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Sexy courier driver likes the 'photo run' too much!

After awhile, she grabs my arm while we make out, and moves it up and down to make my finger thrust in and out of her. She lets go, and I continue the motion. She clings to me while we kiss passionately, and I do my best to keep fingering her - oh my god, I'm fingering my best friend! It's not that big of a deal, I tell myself... we're just making out heavily, practicing for parties to get attention from guys.

Soon, she moans a little bit, and forcibly clings to me. Her pussy spasms around my finger, startling me. I realize that that's what I must feel like to her. I never leave my fingers inside myself when I orgasm from masturbating, so I've never felt it. It feels extremely... intimate. I remind myself that it's intimate because it's my best friend. I'm not attracted to girls sexually at all.

She breathes heavily after her orgasm, and lies still for a few moments. I just wait, my finger still inside her. I grow a little warm, expecting her to do the same to me next. Instead, she looks at the clock, curses, and says she has to go. She dresses and leaves quickly.

The next night, she comes over, apologizing for leaving suddenly last night.

"Oh, no big deal," I tell her. "It's just practice. We can do it any time."

She smiles, not knowing that I was thinking about how she suddenly left all day.

"Yeah, we can," she says. "How about now?"

In response, I turn off the lights, grinning. She moves me back to the bed, and starts kissing me while taking off my shorts. She makes a cute noise when she realizes I'm not wearing panties this time, either. We kiss each other hard for a few minutes, and she gets me really warm with her pumping finger. Midway through, she breaks off our kiss but keeps fingering me, leaving me wondering. I'm too horny to care, though, and just focus on the finger sliding in and out of my pussy. A few moments pass like this, when, suddenly, something soft, moist, and amazing slides across my pussy lips. I can't be sure, but I think I orgasm right there. She keeps going; the soft, moist, something penetrating me slightly and sliding up and down my slit. As soon as I realize it's her tongue, I jump and put my hand down there, blocking her.

"What are you doing?" I ask, the weird feeling returning. I can't believe that my best friend just... licked my pussy...

"Well, I heard the senior guys talking about liking to see this," she says. "Besides, it's exactly the same as making out, just... down further."

Honestly, after feeling that amazing little muscle slide into me and the instant orgasm it caused, I would have accepted any reasoning.

"Ok," I tell her. "It's best to practice everything I guess."

I feel her smile against my thigh, and then she begins fingering me again. Her tongue returns to my pussy lips, sliding up and down while she fingers me. The feeling overwhelms me, and I orgasm a second time. My heart races crazily, and I ask her to stop while I recover. I just lie there, unable to believe that my best friend just licked my pussy, and I liked it.

"The senior guys are gonna love this," she tells me, and I just mumble something in agreement. She moves up and kisses me hard, and I taste a tiny bit of myself on her tongue. The taste reminds me of when I masturbate myself, and makes me feel more comfortable.

Yeah, it's just making out in a different place. We're just practicing to do it for guys at parties. It's not like we're doing anything sexual. I don't want to do anything sexual with a girl. This is perfectly normal. I smile, comfortable again.

For the next several nights, we finger each other and make out during our practice sessions. She licks me a little deeper each time, but I never go past fingering her. After a week, she stops using her fingers and begins using her whole mouth on my pussy, and I orgasm four or five times a night. On the eighth night after she first licked me, she stops me after we've been making out for a few minutes.

"Hey, I feel like I'm getting way better than you," she says.

"What?" I ask, confused.

"Well it's just, you haven't even started to mak

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