I pull you closer to me. Letting go of your lips as I move down kissing your neck. My tongue licking and teasing your collarbone. My hands move over your skin once more from your shoulders down to your legs as I start spreading your thighs. I push you back against the couch as I kneel down and move between your legs, tossing the blanket aside. I push your thighs even wider then slowly start kissing and nibbling your inner thighs. I stop momentarily to look up at you and smile which makes you let out another little giggle when you saw the look in my eyes and realize just how hungry for you I am.

By the time my lips get to your panties, I can already taste how wet you are. I slide my hands up to your waist, slide my fingers between your skin and your panties and start tugging them down. Your legs then go up straight into the air as you help me get them off. I slowly let your legs drop and rest on my shoulders, feeling the warmth of your thighs on my cheeks. My hands running down the back of your thighs gives you goose bumps as you arch your back and let out a soft moan. I can see you're dripping wet as I let my tongue slide up your thigh to your hip. You start to squirm as I let my tongue linger for a moment then slide back down and up the other side. I stop and gently blow on your wetness which makes you instantly squeak as you bite your lip again.

I can feel you squirm and try to angle your hips as you try to push yourself closer to my mouth, but I loop my arms around your legs, my hands resting on your hips so I can hold you down."You're not going anywhere" I say with a hint of authority. Which makes you let out a little whine. Letting my tongue slide along the outside of your lips, feeling you get wetter, I just can't seem to get enough. I glance up at you. Your eyes closed, I watch you breathing slow and heavily while caressing your breasts. I can hear you start to whimper as I keep teasing my way toward your beautiful, deliciously wet little cunt but turn away before I do. But even I can't help myself as I finally let my tongue slide down one of your lips and right back up the other. You let out a long moan and try to move your hips toward me but I make you remember my grip by making it a little firmer, not letting those hips move an inch from where I want them.

I let my tongue slide over your clit as I slip it into my mouth, keeping it between my lips as I gently suck on it while flicking it with my tongue. Just as I've licked up every drop of you, I slide my tongue between your lips, finally slipping inside. You let out another long but much louder moan that just makes me want you even more. I start sliding it in and out of your cunt slowly... deeper and deeper, tasting you more and more. I let my tongue slide out and start lightly playing with your clit. I slowly blow on your clit and I feel you quiver in response to feeling my breath on your wet skin.

As I lightly keep licking your clit, I bring my right hand down and slide it up your thigh. I bring my fingers up to you and I feel your wetness on my fingers as I slide them up and down over you. Then slowly slide my fingers into you, feeling you squirm as you let out another loud moan.

"Careful dear, you're gonna wake the neighbors... again."

"I.. d... on't caaa re." is all you can muster.

Nibbling your thigh as I start sliding my fingers in and out of you faster and faster as you let out a squeak and your moaning gets louder and more constant.

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